• Jon Martin

I found this? Or did it find me?

Found a deer antler a few days ago. My first I had found on Pender, was always looking! Perhaps I stopped. Have found bones, but no antler.

The very next day after finding the lone antler, I veered off into the woods and almost automatically came to this beautiful specimen in the photo. The deer had been eaten by the earth, birds and insects, its skull with antlers in place were left.

This was a very incredible moment for me that I can't quite describe as it was other-worldly and without words. There was laughter and a sense of primality.

Yesterday night I was visited by a plant deva from the raspberry leaf to teach me of its medicine. Nature is alive and waiting to share with you.

It seems when we get off the road, all of the magic that was looking to express catches up to us. Lessons are squeezed in all over the place.

Love Jon