• Jonathan Robert Martin

A Farewell And Glory Birthed

Written by: Jonathan Robert Martin

As I bid farewell,

To the Life I once lived.

I startle in Reminders

Of the Glory it birthed.

The endless tests,

Of fortitude and strength. The glimpses of Windows,

Just shattered remains. I want to feel Loved,

Like Lovers will do. Like the thing in my heart,

That calls it out in You.

Yes the same,

Like branches of the Tree. The Same source,

The same root, A Unique Identity at Best.

Not likeness once preached. More became less.

Less became More.

A paradox of confusion

And Clarity it Births.

Perfect in its brilliance, Warts and all. The loving Gift of silence, Or the urgent need to Talk.

I've come to share this Gift with You, Which gift is that you ask? From the Gift of Time And freedom of Slaves.

To the Torturous Reminder that We are stuck in dark caves, Of ignorance and that's bliss. A subtle reside of denial, Into the shadows, Where light cannot shine.

And I cannot see

What is Mine.

And what is not. Unable to come out. Unable to be Free. Unable to be the Kind of Love .

The Kind of Love

I thought I knew.

In hearts and kisses

And boxes of chocolates.

They never told us to be.

We convinced our Selves.

But Telling is a Gift Of Fortune and Demise.

For the Telling of Your Heart can carry Truth,

Not Lies, as will hurt The denial of Truth. The thing that Separates, Me from Being You.

Why won't this last long, Why was Forever promised? What counts as Success? What is screamed Failure?

What is lying inside? The countless reminds, Of The Truth. That I want To Love All of This.

But at this Point... I Love what I can, And for that I understand. I'm learning to be a Man.

In a land that is.

It Is.

struggling to comprehend. Yes. End with a Rhyme.

I don't thank you for your Time. Because it is not yours to Own. Therefore not mine to Take. A gift that hides in the shadows.

Ready to tell you what time is break............

An illusion that the mind believes in. Yes, Time, behind All else, Struggling to find belonging. For fear of going to Hell.

All not True. No urgency here. Not a Care in the World, And in there Care is Birthed. Like we've never felt.

The Great Care.

The Endless Care The Kind that You Want

But Know you can't Need.

Love it to be held,

And it will assume,

As Powerful Creators do, That you will know what to name it.

For it cannot be Named.

Forever & Infinity & Beyond Behind the lock of Time. Into the River of Time Solid in Ground Rebirthing the Wheel of Heart It is Calling Your Sweet Name... Stay tuned to Everything... Jonathan