Consciously Co-Creating in the Dream

So glad to be home! The family has landed on our family farm on Vancouver Island and we are in our jam. Feeling more at home, free, and ready to go than EVER.

Concepts come to me that I feel I use writing as an outlet to allow it to express instead of staying at home in the mind. This works for me. It may not resonate as Truth for all, nor do i need it to. We have innate abilities to discern what exactly is in our highest good and what is repeating its destruction. We have the ability to see through and understand what is meaningful to our Essence, and what is enslaving our pursuit of false desire.

So what is Truth to you? Here I go.


Working to balance the four basic needs is all we need to come back. Easier said than done, this is Life work. The four basic needs in my teachings and practice are: Validation; Nourishment; Safety; Discipline.

If one is out of balance either in excess or insufficiency with these needs due to trauma, conditioning and experiential learning, ancestral patterns etc. we look for something to fill the need and piece by piece we forget about why we're here and what we actually are.

My work is helping people balance these needs, and relentlessly we can see case after case of these 4 basic needs being at the root.

It's so simple, yet the cases and resolutions are so profound.

Do we do the things we do because we need more Validation because our Truest sense of Genius and Gift was forgotten by those that were supposed to take care of us?

Do we do the things we do because we need more Nourishment and we are not taking care of ourselves and our Natural needs?

Do we do the things we do or not, because we are either over or under-disciplined?

Do we do the things or not, because we don't feel safe? Why is that?

What is so scary that's hiding in the closet?

When we balance these needs, step-by-step our world balances around us.

When we balance these needs, the falsely identified things that fuelled our rushed-pursuit seemingly fall off.

When we drop the false needs we have learned, we learn of our conscious and unconscious co-creative patterns. (how we get shit done.)


Has anything ever shown up when you least expected it, or perhaps forgot that you wanted that thing and there it was? Perhaps as a Gift?

This is unconscious manifesting. In this model we’re not sure how to actively create our reality, so we use time honoured reactionary and ineffective models of emoting to somehow surrender but unfortunately most of the time spent was worrying in a state of lack.

Wanting something, thinking about something, craving something, and then getting so frustrated at it not showing up that we slip into an apathetic state about our wanting, we forget, and then BAM it’s there.

What is this?

This in my experience and teaching is Universal Law showing you your own Self, in order for you to transcend that experience to Be more of your True Self so that you can inevitably fulfill your grand mission here (simple or big, whatever you choose, doesn't matter.)


Conscious manifesting understands that we must let go of the Need in order for ANYTHING to show up. But we can do so in a graceful and playful way.

Conscious manifesting as I have lived, learned, and honed is as follows:

1. Knowing an infinite source, whatever you want to call it, exists and pervades everything but can also exist in a singularity. It is the Source of all Creation. God, Universe, whatever you identify with, this is non-secular.

2. Knowing our existence is a part of the grand universal design, we are not separate, therefore we are Co-Creators in it. Humans are more powerful than we give them credit for, and if everyone is racing around worrying, what does the collective future look like?

3. Visualizing and learning to “know” that which we wish to see in our Reality.

This is a sticky one because sometimes there are physical, emotional, mental and ultimately spiritual road blocks that we require learning from in order to proceed. We really want to feel the experience, the outcome, what it is that we know we can create. (sometimes knowing what we want to create is also a road block that requires some learning and transformation - all good, that’s life.

4. Releasing the attachment is the next step and also a sticking point for many who have only learned unconscious ways. This is okay, we have to be unconscious on this journey to value consciousness and path towards our Authentic Self.

We’ve been taught to pursue things in unnatural ways. We’ve been given pay cheques to buy the things we think we’re supposed to buy because that’s all we know, and in the exercise of this, we realize the meaningful things that we most deeply desire can not be obtained with a pay cheque or material possessions.

There are ways to easily release. At some point, your release should have you forget about it, because YOU DON’T NEED IT ANYMORE :) Conscious amnesia I call it.

5. Trusting the path. Everything in your existence, everything is a manifestation of something you’ve thought, dreamed, believed, felt etc. When road blocks come or we’re faced to feel darker emotions, we turn away because it’s too difficult to feel through, most of us haven’t been taught.

Stepping in to the feeling sensation is where the magic is, because on the other side is trust, is compassion, is knowing, is growth, is wholeness, is more of a representation of your Authentic Self - GUARANTEED!!!

Trusting the path involves KNOWING that what is serving you is a series of gateways on your journey, and the more you go through, the more magical each subsequent gate and its between journey is. The more you navigate and step in, the more magical life gets - GUARANTEED!

Trusting the path indicates an awareness of the moment connected to a series of other moments that everything is a divine unfoldment of something you’ve created. If it’s not there, ask again, where can you see the sprout pop up through the soil?

It may not happen as quickly as you want it, but some manifestations take years, decades, lifetimes, depending on how many people and ideologies you need to come together in order for this to work. If you choose the transformational path, eventually you will fall into a sync or rhythm where you can see Nature and the people you relate with relentlessly serving your higher purpose.

This is conscious creation. Knowing you can create, knowing how to create, knowing how to release attachment and trust are the keys.

I only know how to do this for Life-Affirming causes, or things I hold true to my heart. Trickery, greed and malevolence will not hold.



What do you need?

What do you really need?

Are the things that we need most the most often taken for granted?

How can we create using the steps listed above, the life of your dreams, content and not afraid of the future.


I encourage all, including myself to thank the air.

The gracious gift that keeps us alive. Thanking it adds to our collective experience and thus our future with this Element.

I encourage all, including myself to thank the Earth.

For without her, what would this be?

I encourage all, including myself to thank the Sun.

For without him, there would be nothing.

I encourage all, including myself to thank the Water.

For without this precious gift, what would it mean to be human?

I encourage all, including myself to thank the body.

Without the body, we would not be journeying so magically.

I encourage all, including myself to thank the mind.

The mind is not an enemy although mainstream health propaganda tells us to kill it. The mind is all aspects of Self, the dark and the light. Pieces of You, wounded and alive. In the dark, a scared child needs you to parent it, you can do this. We can help.

I encourage all, including myself to give thanks to those who lived before. Without the footsteps that pre-dated your existence, whatever they are, you would not have had the blessed gift to imprint your own genius.

The footsteps carved before are gateways to transcending the human suffering condition. The ancestors can guide us with their foresight, compassionate eyes, and tender care.

I know this because I’ve experienced this. I share this because I care.

In the eyes of those who can see, the real reason we do anything is because we Love.

I encourage all to come back to Family.

Although the most difficult to learn to love, the sacred ones in our bloodlines are the gateways to a brighter future.

To be embraced in a culture I have dreamed of, to have the stage set for me at all times to live my path and purpose, and embrace the difficult challenges I left for myself,

I am deeply grateful and am grateful to the Spirits and Teachers that lead me home.

So glad to be home,

Living MY Dream