Are Humans to Blame for Climate Change?

If you hear or read that humans are the cause of climate change, use discernment. Who is telling you this? why would they be telling you? What types of emotional reactions is the writer trying to conjure up? Fear?

Does something or some type of being want you to take on the guilt of 1,000's of years of oppression and ignorance, claiming it as a human problem, started by the symptom of humanity?... The plan would be tell them they're at fault and make them feel like they can do nothing but wait for the gov'

t to make changes... Yes, humanity is the disease, let them buy that! Nope - no longer has permission. That's law.

This is like blaming a baby for acting jealous, when jealousy runs through the whole family lineage in very unhealthy amounts. It is a societal epidemic, but I don't believe a human one, nor an ignorant and innocent baby being the "cause".

Human unconscious has been used as a means to carry forward wicked acts against humanity and the planet, the seed of these acts is the cause. Once we become aware, it fades, and its fading... the unconscious cannot be blamed. Our awareness is shifting into consciousness where we can all be much more accountable and clear with what's really going on.