• Jonathan Robert Martin

Children are a Gift, Not a Curse to be Fixed...

Parents How-To: Children Are Messengers of Healing

Written on June 29, 2020

By: Jonathan Robert Martin

This is not a step-by-step process, wherein One can quickly and easily show you in a 3-step process and 15 minute video how discover a perfect relationship with your Children.

What is perfect?

What is a relationship?

What Purpose do Children serve in our lives and how can we help foster them to be Independent and Empowered in the ways they express themselves and consequently think for themselves.

Yes, fostering this is important. And not foster homes that are symptoms of a broken-system. A system that is looking to remain unattended because the pain is great in its exposing.

A common pitfall I see, is that too much emphasis is given on the Child’s Freedom and sense of Wellbeing, much to the peril of the Parent’s Freedom and sense of Wellbeing.

When Children see a behavioural attitude towards Life, wherein everything is about serving another instead of One’s Self, it becomes engrained in them from an early age that this is ‘normal’ behaviour.

But what is normal?

What is new-normal?

Is it better or worse?

How do we tell?

Time will tell, it is always doing this, and so are our Children.

Messengers of the Past, not the Future. We must look at the Past to have any as semblance of Order moving forward into the Future.

Children are Gifts!

They are always telling Us how we are identifying and relating to our World. They show us swiftly and without concern how we are stuck in our thinking, how our reactions are informed by our unprocessed Emotions, and thus how we react and feel and behave towards them.

I have written much on the concept of Mirrors, wherein Children can play an important role in their own Freedom as much as Yours.

Yes, it can be symbiotic. Completely integrated. Exact Match. Flawless in Design. Can’t be broken in its Flawlesness.

Relationships with Children can be connected. It can be Whole, but Wholeness is not an end-state.

It is not an end goal to finish working at the Relationship with your Children, but ULTIMATELY, yes ULTIMATELY, this is a benefit of the Great Work mending the Relationship with Self.

Yes, purely. Self.

Children, as much as the elderly, who are the closest in proximity to the before and after-Life, are incredible Gifts when we realize simply, they are not a problem, and what they’ve come here to show us.

It’s so simple to see, when you take a Self approach, which is what we have come here to do. Understand 1) What we are made of (What we are); 2) What we are here to do with that.

You see, for centuries of Colonialism that sought to remove Children from their family, we’ve come to believe, falsely I might add, Children as being the problem. Our limitations our own enslavement, our lack of Creativity or Time or Money, can so easily be blamed when everything becomes about another, and we lose the connection to Self in that process.

Children have come here to show Us, yes, Parents, what they hold onto, because it is not within the Parent’s conscious framework to see, essentially what is not working.

Yes, old patterns brought forward from the Past.

I often hear, “I loved that movie as a kid, I’m going to let my child watch it.”

But I’d ask, does that make it okay? Just because we did it as Children, or saw our Parent’s do it, does that Truly justify it as a ‘normal’ behaviour?

Well, growing up, Parents thought Children were the problem. So they were focused ‘solving’ the symptom of unease. Medicated to get inline, snap to it so-to-speak to conform to Normal.

Children acting out, IS ONLY, a call-out from the Parent’s perspective of an inner Self wound that requires processing.

When Children are young enough, the Self-Awareness work we do, to help dissolve inner suffering has a TREMENDOUS impact on the Health & Wellness of our Children and Future Generations to come. The greatest investment in my mind and heart!

Let’s be honest, Society has become awful short-sighted with the rapid advancement of a Technological movement and the reduction of Human contact (not if I and others can help it :), and thus it is often difficult to even contemplate what our actions and reactions are Creating for the Future. It has been wiped from the RAM, not completely, but hidden in the maze of lies.

Never too late I say, never too late, never too far gone, well there are exceptions I suppose… But fear not, you have not lost your data, back-ups were made, yes, they are available, I have been taught where to find them, I can show You. Yes, unbelievable? What is believable? Just what we’ve been taught as Children?

Memory, as I call it PureMemory they are stored in frequencies and codes within the DNA, available merely through our contemplating its possibility. And what is meant for Us to focus on, is nothing what a Facebook timeline may present for You, which is Separation in form, which is Pain.

When we wonder or ponder whether something is possible, much like a Child will do, it becomes our Experience, the Path Creates itself, and if we have a keen enough eye, and know where to look, we can see it unfolding.

When we choose to utilize the Gift of Listening to Children, as a gateway into Self-Exploration, it allows us to Transform our Relationship and see healthy improvements in All aspects of Life, not just fixing Children, but growing with them, as Humans can do.

As Children witness the Transformation of Relationships, they equip themselves with New Learning. Yes, PureEducation in my mind. The best type! Helping them Remember their Purpose, how to navigate this world that can seem like it expects so much from Us.

When we see behaviours, reactions, tantrums, addictions, ANYTHING, it is a gateway into our own Relationship with Self.

Seriously, one simple experiment can do it All.

We did it through Magic Stuffy Circles. Yes, Magic Stuffy Circles. Lots of family were there to witness the magic.

We invited in the Wholeness of Creator, the Totality of God as we knew it to enact a play, through our Play, to tell us the Truth of a family dynamic that required our immediate attention.

Sounds intimidating? No, it’s actually relaxing, non-invasive and non-confrontational.

This is what I call PureMemory. Not what you can recall from a Facebook timeline, but something that presents itself to you, as you, through you, in every moment for you to take and do something with, making a choice so-to-speak.

With the wholeness present, we can understand a unique informational level that was not taught to me in School. Far from it, but what a contrast and tension that provided me in Gift, for me to transcend its limitations and recognize, yes A New Story.

That Story is the Gift of Healing together.

Not destroying and relentlessly trying to pick pieces up in the broken-symptomatic approach that we have been taught, the system that says Children are problems and they must be fixed, but utilizing the INCREDIBLE Wisdom that is showing itself through our Relationship to Children, and symbiotically our Relationship to our own Parents, yes All connected! Regardless of how stupid it looks.

Yes, if some Parents were really honest, they’d realize that they don’t feel a very healthy relationship towards their children. This is merely a relationship to Self. Codepenendcy, inability to look at Self, there are resolutions. Solutions. Reimagining. Reinvigorating ideas. There is a New Story.

When Self relationship is healed, transformed, transcended, whatever you want to call it, it breathes Life again, and allows for Change to proceed, as it already wants to, as it already is.

This wanting, this urge, this notion that there is something better, and the experience of What Is Now for You, is the tension that Creates the amazing unfolding, and Yes, this includes bratty kids.

Bratty, irresponsible, rude, disrespectful, annoying, loud, All of these. Here to help you live a healthier, more prosperous existence.

Yes, sounds contrary. But in Reality, Normal is a Contradiction to what is Truly Possible. This is a Reality of Paradoxes and I have come to play.

To conclude, the Magic Stuffy Circle has us play with the stuffiess, but with this Emotional and Spiritual context, the stuffies take on appearance, they take on emotion, and thus it is much easier to convey things that are bothering Us as individuals and collectives (wherever we want to look is available), because we have become Objective through our Play.

Through this is harmony. It is resolution. It is reintegration and an Inner Reconciling, allowing for Change to Be. Yes, imagine that, Allowing Inner Climate Change vs. Fighting External Climate Change. A paradox if I’ve ever seen One. That symbolizes Truth when I know where the Fight Climate Change agenda is coming from.

In these coming-togethers, to proactively and preemptively work through the tensions that we experience, we can Heal like this. We can each take our own interpretation of what was, because it will meet Us all in our own Unique place.

Many cultures have Children present to witness Transformation and Change, and the Magic that is available is paradoxically on the other side of Boredom.

Yes, even Boredom has a root cause, that can be unveiled when we ask questions, choose to listen, and choose to take a more Empowered approach to your Relationships, starting with Children is a great first step.

It is not just the Children who will benefit, it is All.

Children are a Gift and not a Curse.

The ignorance and denial of Self and its connection to All is the Curse that cannot be continued, because it has been exposed, and merely with this Noticing, Wholeness emerges.

Many blessings & fruitful happenings with your wee ones and your families as the Great Merging unfolds.