Naturecast: Conflict in Relationships & Dinner Plans - Welcome to Balance

What a magical walk I went on, more on the story of how I arrived here below. This is my attempt to explain the conflict we see in relationships, and perhaps all relationships that are 'uneasy', as everything is a relationship.

This can certainly apply to cases of Dementia which I allude to, but Dementia is not separate from everyday life, whether you are connected to it or not, this applies EVERYWHERE.

This is the ticket, or one ticket, to dissolving conflict within our relationships and achieving a state of balanced equilibrium, where we gain our autonomous say back, where we take back choice into our own empowered ways.

I introduce the concept of X, although I've spoken on this before. X is so many things, and in my humble opinion, SO IMPORTANT, so let me explain... enjoy!!


___ ____ ___

<the story of how I got to this place and the photo I took>

I wanted a place where i could wander in the woods and do this Naturecast, and also on my mind was finding some wild mushrooms for dinner - could it be possible that I could hit both targets with one stone!?

Well, I was guided to this place, it didn't seem right, didn't look right, but on the road, it was go straight, turn left, turn left, go here... there was no visible path, how could this be the place!?! It was confirmed through my intuitive guidance that this was the place!!

Okay then, on I went. Meandering through the woods, losing my self, losing my way, finding my way, finding my dinner... what a score, beautiful oyster mushrooms... all for saying yes to that which was uncomfortable, confronting the mystery and embracing the unknown.

I hope you enjoy!