January 2, 2020

What a magical walk I went on, more on the story of how I arrived here below. This is my attempt to explain the conflict we see in relationships, and perhaps all relationships that are 'uneasy', as everything is a relationship.

This can certainly apply to cases of Demen...


The dream understands your plight.
It holds no judgement.
It is perfect memory,
Exactly as it should be.

It both
Contains the key
And is the key.
A new understanding.

We are remembering.
Dreams are remembering.
Dreams are memory,
Creating opp...

Saving Grace

If our eyes only saw,
What we came here looking for.
It would be a breeze.

Or would it,
Could it not be
What we intended
Our eyes were to see?

An onslaught of fears
All at once,
Without abate?

Hastened by the cold wind,
All swirling, in an endless
Swirl of oce...

Listening to the CBC today I came across a news story about Russia and Ukraine and the ongoing fighting in the Donetsk region.

As I listened to it, there seemed to be a very important question that was being omitted, a question that I unfortunately see far too often omi...

November 17, 2019

Interesting exercise, go back and look at your timeline on Facebook. What story are you creating?

What is it that you are telling, and what does this say about the future you wish to create?

If you are an environmental protectionist, what story are you adding to?

The cata...

Some questions and thoughts of Remembrance on this Remembrance Day, our first of the Remembering Through Dementia project, I don't feel it will be our last if memory serves me.

Remembering on Remembrance Day

Purpose, who can Remember it?

Who can define it?
What did we li...

November 7, 2019

First full-length track-upload.

Running In and Then Out.

An ode to believing we have enough time and resources all ways.

So much more to come!



Onion Jonny 

What are our ancestors? Not who, although this is a question many can ask. I have a tough time admittedly, perhaps because I am a feeler, a griever, and for much of my life these gifts were squashed in the wake of a consumeristic and competitive pursuit. More, more, mo...