Random Catalysts for Change

When we least expect or understand it, meaning is presented to us for our healing and growth.

Growth opportunities can come from the weirdest of places. I have read this throughout my journey countless times that our healing journey will present only the perfect things for you to continuously see who you are not, to only realize who you are. This can come through any book, any thing, it is all there for you to learn you.

In my journey these things or sign posts have showed up in the strangest of circumstances. I have realized a deep love for myself by burning a piece of toast that surfaced a disdain for my ability to "do things right". The energy of not doing things right was carried deep in my subconscious dying to surface and be transformed into self-love and appreciation.

I have been emotionally triggered by songs that are put on randomly through moments of inspiration, because in my logic mind I wanted to hear that song, but deep down something else knew that song was the ticket to allowing the damns to burst.

The picture used at the beginning of this article was an old hockey coach of mine that put so much effort into my development. Seeing this picture generated an intense emotional release and transformation around feeling like I couldn't do it and that I was alone on this journey. It allowed me to see the support in my life, and that has always been in my life, see and unseen. What a gift!

I have broken down in the despair of being without financial abundance after perceiving my wife's comments of not being able to buy cheese as we can't afford cheese, outcome the tears of healing towards prosperity.

It does not matter what you do, where you do it, who you listen to, train with, mentor with, pay money to or not, if you sign up for a healing journey, you are on it, and once you commit and oh so fully we do... we are in for a ride and the sign posts appear everywhere. We can more fully be aware of these signs, if we are willing to consciously navigate from our presence in this moment, Now. It is where everything is and where everything ever will be. Go burn that toast, your sign posts are waiting for you.

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