Throughout this miraculous journey of life, i have seen the glimpse, the suppression, and the revealing of who I truly am.

I have made it possible to reveal who I am in now all that I do.

What used to separate me from my belonging is now a gateway to inspire others that they can do the same thing, and the consequences we perceive are merely an illusion preventing us from doing that thing!

i am walking this in all examples, a constant investigator in my own life. Having come through addictions, anger, depression, more addiction, apathy, jealousy and greed, a false sense of identity based purely on material promise, self-loathing, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts and notions, all of it, behind the scenes, left for me to wade through and figure out.

And here I am, still wading through the journey of life, as it is a life time after all.

When we give ourselves permission to be patient with our journey to wellness, we allow the unfolding to be the most magical part of the journey.  rather than a source destination, we become open to the possibility of the journey containing the magic to inevitable outcomes we dream and dream again.

there is a recipe for attracting what we want in life, and i am an active participant, student, teacher, master and beginner. I feel we can serve a multitude of roles in our true essence of being, it's simply a matter of who and what requires service.

I'm always fascinated when I look back and look at the things I used to do and curse them, or feel they were lesser experiences that I regretted or felt shame about.  But these very experiences that we deemed punishing, tend to leave the biggest impacts on us.  They are skill-sets, a new language to revolve around and use in our creative pursuits for new empowering ideas.

My struggle in the Corporate realm lasted close to 10 years.  I felt completely empty, like nothing was left. I had nothing more to give to something or someone for whom I either did not know very well or was not passionate about. Life seemed like it was supposed to be more, something in my quest was missing.

When I look back now, the same Corporate career existed, but what has changed is my relationship with that thing, which forms our perspective, how we act, think, or feel around that thing.

I strongly come from a position of not running from that which does not need to be run from. In fact, if most of our experiences are within a realm of Life, say business, our transformation and greatest growth will come from re-entering that realm to do the healing and processing that needs to be done to bring balance and harmony to our relations.

I believe relationships can be changed with anything to bring balance and harmony. Sometimes this requires sadness, madness, anger and rage, laughter, silence, screaming, crying, dancing, and praise. Singing, more laughing, and a sinking into silence, a deep breath, a validated gift, all of it is considered.  


The one thing I feel we had taken from us that creates a blockage is how we had our feeling bodies numbed over the years. I believe this can and will re-bound, but the feeling body has been compromised and thus what we could have felt was suppressed as we didn't know what to do with that. 

I can also see through this shift that my skillsets I learned were ALL VALUABLE in what I'm doing now.  It was leading me here and I'm at peace with that. 

My work has really become an extension of who I Am.  It has a fun and serious side, but never too serious.  I believe laughter is the best medicine, and when we can relax, we can become objective, and we can call out what no longer holds us in our highest good.  I have developed my intuition over the years to translate Spiritual guidance through it's frequency to guide coaching and talk therapy sessions.


I am NOT a certified counsellor, however I realized I've been doing this since I was a wee one. I get people really well and know how to guide them through their experience. Yes we can learn through frameworks, but intuitively the framework does not hold when the method of the moment is utilized. the moment is spontaneous and brings us everything we need! 


I utilize breathwork, awareness and subtle energy techniques, lucid dreaming, energetic mirroring, singing, movement, breathwork, connection to nature and intuition for self-guidance. All of what is required shows up and  inevitably and quite miraculously brings balance and resolution. 

This work is very powerful and one session can equate to years spent in therapy/modalities where the deeper mental, emotional, and spiritual realms are not even considered! What a loss!! I know this is a highly subjective statement, but when you realize what can be accomplished in one session, it will blow your mind.


I am a life-long learner. I have dibbed and dabbed in a lot of Spiritual topics, seemingly taking what resonated at the time and moving on with a notion to return if anything else required my intention.

I have studied extensively with Dawn Dancing Otter, principal teacher and creator of The Alchemist PathTM International Academy of Shamanic Arts. Through our work I have learned ancient alchemical practices that return wholeness to one's energy field when the field has been exposed at some point to trauma, toxic conditions, addictions, society programming etc.

I have assisted Dawn on several retreats over the past few years and have honed my intuitive coaching abilities to lead people to the root of the issue so that it doesn't have to happen over-and-over any more. I have also honed my ability to soul sing emotional states to create a holistic environment to heal.

I have been priveleged to work with Dr. Joe Turner, First Nation's Cultural Healer and Chinese Medicine Dr, on several of his trips to remote First Nations communities to facilitate Community healing. What an experience to see what happens when people drop their vulnerabilities and come together as a collective community to work their issues out without the fear of judgement. These 14 days in remote communities left a lasting impact on the future of my work for sure.

I have completed my foundational practice course in Herbalism with Don Ollsin who I will be mentoring with in his realms of holistic healing guided by herbs, dreambody, shamanism, and ayurveda. 

In September 2019, I will embark on a remarkeable journey to study the ancient ways of the british people, whom I have connections to in both of my ancestral lineages. This is important work for certain. our changes create lasting changes with our circles, whether that is at work, at home, or at play.

I utilize awareness focused-breathing to initiate energetic experiences to allow us to dive deep, taught to me by several teachers but my teaching began with this during my HeartMath Coach accreditation.  I have a Reiki Level II certificate with Debby Whyte under the Usui Reiki Lineage. Among this all, plus other teachings and experiences, I have been a lifelong wonderer of the Universe and its potential. Always pondering the more to life and our relationship to the planetary system and our symbiotic health and wellbeing.

My group work started when I noticed a void in group meditation offerings on the island I live in BC.  I created many different events to promote meditation in all of its amazing variety of practice.  After a year of that on Pender, I decided to focus my attention in bringing the healing arts to the Community group level which is in the works. This is where I currently stand while I service my individual healing clients.

I have a personal and group healing practice in the Qualicum, BC area on our family farm, can travel abroad, and remotely via telephone and/or Zoom.