Apply Love

Written: July 7, 2020 - Jonathan Robert Martin

Apply Love eh? Sounds too simple you may think.

I was brought into a very vivid dream lately as I laid down to settle some scores. I saw a floor, I was in another space, somewhere, not sure where. That happens some times. It was kind of outdated floor. I didn't jive with it too much, but had the insight to Love what was, what is. What happened was remarkable... As I applied Love more and more in this space, the floor changed. Every time I applied more Love, the floor turned into a increasingly resonating expression of what I was, a reflection of my becoming. The destination of the flooring was brilliant, the end design, a brilliant array of stone masonry, vivid in its expression of colour, but not overwhelming to the senses. Perfect. To Me. Yes, this is what Love can do, and often times we under-estimate its invisible Power to change the very floor we walk on. In objective space we can see perhaps more clearly what it can accomplish. I wonder if water could truly be a floor to walk on? In the darkest spaces, in the grimmest of times, when fear seems all there is, Love will shine and transform. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, apply it. Jonathan