The space we live in, the space we work in, the air we breathe, it is all alive. It like everything else is an energy.  Negative fear based emotions become stuck in these places and we learn to live within this sea of unwanted energy. It impacts every facet of us. Clearing the energy is not only possible, it is essential for true prosperity to emerge. This can be done in-person or remotely, that is magical.


What was it that you were put here to do? Why do we feel so disconnected from the things we do and what we want to be doing?  How do we best show up and operate in this world? These are all questions that are dying to be answered and are passionately waiting to be awakened. Let me help.




Emotions and thoughts are energies and they accumulate in space. They build up in an invisible sea that we eat, sleep, and work in. We don't shift or clear this energy because most of us don't know it exists. But it affects EVERYTHING. Clearing your space is the first step to prosperous outcomes.

*Can work remotely worldwide


Our family is so grateful to have had Jon come in and settle energy in our home. There was some scary unhappy unseeable stuff happening, particularly in a few spots in our home. My older son was also not able to sleep and was very aware of something scary all on his own understanding.

When Jon came to our house he made us feel comfortable and offers various strategies to explain what was happening to our young children. As I was explaining what I had been experiencing I was scared and shivery as I didn’t want to talk about it, but Jon assured me it was okay with him there. I went out side with my family and have Jon space in our home to lift the scary out, and help calm our experiences and fears.


When he called me in, the house felt much more “white” or light. He walked me though what he had experienced, and shared that the energies hanging on in our house had been showed the way out. I was a little nervous it wouldn’t work, but it did! We have not experienced the scary stuff and noises again since Jon was here. My son is also sleeping much better. Thank you so much Jon for being in our lives and working hard to make our hone safe and happy! We really are so great full!



"For weeks, after we returned home after vacation, we noticed something was different about the house. Formerly, it had a wonderful light energy and we always felt good being under its roof. We quite soon started feeling very heavy, with dark moods and had everything from disagreements to outright fights over petty things. This continued for a while, until one day we met with Jon and Emily and told them what we were experiencing. Jon believed our house had taken on some dark energies or entities which had come in with one, or more, of our house-sitters; energies that simply stayed because they liked the beautiful energy the house originally projected. He suggested we do a “clearing” on the house to dispatch the dark energy. We did a small group meditation and Jon called in his spirit team to purge the entities. This was done remotely from Jon’s home and we were actually able to sense the departure of these energies as they left, one particularly large one was especially noticeable. Upon our return home that evening we could feel the difference, that the lightness had returned and we had our home back!

Jon facilitated this feat early in his new calling to energy work and clearly demonstrated his gifts and abilities. Later, when we decided to sell our home, Jon showed us the power of the Law of Attraction and instructed us how to put the intention out to the universe to manifest a quick sale and a satisfactory outcome to all parties. Our agent had told us that houses on Pender at the present time were typically six months to a year and a half to sell. We had a solid offer on our home before the “For Sale” sign went up!

Good things just seem to happen when Jon is around and he has certainly made a huge difference in our lives. I recommend Jon’s services very highly! Thank you Jon...”


Servicing the entire Globe from a small island in BC, Canada. With the power of subtle energy, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person, but I obviously love to see your face when I can, so I can come see you as well.  Planes, trains, ferries, and automobiles, I can do. Wherever you are, whatever your budget, let's see how we can and will create flow.