When we are aware of who we are and what we're here to do, everything just seems to take on so much more meaning. When we learn to live from this place, life seems fulfilling and prosperous.

Shifting from mind to heart, balances the being and doing, but what we do and how we intuit information becomes much clearer. Clearing our self-destructive beliefs which manifest as disease and constraint is essential for navigating through these noticebly turbulent times. 

Ancient wisdom knew of ways to clarify the mind, body, and soul, allowing one to uncover who they truly were and what they were truly destined to create, granting individuals the choice to create their own life with coherence.

I've trained and been blessed to practice these ways to transform your life to magical new beginnings.

The space you operate in, the beliefs of your team, the degree of Culture and the legitimacy of your Brand, everything is Energy.

The reason why you're tea

emergence of recognizing energy, including organizationally, and its ability to be interpreted for insight and intuition, and our ability to transform energy positively for increased resilience to stress, clearer environment for creative and logical thinking,  


The space you and your team operate in is constantly  accumulating energy, this is why some days we can feel tension and others a positive vibe. But why do we need continuously work in a tense environment?  Every thought, belief, reaction of anyone who has ever touched an organization creates an energy that accumulates, it becomes the collective energy that acutely defines Culture, Brands, Boards, Teams, Projects, Vision etc.

The Organization is largely a creation of its decision makers.

Negative energies from stress, conflict, and confusion are known to accumulate in the very spaces we operate and affect everything on a completely invisible level. Do you know if your energy is aligning your people from each other and their purpose.

I can clear and shift energy with people, teams, projects, office spaces, brands, and cultures. I bring wholeness to anything that has energy, and that's everything.

Spiritual experiences and the connection we have with others are the two things I feel society is missing out on the most in life. When we see so many people turn to technology or substances, this supernatural connection with others is often missing. Human connection does something to help inspire us and help us grow into the true human beings that we were meant to be. 


Through practices like group constellation work, heart-mind resilience training, practical meditation, and group intuitive journeying, we can begin to clear conflicting energies that don't align with our authentic selves,  creating more promoting behaviours and beliefs in line with our purpose.

Through the power of the group and coherent listening we are able to shed the stories that no longer serve us and help us clarify who you are and what you're really here to do. This sets the framework for conscious co-creation.

When you drill into the reason you're doing anything in this life with the question "Why?" you will either get a fear or a love.  Fear is what holds you back and causes repetitive creations to cause failure, lack, 

The purpose of this mission is because I love you. Behind all of the fear is a love that is pure, that resides in all human beings, and that guides us to greater heights and deeper meaning. 

My deepest healing began when I started to say Yes to the Universe as it showed up right in front of me. My very dreams were coming true, yet I was still given the choice to say "Yes" or "No".   

I used to suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety in life. As I healed, I noticed and continue to notice more how much fear is programmed into how what we do and how we behave. With the amount of media confusion, technological dependency, and deep rooted stress, the suffering collectively is intensifying. 

I know this because I went through it, and I know I am not alone in the awakening process. These can be very hard and trying times.

My journey had me enter the path of the healer. I used to fantasize about this, wish it was so sooner than it could have been, but I was trained to be an impatient human.  I wanted it all and quick.  What I got was less.  This yearning initiated a deep healing process, almost as if it were saying "you wanted it, here you go." My partner can attest, the depth and range of emotional processing required to enter this field is intense on all dimensions of our being. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I was put through a process as my teacher describes, to clean the needle that needs to clean others. How can we heal others having not gone through the rigorous cleansing of oneself?   I have come to this earth to help others heal naturally, without medication, and when possible in the depths of the natural world.  If you are wondering why we are destroying the planet, ourselves and each other, this healing path leads to deeper understanding and compassion,  and solutions to improve our society naturally and without destruction. depth to which human beings suffer and heal. I've feel like I've been through the ringer, having experienced anxiety, depression, addictions, self-loathing, prosperity issues, creative blocks, masculine-wounds, sexual-imbalances, security issues, and the list goes on.  I am not saying this for a pat on the back, but I do appreciate you hearing me out. 

Our family needed a break, so my partner Emily, my daughter Soma, and I exited the Corporate big city system and moved to a small remote island in British Columbia with my young family, where I would drastically accelerate my own healing process.  I began apprenticing with Dawn Dancing Otter in intercultural Shamanic practices and ancient Alchemical wisdom teachings, allowing me to deepen my meditative and restorative practices and immerse myself in nature like I had never done before.   

Something in me however knew my involvement in the Corporate domain was not over.  I had a destiny to return and help others before they too became too ill with the mental, emotional, and spiritual strain that I experienced.  Fast forward to present moment, I feel renewed, energized, confident, clear, resilient towards stress and previously reactive behaviors, I am able to make choices autonomously as I navigate this amazing journey. 

What I do:
As a feeler, seer, and healer,  I work with and transform energy that roots itself as disease or unease in the human body and mind.  This practice creates enormous and profound transformations in the health and well being of people. Re-energized perspectives, increased vitality, less fear, more confidence and trust in themselves, the benefits are endless! 

As a speaker, coach, and trainer, I engage with groups on profound levels to empower and inspire the healthiest versions of themselves. I love to work with and engage people, it is one of my favorite things to do. 

What I value:

I value trust, transparency and intimacy.  Seeing others live their purpose excites me, I am living mine. I love to laugh, I am a little absurd at times. I am a disruptor of the status-quo, I have seen to many opportunities for change in this world to sit in idle mode, it's go time.  I am a life advocate for holistic and preventative healthcare, especially for the capabilities we have to heal ourselves. I love to see companies that are making a difference in this world and helping their employees mentally and emotionally. It is very inspiring and encouraging for the planet.

How I best operate:

I like to laugh.  Laughter is one off the best things we can do for one another.  I am a Sagittarius Sun-sign with a Gemini rising.  I am always looking at ways to do things better, more efficiently and for the betterment of the planet. I'm an ENFP in the Myer's Briggs world, although I feel Spiritually we can define ourselves and who we're meant to be the best with Animal imagery and symbolism. It is acute psychology. Spiritually my innate way of being ruled by the Beaver, Deer, and Eagle is to work hard, build community, be still, carve new paths that others dare not go, and dream really big with precise vision, although I feel this is available to all!  

How I've Trained to Be Here:

Corporately, I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing, I have worked through Corporate Retail; Consumer Packaged Goods; Information Technology; Human Resources; Tech Start-ups which has required me to quickly learn industries, business models, and build trust with individuals. I am a Certified Coach & Mentor with the Heart Math Insitute Building Personal and Team Resiliency program.

As a healer I have trained as a Reiki and Energy medicine practitioner under Debbie White, a Usui Reiki Lineage holder. I am a Shamanic practitioner and Shamanic & Alchemical Apprentice (going into Year 3) under the Dawn Dancing Otter’s Alchemist Path teachings.  I have studied and practiced Kundalini Yoga and countless forms of Meditation and Spiritual Healing Modalities. 

I facilitate meditation, healing, chanting and sound healing sessions in my community of Pender Island. I am training in the Jonathan Goldman teachings in Sound Healing, specifically utilizing vocal frequencies for healing and transformational journeys. I explore psychic and intuitive realms on a daily basis for personal growth and healing as well as for businesses looking to make a difference in the world.

Let's together shift to a model of Empowering the People.