Saving Grace

Saving Grace

If our eyes only saw, What we came here looking for. It would be a breeze.

Or would it, Could it not be What we intended Our eyes were to see?

An onslaught of fears All at once, Without abate?

Hastened by the cold wind, All swirling, in an endless Swirl of ocean of No eloquent surprise?

If only I could heal They say, to the masses Who lay, helpless, like prey Waiting to be saved,

Now trying to save The one thing that lasts Is their saving grace? The grace of the soul,

The forgotten art, The endless eternity Who stood when all was dark.

Resurrected by the brave To be suppressed and ridiculed For thinking as they would.

For the difference in motives Only highlighted the good.

The goodness prevails In each living thing.

I saw it yesterday, And it continued today. A lightness surrounds The many who find,

A gift in the treasure In the hearts of mankind. Some closer than others To realize being human is hard.

Being is hard, When all you’ve done Is done. Now what?

When you’ve reflected On the past too much To understand it in depth, Is a subtler quest.

The restless abandoned, The helpless accused, The weekend philosopher The dark mare brooding.

Cold to the touch, Wet and sloppy. My hands are tired, My mind becomes... Heart becomes...

Suddenly Happy.

So be it.

~ Jon

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