Attuning to Nature's Resilience

Note to self: More Focus on Nature, Less on Other People

As I was driving the other day on the winding roads of Pender Island, I passed by a few people hiking on the side of the road. As I did, I felt an attunement happening with them in slow motion. I started to notice that by locking eyes and witnessing them I began to feel things come up in my physical and emotional body. I had for a split second wondered about them, who they were, where they lived etc.

As I engaged, I felt nervous and uncertain. I felt an apprehension in my solar plexus. Was I feeling their energy or mine, or both? Everything exists in mirrors for our self-realization journey so perhaps the introduction was given to me to witness my own nervous anxiety…

This initiated a few thoughts for me: Why do we as humans spend so much time focusing on how others are feeling? What their stories are. How they got there and what they’re doing? Why they say or do certain things. Why do we spend so much time analyzing others and assuming we actually know them? Is this an unnecessary burden we put onto ourselves?

Empathetic people often complain that they take on too much energy from others, but is it that, or are we giving too much of our energy away in trying to interpret the human beings we meet or pass by?

Where is the time spent analyzing the flow of Nature? The grass that grows along side of the road in perfection. The trees that stand tall and those that have lost their way succumbed to the mycelium that begins the process of decay. The wind that cools us at the perfect moment, or provides us adversity when we need to be challenged. The water that continues to flow day-in-day-out never opting or complaining to remove itself for a break.

Nature is resilient, why are we not communing or focusing our energy more on the prosperity of that which is all around us, we can just as easily feel this too. What about Nature’s story, what is it telling us?

When we become empathetic with nature, we feel all of its beauty more acutely, we take on its frequency and emotion, we can merge with its frequency.

I have never left a forest walk feeling depleted, only renewed. What would happen if I invited the Natural into all aspects of my life all the time? How would I feel then?

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Peace to all.

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