Accessing intuition is a must in this day-in-age.  There are far too many subjective opinions out there to think clearly, and on top of that we think too much.  Humanity is going to the heart for answers and there is so much to gain by shifting here.



Sometimes we require someone to talk to, to listen to us, to hear us, ask the right questions, see us where we're at, hold space when we are confused and open up clarity and wisdom. Intuitive journeyes and Akashik Field readings available. Single or multi-session.


The heart is the centre console of our deepest wisdom, compassion and truth.  From this place we enter a coherent state that allows us to access a whole new level of being.

Jon takes you on a 4 session coaching experience to access your wisdom.


We all have destiny, purpose, and a reason why we are here.  Sometimes we strongly know this reason, other times we are unclear. Jon helps people create a map to navigate and assess where they are at. Single or multi-session coaching available.


Working with Jon is an amazing experience. Somehow he saw right to the heart of who I was, in ways that I wasn't even present to. His revealing to me of my spirit animal has allowed me to become more aware of my behaviours, and how I can best serve myself in many aspects of my life. He has revealed things to me about myself that even I wasn't totally clear on. I am very appreciative of all the work and the time I have spent with Jon. He has an excellent, soothing demeanour that facilitates experiencing the deeper truths about life, the universe, and yourself. Thanks Jon!

VICTORIA, B.C. - Remote Session

I highly recommend Jon's services to anyone looking for anything from focused insight to more creative ideas about your space and all done by Jon with professionalism, a good heart & your best interest and your words/ideas guiding the way!

VANCOUVER, B.C - In-Person Session

Servicing the entire Globe from a small island in BC, Canada. With the power of subtle energy, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person, but I obviously love to see your face when I can, so I can come see you as well.  Planes, trains, ferries, and automobiles, I can do. Wherever you are, whatever your budget, let's see how we can and will create flow.