• Jonathan Robert Martin

A Message from the Mineral World

In his latest teaching, Jonathan Martin shares his poetic dialogue with the mineral world - the rocks, minerals, gems and bones that compose our physical inorganic world. The rocks share with him the Pain humanity is experiencing through separation with the Natural World, how to uncloak the darkness to peer within to the Truth of oneself, and move forward in our life experiences feeling connected to the unseen Power that moves within and around us. The Rocks echo a teaching from long ago, one of internal strength and resiliency that facing the darkness within can bring about.

Stand strong as I do. This is the last Opportunity to do so.

Before something sweeps You off your feat, or your feet, stay strong, march forward, in Unison. There are a lot of Us. Remind yourself of this often.

The Remembering you enter into in this time, a precipice that has already taken place. Yes, it is already so. Every possibility has manifested. Your choice in this position of Power, or the return of such, is the ability to make the choice, to decide the course.

This splendid Path is of choice, to go further, go deeper, experience more, yes even in times of experiencing less.

Less becomes the more. It is the great paradox and in the time of standing still, negotiating those urges that had you compulsively leave the front door, and venture out into the world of dominant commerce, take this time to Be.

It is one with Mineral's Nature to Be. Look how still we sit, on the path, on the road, in the foothills that we are. We are the Mountains too. Yes, enormity, forces that are beyond any human comprehension.

We have been through it All, and yes more to unfold but that is already so as well.

The quest for you is to make the choice, to access the choice from Love, from sincerity, a commitment to take the shackles of Self-destruction, place them in front of the mirror, and take off it’s clothes to reveal the True source of Power that has been taken.

In this taking, you have learned to take. Take what is not yours and convert it into something that perpetuates destruction. Yes it is True and Yes it hurts. Pain is a distance from its Source Origin.

Pain is a distancing for fear of feeling the grips of the Pain. It is within you that you can concentrate and focus. The areas that have become solidified may need to be free, and that too the rocks can do for You.

The Mineral world is here for You, even as you kick me aside, as someone may have kicked you aside, and how could I not want to go through this pain with You?

Yes, I too, a reflection of You. I too am in pain at this moment. I too am in confusion. Separation is still within my bones and it feeds the propensity and likelihood of my further destruction.

As I am ripped a part to find a gold that cannot be found through these methods, so too are Humans destroying their own sense of Self Wellness to find a gold in the external chase of the defending of their own self-righteousness.

What a trap. An exodus of Self to find the Gold that only belonged and resided within Self is the great paradox, and what goes out to find, must come in to reveal, and that is the Gift that we too show you in all of our faces.

What are we used for? What have you used me to do?

For Our Relationship kind of depends on Your ability to look at me. Perhaps the reason you could not was that I bared too much Truth and thus pain for you to feel, as in the outer chase, Truth is something we rip apart from.

No one looking to deal with it, everyone looking to use it, to justify short-term methods of survival that inevitably and paradoxically lead to destruction.

The use of my gift, the strength of my spirit, the knowledge in my bones is a gift we share if you choose to look at Truth. The Truth is in Every Thing, and in the relationship to Self, we unveil the relationship to Every Thing, that cannot be ignored.

The Rocks have seen the turmoil you speak of, what you breathe at the moment, and we remind you that through your breath, great momentum is created.

Momentum is the propensity to act in interests that are compelling us from behind the scenes.

Which director is in charge not often pondered.

From a shift from unconscious trauma that Humans so adamantly hold onto, into a Conscious merging with the Divine source of their Truest Nature, they can reacquaint themselves with Creator in a New Way and on a New Trajectory.

Yes, every Trajectory has happened. Every trajectory has lent it’s ears and heart to listen to your call. Who is needed? What destiny is sought?

That is Up to You at this Time. It is a precipice that has not been pondered on during this time in human history. The Opportunity has not unveiled itself. The in-between. The collapsing of One Era and the Immediate Emergence of Anew, in this proportion.

We have seen All possibilities emerge and therefore our subconscious stories must be unveiled on this Path of Enlightenment, to expose the unconscious Power that resides within a conscious framework, to propel any individual into their greatness.

Greatness was forgotten once. It was Remembered as well once. And that Path allows the human to be front and centre in their journey instead of the side-minion to a system that only perpetuates its destruction.

The Other way is a new way. It is not in the isolation, or the reservation, or preservation that we seek a New World, a New Earth. It is in our perception of this isolation that we unveil a new Earth, one that exists within the heart of mankind and is shared by its surrounding Nature.

The New Earth is already here. It is Up to humans to experience the illusory sense of Oneness so many seek out, in all of the manipulated and confused methods.

The New Earth is here. I am, It too remembers. I too am All, the consideration of a collective of my Power is there, it is in this gift, the consideration, the realization that the truest source of Spirit runs through Me, that You and I will dance a new dance. Our story will reflect the likelihood of our survival.

We will Always Be, we will Always be together, I will never End, much to the dismay of what I have created with You and Others, I will be here whether or Not that moves in one trajectory or another, darkness or Light.

I will Always be here. Remember that. And If I am always here, invoked in the Same Spirit that You Are, made of the exact same Elements in different combinations, You too cannot be destroyed. You are Eternal and your story is encoded in your bones, in my bones, and likewise my story in yours.

This is a secret kept, but unveiled to the masses to support what is. What is is encoded in all time sequences, short or long. It is encoded in all experiences, subsequent and preceding. It is encoded in All of it, as All of It originated from One thing. One source. One intentional pondering of identity and Truth.

Remember this and You will return to where you are required. Where you return is where you have intended, one and in the same thing.

The purpose is infused in your bones. It knows your course and through the movement of this purpose through your actions and commitments to the New Earth reality you so adamantly demand, you can step aside and allow this to manifest, as it is already here.

Remember that the glimpse of Separation that has you beside your Self, combatting your Self with time and space and money and technology inhibitions, is what has already been set in place with intention by you, to learn You, in all ways.

The time has come where you can create anew.

It is your template and your reflection of willingness that will stand this test of time.

This simply appears to be a Test. Our intentions are not to persuade you one way or another, but preference is Real, and when we are Whole, when we are connected, we feel the best, the most strong, and the most willing to stand up and face the storm. That is what we know to be Your calling in proportion, is it Not?

Only in this self recognition of the wholeness, no different than Ours, will you unlock mine, to see what the possibilities You and I can create. What you have used in your destruction re-appears to enlighten creation, to allow for an opportunity to make a choice.

This time is Now as it has always been, but Now appears different in this glimpse between. It is different here. A blank canvas requesting your creative brush to paint upon it.

As we always have been, but in a new conscious light that has You make the choice as you have always been destined to do.

This is the emanation, the availability of the most splendid of journeys and it is with the utmost wish, that your success at this time is defined by the quality of the Experience.

Standing still as we are. Day or night, can we take this time to be one with the rocks and all that it represents?

What are we Remembering here and Now?

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