What is my Power Animal?

There was a time when the only thing humans had to relate to themselves was the world of Nature.

The insects, plants, rocks, animals, the elements, the stars, the spirit of it all was used to commune and understand how to survive, how to best operate, how to live in conjunction and harmony with the land and all of life so that it would continue to support them on their journey. It was a symbiotic flow of reciprocity, forever giving and receiving.

This reciprocity and symbiotic flow still exists in Nature, however as a collective, have forgotten our Natural ways.

It is easy to romanticize about this type of living if we are feeling the burden of living in this day-in-age. This external burden we feel though is a gift to understand the burdens that we hold internally, and are ready to be released at anytime we choose.

Acknowledging and releasing the pain is one step we can take to regaining our flow with the natural world.

As powerful co-creators, we can attune to anything in our awareness as everything in existence has a spiritual/energetic component.

As it pertains to Self Flow, reclaiming our Power Animal is a process that initiates our connection back to the Natural world, and thus the symbiotic flow of who we truly are.

Our Natural, Authentic self, is a wild untethered nature that is always with us, whether we are aware or not, it is dying to be unleashed. In fact, Spirit Animals, particularly our dominant Power Animal has been trying to get our attention since we were born. It is amazing when I return Power Animal for people, how many say “Oh my god, I use to draw this animal, or that was my favorite stuffed animal!”.

Sadly, humanity has lost its way with the use Magic and ritual in everyday life. We have forgotten many truths. Utilizing the energy of Nature for clarity, empowerment, and self-realization is one of those truths that has been lost, but is now being found on an accelerated rate.

After having my dominant Power Animal retrieved, it did not take long for me to become aware of the process of deep self-realization that was emerging and how it would take me on a magical journey of where I am today.

My teachings state that the dominant Power Animal resides in the subconscious mind, the lower world as its called in indigenous, shamanic cultures, and its primal frequency resides there waiting to be reunited with our consciousness. Waiting for us to attune to it and honour Who We Are. The frequency may change at specific times throughout our life to help us during different phases of our journey, but for the most part, it remains fairly in tact for large parts of our journey, and in some individual cases the whole physical incarnation.

I am of belief through my experience, that the dominant Power Animal also provides great knowledge and power to break-through major life challenges that we were incarnated here to experience. Sometimes the BIGGEST life challenges.

For example, my dominant Power Animal is the Beaver. The Beaver is the productive one, the strategist, the overcomer of obstacles, the builder, the determined and hard working being that gets things done, adversity makes the Beaver better! Well up to the point where I had Beaver returned, I had been living (more like struggling) in the complete opposite way. I felt lazy, weak, tired, incapable of building, fixing, and more often than not left projects incomplete. It was too hard, I couldn’t do it, I was lost and unorganized. This sounds like many men I know who are suffering from deep Masculine wounds, I will write more on this later.

The beliefs and energy I held of “I can’t do it”, lead me to feel very disconnected from my true nature, as my true nature was the exact opposite of “I can do it, and I will do it, and get out of my way!”.

As everything in the Universe exists in duality, or exact opposites, when I finally had Beaver returned it was amazing at the synchronicities and transformation that unfolded. In fact the very next morning I entered a Sweat Lodge for the second time in my life which was screaming Beaver lodge to me!

Fast forward to this present moment, I have more ambition, energy, motivation, strategy and confidence that I can get things done, and I am doing these things. I have found myself in amazing job opportunities and living passion projects that have me building community (one of Beaver’s primary jobs with the dam). I have even had jobs of chopping and moving wood present themselves to me out of nowhere. I didn’t think I would enjoy as my body has not been through that strenuous physical work before, but I love it, and so does my body! How could I not, it’s my natural rhythm. I am paying homage to the EXACT frequency that makes up my subconscious mind. I stay up later to do my work because the Beaver works predominantly at night, this feels natural. I have learned that I honour the vegetarian diet and can sustain myself on it, because the Beaver predominantly eats plants (and the odd fresh fish 😊). I notice that how I create is much like the Beaver builds its dam because I studied this, I learned from its rhythms and then asked what do these tell me about how I best operate.

Unfortunately for many people the subconscious mind where this primal energy lives is cluttered with societal conditions, limiting fear beliefs, and for most, potentially the exact opposite of what the animal inside is made of. This is okay, be gentle on yourself. The awareness is the first step to making a new choice to honour Who You Are, this a process that requires patience.

Having our dominant Power Animal retrieved can initiate a clearing process of the subconscious mind, and a deep process of transformation and realization where you can step back into the harmonious symbiotic flow of the Natural Authentic self.

Animal energy can be utilized for so many different aspects in your life and it can present so many opportunities for you to learn about where you are, what you are in need of, and how to best navigate. Starting with your dominant Power Animal will allow you to springboard into your path of self-realization that is always calling you back home.

If you would like to book a dominant Power Animal reading or a Power Animal reading as it relates to any other aspect of your life, email freedom@channelsofflow.com or fill out the contact form here, it will change your life and how you relate to your True Self forever.

Let's honour our unique Nature. Jon

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