Climate Crisis or Opportunity: What Story are You Creating on Social Media?

Interesting exercise, go back and look at your timeline on Facebook. What story are you creating?

What is it that you are telling, and what does this say about the future you wish to create?

If you are an environmental protectionist, what story are you adding to?

The catastrophe story is a catastrophe story, it adds to the dilemma and the premonition that something terrible is taking place and we are vulnerable to it!

Our future is created by what we hold onto in belief, what we constantly reimagine. It can certainly be changed by our current belief systems when they shift, but we must first realize the story we are creating and why we are doing so.

If we continually paint a plastic filled ocean picture, guess what is wanting to show up?

If we continually paint a fire-hungry earth, she will burn away to our dismay.

If the whales are dying in our posts, how many have a chance to live?

Can we accept her where she is? Can we accept ourselves where we are?

Can we vision a healthy ocean, of beautiful skies, clear, clean, beautiful? Can we then do what we need to do to make this happen for our own reality?

Food for thought, Jon