Codependency... a curse or a gift? 

Your choice. 

Freedom awaits those

who choose to observe their relations instead of running away.


Life is about choices. 


Codependency in our relationships, whatever form they take, limits our freedom of self expression.

My gift is to empower couples or individuals in difficult relationships to see with awareness where they are creating their relationship turmoil from.  This can be fun, but we will be required to feel our way through it.

Through dreams, through art, through sound, through expression, through talking or silence, the perfect solution all ways unfolds and is available when we are willing to do the work. 

Many of us have forgotten about the internal strategy of choice, instead opting to favour someone else's.  Our inability to go inside is truly what codependency is all about.

Individuation or individual autonomy or independence, whatever you want to call it, implies taking back choice, from the root of the cause of the relational suffering, and deciding to return it to its Nature, your Nature.

To choose to be ourselves, wherever we are at, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and only you can make this choice!

To be accepted as you are is the greatest gift to be received, but it starts only with accepting self and giving of self.  You cannot receive until you first give.

When we free the gift of our self expression, the possibilities to create as YOU, become exponentially possible. Our relationship possibilities become exponentially possible and they blossom in front of our eyes. Codependency fades into the night, but the path is arduous, at least it was for me and my fellow journeyers. 

Going inside can be a dark, lonely place to begin with.  Support is crucial.

Without a torch baring guide to illuminate areas of your life where your freedom has been cut off, we can become stuck and sink further into a victim mentality.

Everything is in a perfect sequence, and when we peel off layers, we continue to see the beautiful emanation of our authentic Spirits emerge, and with this transformation, our external relations transform before our eyes.

If you are in a codependent relationship, PERFECT! You have a great match to help both of you to your freedom. Seriously.

A partner that mirrors the codependent qualities in you, will display most of what you need to know to process through the lifetimes of false identities, unreasonable claims, and the avoidance of spontaneity in Life. You were brought together for a reason...

When we cut off our freedom to choose, we cut ourselves off from the spontaneity of Life, and this is where the magic is, all around us in plain sight. In our sessions, we get spontaneous.

When we learn how to identify with our own awareness, our own accountability in our relationships, we can more easily diffuse tense situations and therefore process our emotions. We do this instead of projecting towards others and causing more hurt for everyone. When we can come together, witness, shift, integrate, contemplate, and investigate the growth of the relationship together, we become stronger together.

If togetherness is not an option, you are single, or apart, whatever the relationship, any life challenge can be boiled down to a specific need not being met at childhood. 


Nourishment, Validation, Safety and Discipline are those needs.

When we are fortunate enough to do this with a partner, we can learn and grow so much, it's so miraculous! We are allowed to process together, and witness so much magic.

A partner that wishes to embark on a journey to their own personal freedom will be the perfect accomplice for you to transform the invisible shackles into invisible wings that enable us to fly into increased areas of freedom in Life.

We all have a choice, the other half of the relationship too! 

When we enter in the realm of mirrors, we can easily spot co-dependency in its tracks, transform it to gold, and allow you to carry on and experience the glory that is your growth of experience and perspective. That I can guarantee. 


These practices are empowering rather than creating a dependent relationship with you, but I will be by your side as long as i am guided to do so.  We will invite spontaneity and the dream worlds guide us to exactly what you require in that moment. Guaranteed.


For the highest good of all involved. No more, no less, so blessed to be able to do this work.


So, about those wings….


Shall we fly?


With Me

Servicing the entire Globe from a small island in BC, Canada. With the power of the ways, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person.  With compensation, I am able to travel if you prefer to meet in person .


Wherever you are, whatever your budget, let's see how we can and will create Channels of Flow.

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