• Jonathan Robert Martin

What is Your Fire? The Energy around Purpose & Passion

What is your fire?

What stirs you and gets your full attention like nothing else?

Where in your body does your fire reside?

Attune to your fire, it is telling you something about yourself and your purpose.

What are the burning ideas inside of you?

How do they differ from what you see in the world or are they united?

Do these ideas stir anger? Sadness? Inspiration? Joy? Rejuvenation?

There is no good or bad emotion. Emotions simply allow us to experience our reality on a deeper level and clue us into what we need to place our awareness into.

We all have fire that drives us towards meaning, purpose and passion.

For some of us, the fire has distinguished, but it is never, and I mean never fully out. It can always be rekindled and as I mentioned in Random Catalysts for Change anything can rekindle it. Any person, any song, any idea, anything!

Everything in our physical reality is showing us vital information about ourselves and the energy we hold if we pay attention to the signs.

One of my fires is towards ensuring affordable access to holistic healing modalities, particularly out of self-interest as I know how effective it is and I happen to be in the field, but it is much more about the empowerment of society and the inspiration this holds for a healthier more balanced civilization.

Although my fire is inspirational, it holds keys for me as reality shows up around it, as to what is potentially holding me back from fully experiencing the manifestation of that which I am passionate about.

In the past, my fire for accessible holistic health services was ruled by resentment of the current medical system; anger around mis-information from sources that do not have human health at the forefront of their agendas. With this hostility I am able to see that I am subconsciously reacting and therefore preventing the manifestation of what I actually want. If we can choose anger and not let anger choose us, this is a different story.

Attuning to our emotional bodies, the subconscious fears, the DNA that holds these reactionary patterns will allow us to better attune to our fire, to be the change we wish to see, to hold clarity and empowerment around our true mission in life.

If you are unclear as to your purpose and passion, or need inspirational sparks as to rekindle your fire in your life, I am an open channel to your needs. freedom@channelsofflow.com


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