Art Creation - Seal MemoryStone

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MemoryStones - helping you Remember what you are made of and what you are here to do with that.

Seal is such a familiar character out here in the Pacific Northwest.  You can usually spot one or two if you look out to the water, a little head bobbing up here and there.

My encounters with Seal have been curious to say the least, so this stone is for the curious or those ready to be more curious about their Purpose here, or simply making the mundane more playful and rewarding.

Whether it's in play or delving into the watery depths of the subconscious world as we shed our relationship to a troubled past, Seal is a tremendous guide to embody a sense of resourcefulness, social intimacy, emotional release and communication, and connecting in community. That is, if you are prepared to embark into greater contact and collaboration with community, that is where a lot of growth can come forward, in form of the emotions that we evoke in these experiences. Seal is a wonderful guide.

Although I have not been fed by Seal, Seal has been a tremendously important source of food for the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and abroad, and I know it to be an excellent hunter itself. So resourcefulness and curiosity often lead to a firm sense of stability and security, which is breeding ground for belonging and fulfillment in close relationships and community.

That is what I wish to invoke in this stone that represents the Wholeness of the Seal for a guide for your remembering. The Mineral World and the Elements are present to remind whoever chooses  to carry this stone, that they are Eternal in Nature, and they are made of the same substance as everything else, there is no thing Separated.

This stone is a reminder, yet the True reminders are within You. This stone "can" help remind you of that.

That is empowerment and that is the clarity I wish for All of those, regardless of how they get there, we already have the Power!

This stone was blessed with Cedar smoke.

The Seal MemoryStone used a olive oil and a blend of oils called Forgiveness by Young Living. It has the following plant medicines: Sesame Seed oil, Melissa Officinalis oil, Geranium flower oil, Frankincense oil, Coriander Seed oil, Angelica root oil, Lavender Oil, Bergamot oil, Lemon oil, Ylang Ylang oil, Jasminum oil, Helichrysum oil, Roman chamomile oil, Palmarosa oil, Rose oil.

WOW, that is packed, with goodness.

​These plant medicines act as sealant, purifier, and protector of this art's energies, so that it stays a pure reminder of your Purpose.

Dimensions of each rock: 2.75' x 2' x .5' Approx weight: .12 lbs

Picture is not fully representative of finished art work.