The dream understands your plight. It holds no judgement. It is perfect memory, Exactly as it should be. It both Contains the key And is the key. A new understanding. We are remembering. Dreams are remembering. Dreams are memory, Creating opportunity.

In such perfection, And no one elses'. Choice is our own.

It becomes this.

With will, love, And wisdom. And patience. ​With willingness

To face beyond, Rooted FAR before, We now create new Visions forward.

One time, One at a time.​ There is no such thing As a bad dream.

It can all Be as a gift.

We'll see. Change is rapid and slow.

Patience a necessity. Action a must. ​Objective is But one reality,

Where all truth, Is.

With its Tricks yes, Still no secrets.

One Truth.

A metaphor of Symbol and image.

Words and feeling Seen and unseen.​

Heard and unheard, Aware and asleep.

All of it combining

To create meaning.

To validate existence. To grant purpose.​ A unified understanding,

And so through The trenches we go. Equipped with nothing but Instinct of sorts, And maybe in pretend. Dreams portray life, The very reason Of your dismay, or joy. Enlightening us all To what's possible.

Taking it all away, In contrast of what's not, Showing us the path All as guides, As we forge ahead. Reminding us of What's possible. Allowing for the embodIment, Of what's possible.

Having us feel What's possible. Learning to love, What's not. Through the glimpses Of cold and destruction And forlorn. Despair, Stopped in its tracks. This excites me. The fire is always Burning and if not, We light it.

Be the will of the Candle and spark The gift of dreams.

A perfect present Which wraps Everything together Always.​

It is as it is, What it is. What is this Life?

Always a lesson To realize What we have. What's forgotten Or Remembered. The dream reminded me What is In front of me All over my space.

Vying for my time But never granting My Compassion.

Until now..

The dream is presence Like a mirror With life, They are here, Not separate.​ Fear is what controls, It is what Prevents mastery And delays misery.

It is miserable in Its quest for Equity in its Miserable Nature.

The dream knows Fear well and knows Its antidote. ​Fear needs love,

Our attention As parents and Caregivers of All our abandonments. Endearment is healing, All sides held And heard in the dream. A round table. All welcome. A gift of the dream And for all exposed. We all share The dream

In what is unique And the same.

It tells us how and we relate afar. it is both what is to gain. and what must lose.

Harmony and balance, Always its plot, To return us to nature To love, A lot. With no will against Or might enforced. It is our choice, What we know is up to us.

Never a classroom,

Regurgitating a lie. Although that may, Be a reason and a Gift in disguise.

A myriad of lessons intertwining as one.​

The dream unlocks our powers within.

In expression, Creativity,

Courage, Adventure, Peace, Wisdom, Skill, Understanding, Empathy Purpose, Compassion, Will, Vision, Connection Belonging and the list goes on... Dreams can be tricky, A guide helps. Guide you back Home.

To your own Home.

An objective space, a supreme viewership.

To integrate knowing, Which is destiny,

By the way. What a privilege it is. ​Every experience has a dream.

A more grand implication, A deeper meaning. With eyes open or shut, The dream is always playing. So if we are all stuck, Can we stop, Do nothing, And just dream? Oh my goodness, If you are stuck, Near or afar,

There are no words That truly do justice. Dreams are beyond magic They are. In faith,