• Jon Martin

Detaching from Outcome & External Validation

Validation is our quest to make known that which may never truly be known. It is the reminder of purpose that may never truly be the thing that engrains it, but something sought to justify our continuation on a journey that can seem so very hard to stay focused.

Releasing outcome is a life task, but its initiation can never come to soon. Woven into every aspect as we go from controlling how things play to commanding our only 'controllable': how we choose.

The great unwinding of outcome reminds us of why we feel anxious. Why our heart flutters or closes, why it shivers and shunts at the thought of how things will work themselves out. Why We can feel tense, condensed and afraid to step out into the cold.

The unwinding of these deep rooted conditions will be supported. They will continue to rise in understanding and compassion as something that requires space and time in a world seemingly focused on emphasizing the reduction and scarcity of these resources.

Letting go of expectation is like winding the high roads of a cliff not sure what to expect around the next corner.

Is it death or another reason to live?

I choose to need not your recommendation or praise, but simply request that you be there as I will for you, we are all in this together and i need you.

love Jon