Is there Space for Emotions in Business?

As I have learned, experienced, and now know, this experience of Life is meant to be emotional. In being open and honest in an objective and safe setting, we can really empower ourselves to healthier and clearer representations of our True Nature.

As we wade through our own Epic journey, a deep Truth emerges that shows us that we are highly emotional beings meant to experience things emotionally. This is just the way it is, let's get used to it.


For many in the West, emotions did not play a big role in our development, and were certainly not fostered by the indoctrinated institutions.

In so many cultures around the world, emotional release, collective feeling, grieving, and arguments are formalized into a spontaneous ritualistic setting. These practices have never been forgotten, so they are still included (where practices have not been destroyed.)

What is it that does not want us to feel as we do, express as we do, feel heard and safe in doing so?

Where did this go and is it still there in us?

In my corporate experience, emotions were seen as a weakness and one should hold at bay how they felt and any other "personal baggage" that was deemed not appropriate for the work environment. What an internal struggle!

Well, what happens when the emotional body can no longer hold on to its suppressed state?

What happens when the wells of sadness and anger begin to seep through the cracks, challenging your existence and most likely your deeper purpose here on the planet.


Spirituality and business are not separate. Everything is Spiritual, and therefore we cannot even begin to label it because it simply is. This invisible Nature lives within the mind and our beliefs and their respective thoughts. It lives within the emotional realms that pervade our regular 5 senses.

Feeling is something that for men especially has been not approved of. Feeling was a sign of a weakness and for many growing up, we were not allowed to be angry.

The reason for this I feel is that we were all taught to process anger differently. Many of us were taught that it was in projection at another. Therefore we would be together projecting our hurt at one another not even realizing it was the same hurt in different form. Had we known how to feel, had we known how to initiate transformation, we would all be in an entirely different paradigm.

However, in our feeling-stripped world where we seek external experiences and more frustratingly, material goods to conjure up our emotional experience, we are left with very little sustainable fulfillment.

Everything seems fleeting in this world, from one to the next, and to the next, like an hour long scroll through on Facebook. Gone, into someone else's world, living someone else's story. And through this controlled act of repetitive purchasing, we release endorphins and thus become addicted to it. We are in a sense preferring these emotional states that are "pleasant" while using these substances or addictive vehicles to escape the pain.

This is a self-perpetuating negative cycle that is not conducive to wellness and longevity, it further suppresses the core emotion while "masking" a new and improved state of being.... not sustainable...


When Heart and Mind begin to display different behaviours, conjure different ideas, or show us through our awareness, we begin to see that perhaps what we have held on to is no longer serving us anymore.

How do we reconcile? How do we bring the Heart and Mind together?

How do we bring all of our Creative Centres together?

How can we bridge the physical and spiritual world to see (oh so clearly) that they are not separate and this union is the key to our understanding the destiny of humanity.

This starts with the individual, You, Me.


A person develops loyalty with a collective when and only when the collective holds their highest values in mind. These values revolve around peace and contentment as I believe everyone on a certain unconscious level is striving for the same thing in their own way with their own skillsets. Contentment. Things are okay. Balanced. Breathe. Sigh.

If the collective steps in and helps someone develop themselves, find more purpose, contentment and a sense of fulfillment (through the use of balancing the 4 basic needs - read on), this individual will become loyal.

This does not mean they will enslave their hat on the hook for the duration of their days, but for this moment, they have your attention, they have motivation and a compelling reason to support you.

Those that are awakening to a deeper more emotional experience have questions, and when they look around the empty halls of a collective organizational setting like a business, this emptiness and isolation leads to feelings of abandonment, lack of nourishment, and certainly safety is jeopardized.

When this happens we hear of the term of disengagement, which is simply the individual responding that their needs are not being met.


These 4 basic needs of Nourishment, Validation, Safety, and Discipline require balancing. They are either in excess, balance, or insufficiency.

When this dissonance is not addressed, it builds, accumulates and begins to affect our perspectives, limiting them into one-dimensional mindsets. This affects our behaviours, our thoughts, and thus our entire reality of what shows up and how we react in it.

In this reaction we will perceive other's words through these perceptions, their body language, through our own lens, which if operating in fear, deep grief, or anger, may not appear to serve our highest nature, but we can see in these places our chance to learn, grow, and transcend these experiences - they are the gifts!


What happened to tuning in and really honing in on the individual's gifts in the interview process or every day for that matter?

Why do we have preconceived, set in stone engravings that an individual must have all of these requirements in order to be considered, which are simply formality based in my opinion.

Where is there room for the human genius, what are your gifts, what are your passions? How can we incorporate this, foster this and help you grow?

Can I release the expectation that you may not stay here forever but while you are here I will treat you like one of my own.

I care about human beings and it is my mission to ensure they have the support they need to come out of any crisis state they find themselves in.

Can you hold me in how I know on some level my True self to be?

Can you include this in your offering and I will be a servant to your cause.

If you take care of the individual collectively, the individually will ensure the gift is return to the collective (this is Law).

So much to discuss, I keep marching on.

Lots of Love, Jon