• Jon Martin, Channels of Flow

Unleash Your Beasts - Letting Anger Out

If you don't let your anger out, I mean really out, I mean really really let it out, where does it go?

Most think it just goes away if we don't think about it or do something to distract ourselves. Most think it goes away if we half-ass project it out at others in a half-ass rant without really feeling it, releasing it and transforming it.

If submerged and ignored actually creates a little nest in your emotional field and becomes a part of what you begin to identity with, how you begin to communicate, how you navigate, what shows up in your life, over and over and over again... it doesn't go away unless you make the choice... You become identified as a mad, sad, jealous, greedy person, just to name a few adjectives. The definition of insanity comes to mind.

The unprocessed emotion involuntarily reacts for you without you even knowing it, it is the reason for disease in the body and mind.

Once suppressed, you begin to project this anger or other fear based emotions in unhealthy ways at others hoping they feel what you feel. Misery loves miserable company right?...

Healthily and properly releasing anger or any unprocessed emotion is a sure way to navigate back to a clear and choice-filled life, a life fulfilled and free from the involuntary and unconscious reactions of fear.

If you are unsure as to how to do this, or have been told not to fully express yourself as a child or even as an adult, let me know,

I can help you navigate... freedom awaits.

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