Asking the Deeper Questions for Freedom...

Listening to the CBC today I came across a news story about Russia and Ukraine and the ongoing fighting in the Donetsk region.

As I listened to it, there seemed to be a very important question that was being omitted, a question that I unfortunately see far too often omitted in our day-in-age.

This questions importance elevated when the media spokesperson mentioned that the events happened over and over and over in the two country’s history.

Coming to a resolution was discussed, as was their cease fire (although apparently dozens of times it has recessed back to war), I hold space for resolution, for moving forward, and that the world is mending itself in some sort of bizarre chain of events. Balancing is a changing movement away from something to something else acting as the catalyst for this movement and change (in my view).

What was not asked in this interview was:

“Why is this happening?”

This simple question could open up much thought for a listener.


"Why are people so angry, angry enough to openly kill each other?”

What a question to ponder, what a question to take home and chew over at dinner with your family or friends.

‘Why’ is so powerful, but often overlooked. When we get someone else’s interpretation of what happened, it is often subjective and full of hidden bias to convince of a narrative.

Why allows us into the deeper spaces, the space between spaces, and feel into the stories, re-dream the dreams, encounter the misery, entitle oneself, do what it is need to be done, to heal from generations of trauma.

Why gets us to trauma, which creates feeling, which in my opinion is why it is not asked enough, no pun intended.

The collective unspoken agreement of disabling oneself from feeling their way through life, has dismantled relationships, our health care system, our educational system, essentially any system that we have been exposed to in North America.

Trauma is at a root of a lot of those feelings, stuck grief, anger, depression, all of it bundled together in little compartments, separated in their own ways as to not have them be a constant reminder…

But what happens when it knocks on the door?

We look for things to distract, addictions. Anything that can take our focus on that which is knocking, the wounds that have not been healed that call so desperately for humanity to listen.

The wounds are certain that if it is not felt in this episode of life, that there will be another time, yes or yes, you can’t omit the feeling of experience, you can try to run, but it can seep through any crack.

No need to fear, the wounds need your attention, you are the parent, you always have been, your time is to transform it into the gold that you have always known it to be, that gift we have all been endowed with.

When the emotions seep through, community is what is calling me to do this. The feeling of embrace, of kindness, of familiarity and incredible comfort. Community endeavours that help build us up are wonderful experiences to relish in the mystery that we are now remembering. The mystery of what happens when people come together around a common goal.

This happens everywhere I know, people love to have their views validated. They love to feel that sense of belonging. They love to feel heard, witnessed, and celebrated.

I think it’s time that we need to take a focus on revamping the way we are taught think, the way we process, the way we receive and discern information, the way we validate within our self the information that is being sent to us in the plethora of ways it now can be.

Question asking is SO POWERFUL! Usually in class as I recall, we were often asked for answers, but never to challenge or question the answers, or the original question, and if we did, not much time was spent delving in so to speak. I spent many of time in the hallways :)

When we ask deeper than surface question, it allows room for Life to embody the conversation, for us to move, be moved, sway to and fro with the words that are so perfect for the time, space, and energy that evades it.

We can glimpse into the space of heart, which was another forgotten lesson in elementary school, however pre-school would have done as well (it’s back though!)

When we ask the deeper than surface questions we learn about each other, we learn who we are as individuals in that process and how we are connected, and our method of relating to our circumstances becomes that much clearer.

I think more than anything a philosophical discussion needs to be had, with each who are willing to listen and speak what they feel. In a safe container, with respect, honour, authenticity, and no room for righteousness. We can come to amazing conclusions about this common thread of truth that emerges through all of us and that we all know all to well.

It is process of elimination, it is becoming your own scientist, a private and public investigator of Truth and deception of course, it is about feeling the energy of the moment and translating that as you will.

Asking the deeper questions has become a dear love of mine as it keeps me company when I’m feeling alone and allows me to dive in with others when those times come (working on more of that!)

Love to all, keep asking questions!