Co-Creation in Silence

Waiting for the pot to boil.

Waiting for the flower to blossom.

Waiting for the leaves to fall.

(Osho Zen Tarot Reading 2017-11-21 - Current Vibration)

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

These are natural processes that do not require the mind to be involved from a dictation point of view, analyzing the events as if they were never going to happen without our prowess or willing them along.

The water will always boil if enough heat is applied. The flower will unfold and blossom into what is beautifully awaiting. The leaves will change colour and succumb to the decay of the ground.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

What is waiting? What is it in the mind that cannot wait until the blossoming occurs, or the outcome to unfold? And when it does, is it recognized or is there analysis in what is next?

What is it that you wish to unfold? What is it? Take stock of your life from a no-thingness, a silence, the flowering is available in this space and only in this space.

You will chase and wait, chase and wait, chase and wait and the pot will never boil, the flower never blossom, the leaves will never fall until you set your mind at ease and trust in the process of Nature.

What is Nature is Natural. What is Natural is up to you. What do you believe to be true? What is the magic that resides within you that has the ability to be awakened, to stir the pot of destiny and leave it to boil? Leave the water to evaporate into the air, the invisible creates what you might never expect. A perfect water droplet emerges from the vapour to fall back to the pot to re-integrate and emerge as the steam that once was. A perfect cycle of simplicity yet profound magic.

We are creating in this profundity. It is always available. But are we waiting or are we trusting?

Are we Naturally letting processes unfold or are we twisting the arm of time to force something that may not be ready? And if we twist, what does this say about our willingness to let go of the force of control? The gears of momentum are always in our favour if we sit in the silence of the no-thingness and allow the flowering to emerge.

The flowering is a beautiful gift of your creation. What does your flower look like? What did you create? Where do you feel it in your body when you see your garden grow? Does it leave you wanting more or something different? Or is there a peaceful resolve and a Natural process that allows the flower to die back into the earth to begin another process of creation. The water droplet is always ready to come back down to the pot, but are you willing to step away and let the force of nature do its thing?

Silence is the answer.

In the silence are now the answers, recipes, instructions to create and action our creation forward, but in the silence is the trust that the water will always boil, flower always blossom, and leaves always fall back to the Earth where we will all eventually succumb.

Jon Martin ~ See, Feel, Know your Channels of Flow

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