Our whole lives are spent trying to create something that is different, unique, authentic, purposeful expressions of ourselves but the one deterrent to experiencing fulfilling states of being, unlimited states of knowing, or the wildest or simplest experiences of creation is your NEED for it to happen.

Your NEED is bread in an experience of not having enough, not being enough, not knowing enough and therefore whatever we create or feel or know is never enough.  We are always manifesting and even if your creation comes to form, if we create in the energy and essence of not having enough right now, it will never be enough and then the next thing will have to be created to obtain what we are truly looking for, and so forth...


We Want Fullfillment

Deep down we understand and know our soul's truest expression is happy, peaceful, and is the loving embrace that our heart resonates with. That is at the core of our authentic being.

We want to feel satisfied. Complete. Whole. But when life provides us conditioning that shows us every way imagineable that we are not whole, that we are incomplete, and need something external to create an internal feeling of wholeness, so we spend our entire lives looking and never ever satisfy this quest.

It sounds bold, but a lifetime of observation, pain, struggle, suffering, addiction, suicidal tendencies, poor relationships, dreaded jobs, over-consumerism, lack of care for the environment, media, movies, limiting ancestral DNA has lead me to the greatest gift I feel I can give to the world.  First that gift is ME in its fullest totality. Secondly, it is a gift that I obtained by having complete faith in the process of Life.


Throughout all the healing modalities, meditation, yoga, and self-exploration I had done, I had not come across a system of being that on demand provided all-knowing, all-being, and all-creating states that intertwined with one another that could be accessed on demand. A system of being that bridged the big shifts in life, that bridged the mundane tasks in life, that left me feeling completely "full-cup".

Everything in me, felt that I needed to do the next thing, become something different, or obtain cosmic sources of information in order to ground fulfilling states into my reality.  They never came.

Even after I took a Heart-MathTM coach certification I was still very ungrounded. I wanted so badly to become what my heart and purpose sung for, yet it wasn't happening... WHY!?! Because there was a need to know, be, and do that was constantly driving me out of this fulfilling moment.

After taking dozens of people through the teachings and further engraining Shamanic rituals and practices into my own life and my client's lives, intuition landed on my creative platform.  I had been forging my whole life to show me the most simple, yet profound process of shifting states of being, knowing what we innately already know and creating ANYTHING with ease and detachment. 


Fast forward to today.  The secret key in this whole recipe is not NEEDING to be, do or know anything. Accepting with compassion where we are and why we've come to feel the way we do. Realizing fulfillment of Life, the ultimate expression of You. Believing that anything is possible without NEEDING it to be. And finally with creative, artistic, and a magical flare that we so seldomly use, we can create any state of being, any form of knowledge, and any creative experience we choose (WITHOUT NEEDING ANY OF IT).  This is a fulfilling system for life and as you'll see at the end of the webinar it is ridiculously simple. The applications are endless, they keep appearing to me daily, and I still amaze myself and what I can do with this system. Anything!


Through my work with several key individuals on my path, one my Shamanic teacher Dawn Dancing Otter who continues to inspire and guide me into new aspects of myself and my gifts and another very magical being Paul Widdershoven who both lead me to a fascinating concept of giving away without condition so that all of me could be presented authentically at all times throughout the day.

This lead me to naturally want to give this technique away knowing the incredibly nurturing sustenance I was providing myself in doing so, and inevitably others.  So the Webinar which you can register for HERE, will literally give this secret 5 step process to creating anything, becoming any state of being, and knowing any source of information without condition.  I know that what I give I shall receive, but even this is not the reason I do it.  I have a responsibility to give this, to give myself, and in this I am nurtured. 

Obviously I have very deep practices that coincide with this technique including the most acute form of self-awareness humans can relate to: The Animals of Your Three Worlds, ancient heart-opening practices like Asemblage point. Pattern








It was not easy, the Shamanic Apprenticeship took me through the ringer and I believe that if you have claimed healing in your life, you are claiming something sacred to come through to purify that which has been programmed for lifetimes, something that was being suppressed for centuries if not millenia had to emerge through the thickest, darkest, murkiest, goop, but after doing the work we can hold compassion for those experiences and like I've mentioned, see that THEY WERE ALL MEANT TO BE.

I walk the middle path, my Shamanic Apprenticeship has forged a relationship with the dark and the light.  I see objectively now.  With clarity, compassion and an autonomy to choose how I feel.. I am not perfect, I am still navigating this human experience, but I have now found a system of being that has made PROFOUND impacts on my health, wellbeing and most importantly my ability to feel fulfilled. Now the world is my oyster so to speak even though I don't know what this means, in fact my new mantra is that I don't know, I don't need to be anything, I don't need to do anything, I choose to follow a simple process and transformation simply occurs. I outline to you as my gift to humanity in my live webinar, which you can sign up for HERE.


After you have received this gift, you may be looking for someone to guide you, which I can certainly receive your intake form and assess if you are a fit to work with. This will bring you through a deeper experience than what I share in this webinar, as well as a Shamanic coaching model to help clear past trauma and create accelerated shifts of magic in your life.  We will retrieve your Power Animals, readjust your center of being (Assemblage Point) and create energetic shifts to support your self-empowered state of being.


Everything you are carrying energetically is creating your reality. If we choose to suppress it increasingly shows up in profound ways.  It is always your choice whether you want to change or not, but imagine it all started with the premise of not needing to change? Sound like a dichotomy in how you've lived your life? It is. Imagine not needing to know the things you have desperately sought knowing in your life around! Purpose, life calling, relationship advice, health and wellness guidance. It is all available in your field and when we access it, and I empower you to access it, you will have the wings to fly as I do. 

This does not mean that we are meant to walk this physical plane alone.  We always have support, seen and unseen, I am saying that this is a self-empowerment journey not a co-dependency journey.  Liberating the independent, autonomous, brilliant soul that is willing and able to soar through change, create magically, and intuitively guide themselves through this all is my objective.  I simply am really fucking good at guiding people to these realizations!​

I have been blessed to bring these practices forward by Dawn Dancing Otter, creator of The Alchemist Path™️ International Academy of Shamanic Arts and Leadership and have infused them with the HeartMathTM Institute's simple yet profound heart-coherence techniques.

If you have already done the webinar and would like to begin the intake process, click read below to get started. 

I wish all beings peace, connection, and clarity. I see so much potential out there. We truly have to be the change we wish to see, no one else is going to do this for us. 

In the deepest Love I now know is available,



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