Meet X.


As a basic algebraic equation, X stands for the unknown. Through our relation to another part of the equation, clarity emerges for which X represents.

In its simplest example, 3 * X = 6........ therefore 6/3 = X = 2.


In Alchemical ways, X ever present, in fact it informs us what is required at any given moment, and shows itself when we hold both the knowns (current state of being & intended outcome) without need to know, what, where, why, or how it is, it simply is when you work within the Spirit realm.

We never may find out that X = 2, but we can certainly open up our awareness to see where in Life the old patterns begin to dissolve and open up a new light of experience and expression for you to finally show up to the table as the Divine being you always were.

X is a symbol of balance and in its upright, 90 degree upright form, is a balanced cross holding much deep spiritual wisdom and symbolic significance.


X is the sacred relationship between two things, creating the third, a sacred triangulation found throughout the entire Universe, two things coming together to relate and create a new experience, a third.  


X is the mystery, the passion, the purpose, the Now, the faith, God or Creator working its magic to show you who you truly are.  X is always present whether it is perceived as Good or Bad from our 'normal' societal standards. 


X holds no sympathy, yet is here to hold you relentlessly in its Natural Spirit in warm empathy and compassion as it knows your Trueness would do for it. X is compassionate in those ways and expects nothing in immediate reciprocity. You are its investment and your old patterned stories are the sacrifice.


X is the journey to balance, and it is not in the inevitably of balance or the realization of balance that is necessary, but it is the journey to balance and its imbalances that we navigate that allow us to contrast our experience enough to know that change was created and we were the Co-Creators of this new experience.


X invites the impossibility of miracles to emerge and convey to us the secrets of old and allow us to tap into our modern day lives with Universal clarity and an intuitive guidance system that is always available at your discretion.


X is the future, the past, the present, it is always, it is nothing and everything, then nothing at the same time in no time.

X is both the bridge to conscious creation in an unlimited unmanifest potential, waiting, oh yes waiting...


X is the trickster, the joker, the wildcard, pick a card any card.


X is the Creator and Destroyer, the Restorer to Whole. X is the reason, the strategy, and the resolution in one.


It carries the past, future, and present in one space, without space, nor time. It is the ever lasting, non-conforming, true objective Spirit we all know to be True. 


X is the mirror, the maze, the undefined and unrefined, but dissolvable in the solution it creates knowingly that it is the one thing that settles it for once and all. 


X is both a noun and a verb, for it both sits in stillness as a reason and a movement as a thrust of energy that invokes the perfect result.


X is unknown, and if we wish for change to emerge, if we wish for life to be different, if we wish to be a little more settled, it knows what is needed at any given time, without fail in perpetuity.

All we need for change is to believe X is possible.


When we say sending Love, sending Strength, sending anything to anyone via energetic intentions, I feel some miss the true essence of what is happening and instead misguide their intentions with a false-knowing.


Our knowns are clear. A current state of being has created itself holding on to traumatic patterns that are governing the very fabric of your Life. Repeating themselves in all forms and fashions, as we carry it with us burdened in the subconscious realm from its weight, but intriguing the Alchemist in its potential of gold.


So how deeply do we need to understand the current state? I feel, ironically, it is in the feeling rather than the mental story, but all aspects of our holistic guidance systems have their space in providing clues to ground a foundation of understanding, perhaps never knowing cognitively, but deeply knowing on a more sensory level.  


Addressing the root energy of any given relationship, will unwind the mind's grip on an option-less future and divert us into the polarity of what Life means and what it is full of.  


Once the grip loosens and dissolves, the possibilities become endless in how we choose to show up and create our Life.




This third thing  unknown to us.  We may never know how this will manifest as our reality, or how the final randomness of physical reality will show-up, but it is a known and with our Spiritual prowess we command into the Ethers with support of our Spiritual Guidance System and Natural Allies to communicate our change, our perspective, our virtues. They are what knows the third thing.


Two knowns come together.  The sacred knows exactly what you speak of.  It can see where you can not, it can understand Reality as we may never be able to.  It knows it before you "know" it, because it operates without space nor time, therefore in the divine unfolding of You, your unfolding is known, it is a known in the realm of Spirit.  To seek knowledge is to block knowledge.  To feel valued based on knowledge, blocks knowledge.  To compete on knowledge, blocks knowledge.


So in the human form we address and call upon what we do not know, for the conviction of what we hold is real to us and we are choosing to let go and invite something else in that feels and represents itself as this desired state, which I refer to as wholeness (usually a case of inviting in a polar opposite experience and state of being to reach a neutral path where one becomes autonomous in that relationship.


In the Spirit realm, all is known, well I don't know that, but I can attest through my work that we do not need to control the process if we are working with trusted and Spiritually tested allies.  Things seemingly work themselves out without me clutching on, wrenching on what I have no idea needs wrenching.


So if we invite X, to alchemize with our current state of being, our current condition, we invite in the possibility of a new experience, new perspective, new relationship and thus we can begin to create a new third thing with that relationship which held bonds to us in our old way of being.


X merges with your current state of being to unfold your wholeness that is known.


As this is Universal, this extends to the relationship with everything and everyone, above and below.


So when we send Love energy, what does that mean?  


Are we willing to let go of what we feel we need to send and trust in the infinite divine intelligence of something that knows vastly more, instructing it with our Will and command as conscious co-creators, but letting go of the need to understand the essence of Magic, because in this Reality, it is almost as if the Spirit of Nature never does really reveal its tricks, and they are of the most Supernatural ways.


My example here is when someone is feeling in a slump, or for my choice of words "shitty." When we send Love energy or grounding or protection or strength, if we feel we know the process and are sending that thing which we can never actually know, but trick ourselves into knowing, what is the alchemization process according to algebra. 


Could it potentially and without knowing (pun intended) turn into 3 * 4 = 12? where in our intended outcome of 6, instead becomes something completely different and perhaps I would say un-serving of where we are purposefully driven.


Could we be sending our Ego's interpretation of the way we have been linearly lead astray, from needing to calculate and finding answers to being okay with not knowing and instead playing Co-Creator like we've always known to.


My go-to line is, if I'm feeling shitty, and I bring in Love, is that a Shitty Love outcome?  What happens when we control the Life process, which is no different, just a macro experience of something that repeats itself through the entirety of Nature, above and below.  Controlling our energetic intentions of what we think we send is like trying to have something painful not happen to you ever again.


One, you are bringing your pain everywhere with you whether your awareness is there or not, and two your perspectives are molded around these biases, and three, the experiences you attract are attracted to help you know this aspect of self that Nature would say requires your attention.


When we try to manipulate how it unfolds, or know X, we find ourselves off track, we cannot accept as it is, we yearn in emotional reactivity for the things that seem IMPOSSIBLE and rather not worth it when what we know is all we know and its never enough.


Get off the road is a line a teacher used to tell me frequently, and essentially as I relate to it, it is saying to me, vision my friend, dream and focus, set intentions into your focused prayers to have them manifest because you are worth it and you can.


Get off the road is essentially X, or allowing X to navigate the road space, because it is the journey, it is the transformer, the carrier, the manipulator, the strategyzer, the bringer-together of things that are all needed. X carries you how you know not.  It speaks in whispers or shouts in language of feeling that is unbridled and cannot be shaken in its core foundations of truth.  You cannot argue with truth, rather TRUTH.