• Jonathan Robert Martin

Beautiful Life Moments to Share

Beautiful Life Moment:

Saw Facebook open on our laptop with someone posting about a meal they made. It brought me to tears, where over the past few years I’ve been questioning such shenanigans. I would shake my head in such ridiculousness. Hell, it was only me who did such food posts no more than a few years ago, how quickly we turn on our own kind eh?

But in glory, Judgement transmuted into compassion, wholeness obtained, no longer choosing to separate from those that seek the same basic necessities as I do. Seeing them with kind and compassionate eyes as I now see myself in my own vulnerable quest.

In this meal, I felt and saw the connection yearning, attempts to be heard, seen, loved, oh the emotion and grief that spills in this loving realization. It makes me sad yet compels me to be a bridge, people need to know what it feels like to be safe, loved, and appreciated. That will keep them coming back. I hear you in your request, it is the same request I make in realizing wholeness through this fragmented Life that I with such appreciation, put back together.

I love you