• Jon Martin, Channels of Flow

A Live Healing Dialogue between Me and My Guides:

Guides: Question for you, have you pushed your inner business man away? Or have you merged him into your totality and shone the light of creator through and as him?

Me: Well I don't believe it is the latter at this point.

Guides: What does my inner business man want?

Me: All of his skills, talents, analytical abilities, his people skills, his presentations, I was completely invested in this stuff.

The inner business man in me is afraid, his arm pits drip and he starts shaking because he’s scared.

Guides: Why?

Me: he’s trembling.

Guides: Why?

Me: He’s trying so hard to be something he’s not.

Guides: Why is he doing that?

Me: To be successful.

Guides: To be successful you must pretend that you are something you’re not?

Me: Precisely, that is the belief.

Guides: To pretend you are something you are not, why are you doing that?

Me: I NEED to be successful.

Guides: Why?

Me: It is the only option.

Guides: So success as your only option requires that you pretend you’re something you’re not? To follow another pursuit when something says, success in this realm is not for me?

Me: Precisely.

Guides: Why?

Me: Patterns, conditioning. I put a lot of Power towards financial success and making lots of money don’t I?

Guides: Not quite. Not it. The very fact you asked your question like that implies it is a non-issue.

You have freed yourself from much of the Power struggle, know this and integrate it into your being. Congratulations!

Me: Because that is the way that I have come to know.

Guides: Exactly! Why?

In this model success is only achieved through doing well as you have defined, you have limited your success in all areas, including the very one that says you have to be successful here in order to be ‘accepted’ by society.

We see it with celebrities, icons, political figures, they get their pomp from the energy that is fed to them by others looking to idolize their cause. This becomes acceptable and rewardable behaviour. 

Why did you learn all of this?

Me: To see and live it’s opposite, to unlock freedom of choice releasing the dualistic experience that has me both chasing and resisting.

Guides: This is snake eating its tail stuff.

Me: So I have a business man that needs to make it, and has plenty of people in his Life displaying back these requirements in each their own special way.

Guides: Precisely.

Me: I am creating this illusion so that I could forget what true success meant.

Guides: Is it possible to be successful anywhere if you are resistant of your definition of success but part of you really wants it?

Me: NO.

Guides: What is the resistance?

Me: The duality.

The separation. The dividing and creating polarity through resistance and preference.

Guides: So successful business man ‘ideal’ is not playing well with business man judge?

Me: I am giving my success in business a lot of Power in this illusion.
Everyone else’s ideals of what it means to be successful, and it’s money and comfort with it and the assets and the opportunities for experience and building creative projects etc.

Guides: Precisely! Exactly.

Me: So no success is available?

Guides: Not in this model.

Me: It contradicts each other and creates stagnancy?

Guides: Precicesly.

Me: What is a potential outcome from the harmony and merging of these two poles?

Guides: Enormous. Cosmic Enormous. Reaching further into Potential. Never a final destination, but deeper in you go.

Me: What does success mean on the other side? (feeling the nervous agitation rise to the surface again, arm pits sweating)

Guides: Staying True to your Self. Following your own guidance. Looking for guidance through the unconscious of others is just asking for you to build a case of polarity! If you already know what certain indivdual’s preferences are, why seek them for consultation other than to strengthen your own case for polarity? The dualistic struggle is a challenge in itself to see, you have done well.

Me: I would argue I wanted to test if anything had shifted in its regard…

Guides: You want it to change. You feel its strife. In fact this strife is the biggest cause of your problems you know, at this moment, this is a huge piece you have uncovered, Treasure. If we want anything to change, there is a good sign the judge and its perpetrator are involved, creating an irresistible force and an unmoveable object so-to-speak.

Me: My hands are sweating, I feel very nervous. Thinking about having some tobacco… Run away from it. Shaking. This is what I felt every day in business.

Me: Tense. Heart closed. Stomach a knot. tightness in my voice. confusion in my head. Feeling void.

Guides: Is it potentially that success is Void in what your inner business man is looking for, therefore he will continue to chase his own tail looking for success in these ways while being ostracized for it at the same time? The dualistic dance this is indeed.

Are you afraid of having to bring this individual out of the closet?

What happens when you bring him into the table, to share his voice, what does he say?

Me: On behalf of the judge: “I hate You”. “You have done this to me, this is your fault. How could you? This is not working, this never works, I hate this, I absolutely hate that this is a thing, I want out of this, I hate this so much (this is the judge…) Please make this stop, I don’t want to go through this anymore, just give me success please, just let me feel okay through it please…” Feeling a lot of sensation in my root chakra… just melt into it, stop running, go deep into it, it’s okay, it’s the safest spot actually. Power is being returned.

Guides: Can we bring these two voices, together into the middle?

Right now they are on opposite ends pulling away, but if we show them that they belong in the Whole, we can visualize the two polarities coming together in the middle. The judge and the perpetrator, each actually judging and perpetrating, a contradiction in its finest, this is duality and Reality how it is.

The wounded business man, who can’t fit himself into the successful business box as it stands. There is too much discongruence with how he’s seen it done that he plays it out in all of his business dealings. All business ventures have not been in very good order. How could they be?

Part of his definition for success has been to use old-tapes of warn-out patterns dictating that he must be without morale to be successful in business and what he is chasing ‘more money, more wealth, more status, more material’ yes that was still alive in there.

Although he has worked through many layers of this realm of Life, all of it had to come before to get to this new gateway, a new checkpoint.

Me: (on behalf of perceived perpetrator of these ill-willed, soul-wrenching business strategies.) He is hurt. He is confused. He doesn’t trust. There have been too many blatant lies and cowardly backstabbing.

He has to do this to get ahead.

He has to work more hours to get ahead.

He has to impress others by pretending who he is, just to get ahead. Just to get a paycheque please, please!? anyone!?

Shaking, terrified.

Guides: Both of these voices are calling out for the same thing.

They are calling out for Love.

They need our attention.

The dichotomy, although INCREDIBLY meaningful and insightful, helping us unveil our outer reality through our inner investigation, causes stress.

It causes compounding stressful reactions whenever it comes up and is never addressed. The stress of business that I feel is not new. It has been there since day 1, learned from an early child that our very livelihood, it is Ancestral, built into the DNA of human beings. DNA can be changed and accessed in higher potentials.

Our dependency on Life itself, was based on whether the business was successful. This caused pain, but in the self-accountable model I cannot blame anyone, this was the Gift! What a way to deliver it!?!

And on my path that flows ever increasingly more with Creator, this energy of destruction and fear does not last. It comes to the surface. It contradicts the very flow of Nature, it is exposed, and it is brought into the circle, in its Wholeness to be a part of the Wholeness. Not to be killed, destroyed, or dismembered, but to recognized and for it to feel the warmth of Creator as well. In this, harmony creates itself anew.

It is like being in a wind storm strong enough to knock you off balance, never resting because the wind storm is relentless.

It’s windy in there.

Guides: What’s the recipe for wind?

Me: Shelter.

What in me is shelter from the wind? A place where we can all come in and warm up by the fire, through the fire, and merge into the wholeness that this is.

Guides: The arch nemesis judge and its judgeee, can both come together. As friends.
Can the judge see that the perpetrator here was actually just doing what he knew or thought was the way?

Can the judge find compassion that he too is only doing what he knows. If you oppose something, you stay opposed!

Change was never taught, for a reason, but it doesn’t mean that humanity has to continue going back to incredibly polar extremes. The coming together into middle is a lessening of these extremes.

Me: What happens when we initiate this process of Alchemy to allow the merging and the reemerging with Creator, to shine through Us in its likeness in its magnificence?

Guides: The letting go of the old tapes that have us eating our own tail and punching and kicking Self within the subconscious mind, will allow a new definition and pinnacle of Success, To allow for a different possible outcome to emerge.

Me: This work is immediate.


Me: What do i feel in this immediacy? What is conjured up, can I surrender to the feeling, this is acceptance, a letting go of the walls and tension built up protecting that which needs our Love and attention rather than protection.

I will ask what is Success?

Guides: Success is creating the opportunity to do what you Love.

For the opportunity to do what you Love would entail you are able to do what you Love.

For if you are able to do what you Love, than that is what you will do.

For this is what you will do, it makes perfect sense that this is what you will do and therefore all of the things needed for that are also at your creative disposal, because it is indeed what you shall do.

Me: Anything can be achieved when our definition of Success is further pried open. I find the deeper I go sometimes the bigger chunks that are able to come to the surface. This is Golden and I have NO IDEA how this is going to show up in my Life, but I know, oh I know, magic is happening.

I feel less judgemental about business right now. Like there is a neutrality that has emerged over me. Like I can see clearly that those looking for what I was in the business world only know that way. It is important to shed light on that, in our journey for acceptance.

Me: The question i would like to ask, is it possible that these people only existed because of the judgement?

Guides: Where else in Life is the judge and the perpetrator in a tangly duo, where no one is the winner with each a face and each a tail and each eating each other… Is this separation playing out inside, the recipe for it to play so aggressively play out in the outer world.

Me: I get a pretzel image..

Maybe when we can converge the snake eating its tail into our fold, into our wholeness, essentially merging the judge and the perpetrator, it ceases to be an issue, we return Power we return the Essence of Creator to run through us as it relates to this relationship with Life and for me that’s involved (or was involved) in every aspect of my Life. This is Big.

Guides: This is Huge.

The one who willingly does what is destructive even to the own nasty dismay of its counterpart…. PARADOX?

Me: I feel when we judge these two we get polarity. That salted pretzel flows out to make a beautiful infinity symbol which is essentially the number 8 flipped horizontally. Polarity can become infinity.

8 in the Numerology I learned is the Infinite. It is the enormity of potential that is there for us to pick up and play with, direct as we choose, but when we are directing our ‘new’ wants and desires for Life, with the templates of the Old, and they don’t want to communicate nicely together, we must take conscious parent role and activate the bridge. Coming together to discuss is the Only way in my opinion.

There are endless amount of awareness trainings, teachings, healing modalities and products etc, meditations etc, but there is still only One Energy and One Reality.

Are we stepping in?

Jonathan & Guides