6-week Online Group Experience 




Prior to Enrolling:

The webinar on Fulfillment contains a lot of goodies even if you don't end up taking this course, so check it out.

2018 Course Start Dates: 11/26; 12/13; 12/29


or email Jonathon Martin freedom@channelsofflow.com



Prior to Week 1, all participants will have a 1-on-1 session with Jon Martin to clarify objectives and initiate into this Spiritual Medicine. We will tune into Purpose, Optimal Unique States of Being, and receive intro to Animal Medicine.  We will also experiment with trance state and lucid dreaming. This provides a foundational understanding for the rest of the course.


Understanding Self, Initiation in Spirit Medicine, Animal Guides, and Trance State.


Relating to nature

and our true prosperity







1-on-1 Finding Purpose & Giving

with Paul Widdershoven


Rekindling Creativity

Through Intuition



1-on-1 Guided Spiritual Healing

with Jon Martin




1-on-1 Finding Purpose & Giving

with Paul Widdershoven





Between each week I will have 2 - 3 hours available for the group office hours, I can alot 15 - 20 minutes per student for anything that comes up over the week. Additional time where needed can be arranged between Jon and the individual participant to over deeper seeded issues.

2018 Course Start Dates: 11/26; 12/13; 12/29


Gift what you can, gift what you value, gift-it-forward

As is nature, my investment model it is a gift what you can, gift what you value, gift it forward model. In order to tap into the amazing flow of nature I have decided to leave my work unconditional. 1-1 exchange is not necessary, as this conditioned model is found nowhere in nature!  I encourage those I work with to give-it-forward. If that is to me, I will receive, if it is to another that is okay. 

My request at this moment is financially related, If you or anyone else you know chooses to direct your monetary gifts at me to continue this good work and help with community sustainability I am open to receiving what I need at freedom@channelsofflow.com from your heart to mine.  I will utilize any funds for my family's basic needs, transportation, education, and whatever else is required to pursue what feels very big at this moment.

I would also love to get into more gift-giving culture, so if you have any ideas, don't hesitate to bounce them off of me, we are all in this together.




This is the journey. 

Let us collectively drop the need for our entire life dilemma to be solved overnight.

The purpose of this course is to initiate or allow Spirit to work with the Mind, Physical and Emotional Body, and Soul to provide corrective actions to focus you back on your path, but I'll reiterate. 

This isn't just "a" journey, it's YOUR journey and it can be initiated at any time, is it now? 

This is a very strong initiation that may test you. When you look back after the 6 weeks you will realize great change in your life. Your Self-Awareness will have expanded, you will realize deeper sources and quicker access to Intuition, you may feel more Connection to Self and Others; you will have developed a more robust resiliency in the face of stress; through our work with Creativity, we will create like children again! All of this in the spontaneous mixture of other magical wonder ;)  

Prior to Enrolling:

The webinar on Fulfillment contains a lot of goodies even if you don't end up taking this course, so check it out.

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As a principal foundation, this course offering has been designed around the relentless human pursuit for things to just seem okay. A feeling like we have all that we require at this moment and nothing is creating a future urgency that requires attention in This.

This, is a philosophy I use to be with this.  It's This that requires my attention.  This was a difficult hurdle for me, but I realized eventually that we can reframe and shift anything we choose.

For some, we subconsciously feel that This feeling of being okay is something that our external reality must create for us.  Some may feel it will never ever be in their grasp. This sense leads to incredible amounts of stress and hopelessness. There is another way.

In reality, we have the ability and power to create our states of being, how we perceive and respond, and how we can influence our external reality through our internal states and creative centres.  It is not easy considering we've been trained the other way for as long as we have, but it is not without the realm of possibility. Anything is possible.

Prior to Week 1

We will begin by understanding how we can best relate to nature, what our relationship is with the plants and the animals and how we can actually use this to build our internal guidance system. Each participant will spend time with Jon via phone or Zoom to understand the individual on a better level and help initiate them into this work.  This will utilize trance states of being to access information and connection to our natural self and our relations. Jon will help retrieve animal guides for the participants for use throughout the next 6 weeks.

Week 1

We will dive deeper into Nature as an unconditional system that we can use to reflect on self and integrate these reflections into our lives. Our relationships in harmoniously flow, begin with our connection to the Natural world. Nature exists in all things, we are either coherent with this energy of communication, or we are incoherent and unconscious to any form of intelligence or spirit of life in the non-human form. The messages of prosperity, abundance, communication, and belonging are all around us, always listening, always communicating. Focused intent will allow us the chance to glimpse the supernatural. 


Participants will meet with Paul Widdershoven via call or Zoom to help further unveil their purpose and gifts that they wish to share with the world.  Paul has an uncanny ability to pull stuff out of you, and don't worry, it's only your truest essence and truest gifts he's looking for. Paul doesn't need to look very hard or for very long. His engaging conversational style and his ability to understand how you can make sharing your gifts more achievable is an incredibly nourishing process for the body, mind, and soul.

Week 2 

we will come together to realize a relentless pursuit within us to need a different reality. From either the way we feel, to what we know, to what we have, to what we are experiencing, or in some cases, not experiencing. 

We will uncover that this root is actually derived from unmet basic needs and how it creates a filter over our reality and how we perceive it.  If we are relentlessly unfulfilled, nothing we create with this energy will ever feel fulfilled. 

We will initiate energetic frequencies to alchemize with our current energetic state which will begin to unwind and initiate a transformation into a state of being that is more resonant with the frequency of nature.   

We will finish this week by consciously co-creating a new vision for our reality, for which the transformation of the unmet needs can land and we will get a clearer more relevant direction to meet our highest path and purpose.

Week 3

We begin to further understand our role as intuitive beings with different intuitive gifts.  I strongly believe that intuitive information for insight and healing can be accessed by all with the right techniques and states of being.  Essentially we are translating vibration so that we can better understand the reality around us, which as we'll find out is an exact mirror to the reality within us.

Midweek we will practice conscious automatic writing to improve our translation of energetic frequencies.

Week 4 

We will focus on our Relationships, the breeding ground for self-discovery. We will understand how energetic mirrors are constantly broadcasting our internal state into the airwaves of physical reality, so that they can manifest not only to remind us of how powerful we are, but to also show us what no longer resonates within the frequency of nature. 


Each participant will meet with Jon for a life changing session. Each will last approximately 2 hours wherein we will focus to shift the energy around a major life pattern so that the participant can further manifest and realize their power as a conscious co-creator.

These sessions are very powerful, because they work with the subtle energy field, we address the spiritual root of the issue which is an energy. When we clear out the old and bring in YOU, it accelerates the healing process and initiates healing in all realms of being (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical).  We will utilize a combination of energetic mirroring, lucid dreaming, intuitive interpretations and guidance, spirit medicine and intentional prayers to shift the pattern of what is stuck. The feedback system of whether these changes were realized are beyond profound.  This is my most favorite work!!!

Week 5 

We will go deeper into accessing conscious intentional states of being to realize fulfillment in This. I use This because it is easier for me to wrap my logical mind around. Present moment requires me to define time, which I don't believe many of us can grasp. Right here, requires us to define space, which again is difficult for humans, where does here stop? What is, cannot be spelled without 'This', therefore I use This to understand where we are at any given time or space of the day without having to define it. It's just what is. This will help us further ground into our experience with fulfillment being our ability to accept our situation and realize our needs being met or unmet. 

Through accessing our intentional states of being we will access a deeper foundational base for creativity to land upon.  Our creative capabilities are vast, however when we are connected above, below, all centres firing, balanced in the heart, we have enormous potential to go further with our creations and the results often surprise us.

Midweek we will utilize these foundations for a creative exercise where we will rekindle our creative fire and create via our fantastical, mystical, curious child like mind again. Once this child has been unleashed, make way for Creativity in your Life!

Week 6

We will go deeper into everything we've experienced in addition to exercises where we communicate with external natural based elements. We will apply our intuitive, awareness-based techniques and experiences to go into the depths of our being and how we can use these to navigate our everyday life.  I feel it's important that we can understand how to integrate our teachings into everyday life. If we are learning and not integrating, we lose the muscles and change becomes less integrated, rather than holistic. We will offer some of this class to go over a Q&A as well to tie up any loose ends.

Life is a never ending journey, and I realize how much I don't know. Every time I do a class I come out feeling so rejuvinated and hopeful for our planet and people. How was that possible I seem to ask myself in amazement.  To see the level of interest in these topics of healing and shifting our relationships to ourselves and others, makes me see the possibility for a brighter future. and I know that I don't know, so what comes next will be nothing short of magical.  I tend not to have a rigid agenda to leave room for the magic of spontaneity and to meet others where they are at. However this unfolds will be perfect, and EVERYONE will get what they need.

So look forward to creating magic with you all!


Servicing the entire Globe from a small island in BC, Canada. With the power of the ways, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person.  With compensation, I am able to travel if you prefer to meet in person .


Wherever you are, whatever your budget, let's see how we can and will create Channels of Flow.


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