It is my humble opinion that too much of our time on this planet is spent figuring out how and why things work rather than opening our hearts and minds and experiencing that they do. There are things that we simply do not know and may never know, and as we progress on the Healing journey, we become more comfortable in that unknowing.  

I learned the power of energy work through experience, and the change that occurred within my body, mind and soul was nothing short of profound. Through these experiences I began to understand how energy flow works and how I can transform negative energy to neutral energy within a person or a place, even if they were half way across the world!

Defined as the Blueprint of our Essential Soul Body, the shape of the Quantum Body is seen throughout the entire Universe and surrounds every form of life. Every Quantum Body in existence flows in a toroidal flow pattern, as seen below:

The toroidal flow found on the Quantum Body of the Universe is the same toroidal flow found in your entire physical body and surrounding your physical body.  Much like a database that requires us to have a commonality in two data sets to begin pulling data over back and forth from table to table, this works the same way.  If we access the common energy, the common geometry, the common frequency, we have the ability to connect with the ENTIRE UNIVERSAL FIELD!

My teachings in The Alchemist Path™ by Dawn Dancing Otter, acknowledge a few base truths around which my practices are structured, though these base truths are communicated and expressed differently from one culture to another – they are:

1. There is the existence of a Creative Force of Universal Intelligence (the Creator,
God/Goddess, the Universe, etc)

2. All matter, organic or otherwise, originates and is an expression of Universal Intelligence,
and is therefore connected in the matrix of the Universal Mind

3. All life represents an expression of layers of energetic vibration.

4. This life and this reality exist for the expansion of the Universal Intelligence. (the Creator
learns itself through us)

5. All learning involves experiencing dualism.

6. As is the nature of duality, all things that are observed to exist in this manifested reality exist in exacting opposites.

7. All reality exists simultaneously, and that there are levels of consciousness which define
boundaries of experience. (i.e. – this reality which is tangible due to it’s lower vibrational field and higher density; and ‘non­ordinary reality’ or ‘unmanifest reality’ of which we are aware when we allow our consciousness to align into higher vibrations)

8. Time exists in a vertical line

9. Life is eternal, and our souls continue to return to this plane of existence to experience

I have provided links to three videos below that explain energy as it flows through the toroidal flow pattern, which is found in everything in the entire Universe. The molecules that make you and I follow a toroidal energy flow pattern, to the field that surrounds Planet Earth, to the galaxies we live in, to the entire Universe! It is all a toroidal flow.


Enjoy, but more than anything, your trust and belief that you can heal and you can feel, see, and know is all that you need to reinvent your Channels of Flow.

The Toroidal Flow of Energy