• Jon Martin

I'm Sorry I've Lied ~ Poem

I'm sorry I've lied. For the ten hundredth time. I've made a killing Pretending something else

Was True.

The mask that I hide, Certainly others inside I've peeled some back. Here's a glimmer of Truth.

Why oh why? Will my trust get denied? When only the best I want for you?

Why oh why? Will my heart butterfly, When the only excuse Is because I love you?

For centuries we've built Walls in the silt, Our shattered remains Hold together not strong.

I'll admit I'm afraid, All beheaded and shamed, My idleness a sign Of slowing, a symptom.

My shackles will break, When they need to fade. A moon will appear Much different than it used to.

Nature will compel With its intensity of stare, The stars still hold space Whether they're dead and remain.

I'm sorry I've lied. Probably ten thousand more times. Than I could have bared witness to. Had I had the strength.

Believe me, please trust That I am dropping this story. And my past just comes to surface To find a way out.

Conscious aware, Of the hideous stare I get when I meet someone Who knows me as no one should have.

In the space we hold How together and isolation unfold, We are stronger in our weakness. Together or whenever.


Can I trust me?

Can I can trust you?

Can you trust in me?

Where in my being is this? Centre and breathe.

Jon & beyond