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"I have gone through lots of counselling but the biggest difference... not the only but the most profound has been the healing... the difference... the lightness not just talking and reliving experience but healing the wounds from it. "

BC, Canada


 Tranceformational Inquiry: Online, by Phone, or in-person in Qualicum Bay, BC, Canada.

Hoslitic Wellness with a Metaphysically Spiritual spin that is beyond profound and insightful.

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I would like to acknowledge that the land on which I do my work remotely and in-person is on the unceded traditional land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Qualicum First Nations whose historical relationship with the land continues to this day.

I humbly appreciate the gift of serving my surrounding communities and humanity as a whole, in its quest to balance.  I am a visitor to this land, as is my family, and my Ancestors who settled before. I put out my harmonious intentions to walk in humility, grace, and integrity for Self, those I serve, and the Indigenous peoples of this Land.



Tranceformational Inquiry

In-Person or Remote, Group or Private

The dream world, whether we are asleep or awake is a key to that change.


It is our purpose, it is our purest memory, the thing that is calling your attention and causing tension in your Life.

It is simply an extension in your Life, a vast extension.

In the dream world we realize that Everything is a Relationship.


While we cannot change another, we can certainly transform our relationship to whatever it is that causes us strife, and see Life from a new perspective we may find profoundly familiar, yet brilliantly New!

Trauma, Conditioning, Abuse and the Addictive/Compulsive Reactions they cause.

It's All Possible to Change.


My path here was revealed at an early age. To notice things.

In this noticing, I started recognizing patterns.

In this recognizing I noticed emotional, mental, and physical connectivity.

When I embraced the Spiritual side of healthy, everything changed.

Spirit as we learn in Reality, pervades all matter. And therefore learning how to tap in, turn on, and tune into the Divine guidance that has always been there becomes the most Assuring of Gifts.

Connecting with Ancestors, the Elements of Nature, the Spirits that guide you in the benevolence of your Highest Good, your Soul, the Higher self, all available for Intuitive guidance like no other.



the Remembering Through Dementia project

This is very personal work.

Both of my grandmother's have fallen to this illness with long bouts in long-term care.

It is my duty to begin investigations as to the deeper implications of this illness, our connections to it, and what our Loved Ones are truly trying to tell us in their often incapacitated states of being.

Through workshops, online courses (coming soon), and private and community healing work, I look to bring the subtler realms of feeling and listening to the forefront so we can gain the compassion required to care for that which needs us the most.

When we look to hold objective space, we can see more objectively the clarity of the relationships and the experiences they are creating.

Community Grief, Healing & Philosophy Circles


I believe without doubt, that coming together in community to air grievances, share diverse opinions and openly talk about struggle, we realize a sense of ease.

We are all navigating towards things feeling okay in our Life, this is fulfillment. Fulfillment comes when we are full. We are full when we are connected, validated in our pursuit, nourished, safe and discipline. 

Community Grief, Healing & Philosophy circles do just that, they are the highly purposeful and intentional setting that will help humanity re-piece together its broken accord and return a sense of balance to our relationships to Earth, our Cosmos and all that shares. 

dates to be announced.

*Fascilitated in Central and North Vancouver Island.


"Creating Joy with Elders"

Community Village

Heart-Focused Circles

*** Servicing retirement villages in North and Central Vancouver Island, BC, Canada ***



When we connect with one another in a meaningful way, it can create such a lasting impression. With so much going on in the world, why not more joy?

With more joy in our communities, what else is possible, what does this potential of a heart-focused world hold for us all?

Whether it's sharing stories, asking questions, singing songs, or simply listening to silence, connecting back with the heart is a gift I am happy to give back to our Elders.

Some elders have not experienced a circle format like this since they were children. Child-like curiosity is what we build here.

*** Servicing retirement villages in North and Central Vancouver Island, BC, Canada ***






Listening, presently, is 90% of what one needs to over-come Life challenges, big or small.  I am hear to hear you out and help guide you to your sources of inner wisdom and healing.

My work has largely been based on my own self-discovery, however rooted in this creative expansion of what I choose to offer this world are highly effective techniques that have been past along since Ancient Times and I have been blessed by my teacher(s) to share.


Much of this knowledge has come from my own path of Self-transformation as I was initiated in Apprenticeship with Dawn Dancing Otter where I really developed into my psychic gifts, however many have held role as teacher on my path, we can all be teachers, and students, more can be seen here, in my bio.


I have run several HeartMathTM inspired groups and personal coaching sessions. Creating Joy with Elders utilizes heart-centered connection which is fundamental in the HeartMathTM research and awareness methodologies I have been certified to facilitate.


I like to think that all of my work requires an accessing of a present-moment state of objective awareness so that we can feel, think, and connect at deeper levels. This is healing for many people. The absence of this in N.A. culture, is what I feel roots itself as the cause of much suffering and angst on this planet. 

Nature as Our Guide

I have found through my own process, that we become very connected to Nature on this path of self-realization. Our inner Nature begins to clear and therefore our connection to an outer Nature unfolds synchronously. 

We will pay particular intention to the seasonality, where we are in the year, which environments we subject ourselves to. 


In my work I like to bring connection to the elements of Nature, our Ancestral stories, the relationships of today, the relationships of yesterday and the relationships we look to forge ahead, all of it connected and observable in our patterned behaviours and experiences, how our body feels, what we think of, what emotions come to the surface. 


I have had intuitive gifts since I was a child, but through mis-direction they were forgotten in this dualistic Nature we live in. 


Since remembered, I utilize my intuitive gifts as a reminder, conduit, and guide for others to waken up to their purpose. To wake up and dream again, to receive the clarity that is waiting for them.


At the root of human suffering is an emotional young child waiting to be heard inside of us all. Waiting to regain balance in areas of Validation, Nourishment, Discipline, and Safety. This is the simplicity because the root cause of any situation is simple.

The child may be afraid if they do not feel safe and disciplined, if they lack proper nourishment and validation of their gifts. I help translate peoples stories, conflicts, judgements, and assumptions through a fun, guided, and often visual session that overtime, and immediately will leave people feeling more and more like themselves.


Emotions, as I have learned through these methods of self-practice, guidance and coaching, and all that I've been blessed to carry forward, affect everything. It's time to address this wherever we are.

Emotions impact the mind, the body, the environment and the people around us in very profound ways. Energetically as is proven by the HeartMathTM institute, we can address the subtle emotional fields to encourage processing instead of the same stories and situations constantly showing up again and again, and again and again.

In a collective setting, like an organization, this pent up unprocessed energy becomes the collective vibe.  People are made to hold onto their fear and doubt because it is a sign of weakness. Incorrect. It is the greatest sign of strength and the impact on collectives is incredible when an individual decides to confront a perceived challenge.



Jon's authentic, wise, insightful and humorous outlook on life makes him a joy to be around and through the work we did together I was shown many exciting and inspiring perspectives on how it is entirely possible to live my dreams. Thank you so much Jon!


I worked through some deep seeds inside of me and helped them grow into something so much more beautiful. Something in that place inside me released after Jon’s intuitive questioning allowed me to shift my perspective entirely. It was so neat that a conversation in surroundings where I really felt held by nature and encouraged by Jon could yield such great results.


I have gone through lots of counselling but the biggest difference... not the only but the most profound has been the healing... the difference... the lightness not just talking and reliving experience but healing the wounds from it.


I am still sitting with this and trying to communicate how I felt or what it did for me. I think it was a critical time in getting unstuck allowing my true/authentic self to begin to emerge and I felt an overwhelming sense of hope! It was a turning point because it was so deep!



It could have taken me years to get to this point" It's hard to think positive when you have so much negative around you. So the fact that you can bring someone comfort, at a distance.. is incredible.. make them believe in themselves, you bring hope! Liberator, waker upper… and that’s why I will continue to spread your words.



I am filled with gratitude for our time together on Monday. So deep, so simple, and I was so ready to surrender. I have been sleeping beautifully, Feel like the darkness in that room is gone and the light of love lives there now. Such a tremendous relief. Love devoured fear. I feel so good inside so clear so grateful, blessings and love









My name is Jonathan Robert Martin.


I used to be so afraid of being seen.  I was afraid to speak my Truth even though everything around me seemed to be against it, it felt like everything was perpetrating an attack on me. This is the very reason I got stuck, no one in my circle or family line new how to deal with emotions or the mental realm, and thus I was isolated, left to figure out what was happening to me, of course with a little help from my friends.


I was emotional and sensitive and i was stuck as the mediator in an imbalanced situation. I learned to take other people's emotions so that they wouldn't have to feel. I can now work within this realm so that I don't have to own anyone's stuff, but I can simply facilitate the transformation so that balance and autonomy are re-created, and thus stuck emotions will flow, and I don't carry any of them. Phew...

Toughness was taught in my house hold even though my highly emotional self knew they couldn't be contained forever. Depressed, Anxious, Afraid, Angry, Resentful, Jealous, Greedy, Addicted, Imbalanced in so many ways, all of it hidden away, dark in the shadows, with me waiting there for someone to show me a light so I could see.   That is the dualistic experience we've come here to see, feel, move through, learn from, and grow so that we can understand our divinity through this Earth-based classroom we all scramble through at some point to figure out, find meaning in, and master.


With Me

Servicing the entire Globe from Vancouver Island BC, Canada. 

With the power of these ways, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person. 

With compensation, I am able to travel if you prefer to meet in person .

Or you can visit our Farm in the Qualicum Bay area if you are near.

Wherever you are, whatever your budget, let's see how we can and will create Channels of Flow.


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Jon Martin is not a medical professional, counsellor, or therapist, and none of his advice should ever be taken in the place of professional advice on any physical or mental health matters, relationships, or careers. The information provided is purely for educational purposes. Individuals must use their own discretion, judgment and common sense at all times and should not break any local, national or international laws. Under no circumstances will Jon be held liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use, the information and practices he shares. If you have a medical condition or health concern, always consult your doctor.