common english sayings: from wounded to empowered in a matter of perspective

This is a piece about the common sayings from childhood that stemmed and manifested in my world via personal wounds and therefore wounding others.

Hoping this can open us up to new perspectives on sayings that we hold interpretation over in our beliefs.

1) "Takes one to know one."

Absolutely true for me! It is wherever you stand on the perspective spectrum.

From a wound, it is to hurt, to take internal poison and unconsciously spew it into another's world. In truth, I can only spot your deficiencies and become emotionally reactive when I am battling some form of these perceived deficiencies myself.

We can come together around these differences and see that they are very similar!

2) "What goes around comes around."

So true!

But when wounded, it appears to be a malevolent wish for another to experience suffering to equal or perhaps greater levels. This creates a false sense of security around addressing our own pain.

In my Truth, literally what we put out we receive back. We are creators all ways, in unconsciousness and consciousness. Always creating...

All ways Creating.

3) "I know you are but what Am I?"

There is no separation! the synchronistic dance is far too evidently and obviously connected from my eyes to know the reason we met is for me to know myself through our interaction, and you through yours.

The process of finding the right work, or person etc, is not about finding something outside of self, but finding that thing that aligns you with your growth path, inside, and then out, and then seemingly merged into an increasing feeling of wholeness wherever we are.

4) should the saying be 'treat others the way you want to be treated"? or 'treat yourself the way you would like to treat others'?

5) "the more we get together the happier we'll be?"

Yes, true, but what are we doing with our time when together?

When we come together to discuss life with an introspective eye, coming together to discuss grievances, open communication channels and create more intimate and meaningful connections with those we hold most dear, we will be happier in the long run.

We will come together to create solutions rather than bask in the superficial belief that everything is done to us and we cannot escape the victim role.

We realize during this journey that happiness is not a destination, but an accumulation of moments that creates an overall larger sense of happiness in Life and for the future.

When we come together an expect happiness, we are not addressing below the surface, we are not willing to go into those spaces where freedom actually lives.

We are not getting to know each other better and therefore the existence of the relationship cannot be based on happiness alone. Life is all shades, all emotions, all degrees, all complexities and simplicities.


I prefer to have my reality be open in all possibilities for the one that I choose, the one that guides me and calls me at the same time. I don't know how the magic will unfold in my reality, but when I observe, I am relentlessly blown away.

"somewhere safer where the feelings stay, I want to love you but I get so blown away." ~Neil Young...

Sounds true over here.

In this world, the more we get together and meet each other where we're at, INDEED in the long run, the happier we'll be.

Question: Are we willing to address the short term pain for long term game? To see that the pain is only perceived, and the feeling we thought burdensome is now the Gift to allow us to press play on that which requires us, Life.

So beautiful to feel and imprint these vibrations to page....