Letting your Creation Flow

Just because one thinks they deserve something, are owed something, have earned something, have worked super hard for something, doesn't guarantee that thing will make its way to you. It will actually go further away the more you desperately seek it or complain about not having it. For the very act of complaining or seeking is to tell the Universal Flow that you do not have, it is not within you, therefore it is without, and without being within, how could it ever be? ;)

No further than Channels of Flow do I have to look for an example of how this awareness and knowing came to be. For years, I desperately wanted a business like this, it was what I loved, put so many hours into. I was all in. It created joy, wonder, amazement, love, growth, relationships. Why would I not want this? When we experience these types of positive emotions or relationships to the things we do, we can begin to see purpose and passion unfold as sign posts to a life of fulfillment. The reasons and purpose behind our Being here, now.

Although I was receiving this output of emotion doing the work that I loved so much, I was still suffering because I did not have it full time, and for the most part of my waking hours I was spent doing something that I rather despised: the pursuit of making someone else lots of money.

The more I suffered, the more I felt the angst of what I wanted to be, but what simply wasn't yet... or was it? In hindsight I see this as the transition period behind any change. A slow and sometimes quick process that unfolds in perfection, but when we witness pain and suffering, we see this as our dreams not coming true and we resist, and it festers and continues out of our own creation to show up as what we don't want. We are creating EVERYTHING after all.

In hindsight I can sit and see that if I had simply navigated into this journey with the resilience and composure I now carry, the choice-filled awareness and clarity that I hold, I could have seen that it was all a transition period. We want something, know it to be, and then it unfolds. Change does not occur when we WANT something, or we WORK HARD for something, or feel we are OWED for something. Who owes it to you? If you believe in the knight in shining armour story, the only knight in shining armour is YOU.

The more I resisted, the further my dream moved away, the longer it took, the more impatient I got, the more frustrated I seemed, and depression, anxiety, and illness were not far behind. The magic happens when we finally let go of the outcome and journey as if we are always witnessing the change we wish to see, for we actually are.

This has always been the case and will forever be the case. You are what creates everything, good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative, comfortable/uncomfortable. And with Change and transition from what we don't want to what we do, turbulence occurs in the balancing. We can see the change if and ONLY IF, we step out of the way and allow it to Flow.

One of the important steps in my Co-Creative Coaching model is for us to fully Trust and step out of the way for Creation to unfold. Our distrust that something won't happen, or is not happening quick enough does the exact opposite of what we truly want, and know will happen. We all know this innately, but have forgotten due to many reasons I care not to go into in this article.

Once we remember our part in the process of Co-Creation, we become accountable Co-Creators, and when become accountable, we can navigate through transition, change, and the inevitability that comes when we live our lives. Part of this inevitability is discomfort, but only through discomfort can we grow and evolve and recognize the True Authenticity that resides below any of the stories or identities or entitlements that we feel we are.

What do you believe about what you want in your life? Do you know it to be already true? What is holding you back? How do you feel about having it and not having it? What is standing in your way? The sign posts are your gateway to freedom and Flow.

A sense of entitlement does not reward anyone, this is a part of Universal Law. One has to fully believe and attune to that thing without bias or attachment. Then and only then can you create it as you choose. Are you willing to go all the way for that thing?

Are you willing to go inside and clear your Channels of Flow, for life?

Channel me if you want more information on creating clarity, inspiration and empowerment in your co-creation process as it was given to me.

Jon Martin, Channels of Flow for Personal Transformation

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