• Jonathan Robert Martin

Conversations Beyond - A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Money

Written by: Jonathan Robert Martin

Are you on a personally transformative path coming from the depths of Corporate Capitalistic ideologies and now looking to share your heart-lead service offering?

Have you lost your sense of conversation with money or have you perhaps never had one to begin with?

Are you noticing your perspectives shifting around money and your questions of inner-Purpose as you unveil deeply personal things about yourself that contrast the very ideologies you represent or have represented in your Life?

Are you witnessing an emotional upheaval in amongst those that do not wish for this to happen?

Do we wish for things to happen right Now!?

Are you noticing a Separation from this way of Life?

This is a tricky slope.

It is not a path chosen in my opinion, but a path that chooses You, if You choose to accept, but that is already written in and that’s why you are here, reading this.

No one in their right mind would ask to have the process of fully learning one way for half of Life and then pulling the plug and learning it was misdirected. In the evolution of your Soul, it certainly was a choice.

A warning to those who read on, this will challenge notions of your relationship with Money. It is not a light philosophical read, it brings up real dilemmas, that I wasn’t originally planning on doing as an offering, it was more me writing to something else in a plea to understand what was actually going on with my Relationship to Money.

“The unveiling and process of this conversation and how it connected to my Life has floored me.”

Everything that you may have learned about money, whether it is from the mainstream Capitalistic format or whether it is a more Esoteric approach, whatever we have learned prior to embarking on this quest, must flip itself in the Opposite direction. The new direction, the direction of the continuation of your destiny. Destiny contains that which we like and don’t like, it isn’t only Glory. Glory perhaps is seeing that all that is not Glory in our perception, is a part of the Glorious Nature of it all. That is this Path I speak of. The recognition of our Connection to All. God or Creator or Any other term, but it is most certainly a recognition of Wholeness.

If you answered yes to any of these initial questions, regardless of where you are on your Path, this will service you in whichever way you require. That is my commitment. It changed my Life and I started it out as an incredibly vulnerable cry-out for help journal entry. But the hell with it, I’m putting it out there.

There is a sacred conversation here:

I will challenge you though to read through this piece in its entirety if you are looking to harmonize your Relationship with money. Why? Because all of it is considered. This work is a part of other work and not alone in its Separate world, so it requires structure and some background to necessitate the full capacity of its transformative capabilities. Otherwise said, this is the sequence I chose it to be unveiled in.

So we will get to this conversation I had with the Wholeness that is Money, that is guaranteed, it is in this document, but stay with me on the course, and if you can’t, why are you rushing off?

Not Only Born Capitalists Will Value from this:

Even if you did not start onto the path of Capitalistic endeavors like I no-heartedly did, you will receive something here and I don’t know what it is, it’s up to you to find out. Maybe you are seeing these ideals of Separation through the scarcity of Money on the periphery, and are wondering about that monstrosity that is vying for your attention. Or perhaps you are seeing it creep into your Life or taunt you from its sidelines. Wherever you are, I feel every Human being in some context has a Relationship to this entity that most of us consume ourselves with, by consuming something else, which feeds something else and so forth.

Consumption is Universal. It is just what happens in this Self-serving survivalist agenda. It can be done out of necessity and what is needed or out of desperation and false-need taking all that I can for myself and not concerning myself for anyone else, including the environment in the wake of consuming destructions. This is the Earthly dilemma and I feel this is a part of the Solution.

“If you are like me, this path is enduring to say the least. In the Separate world, my awakening into Spiritual gifts happened quickly and I didn’t know what to do. Nowhere to turn!”

Nothing that I had previously done that ‘worked’ through my definition of ‘work’ seemed to do anything, in fact, I got less and less!! Or so I thought… My definition of work had to change and like I said, it was kind of the Opposite. Resting when I needed to, facing deep emotions, confronting fears, all part of the reconciliation of the inner Separation that I had become.

“Yes, I had become Separation.”

I feel this sadly is an inevitable Reality that many care not to face? Why? Well if you read on you’ll see what I have gone through in writing this piece. I started writing this broke as a joke so-to-speak and that had nothing to do with my bank account or the debt accumulating, well it did as a manifestation, but it was rooted way deeper and frankly, I had enough! Sound familiar?

This was personal. Everything in my Life was showing me my internal framework was creating my entire experience and it was showing me broke! Even as I have practiced to help others into more prosperous ways, the mere attraction of that indicates that some level of brokenness existed in my Sphere of Influence, or as I will call the Soul.

This is the Real Secret, as the film ‘The Secret’ didn’t quite do it justice and was more of a marketing tool for the people involved I feel. For sure, dangle the carrot and then work with me to make it better. This is the evil luring energy of the Separatist movement that can be likened to luring a child into a car or someone to do something against their Free Will (well sort of.)

I have been guilty of luring in my sales days. Trying to convince people to do things they knew was not in the best interest of their company or those they served. But they said yes due to my tactics.

Yes stark comparison, but its true. Deep within those scenarios is an individual so insecure about their Gifts, their Identity and their Ability to Create, that an overwhelming case of validation must be put forth before a message is ever shared.


Communication is much more than our words, tone and body language, although my educational requirements told me that’s all there was. Wrong!

There is a subtle energy, the way we feel, the way we suppress, the way we emote, that conveys a deeper Truth as to what is going on. In the world of aggressive Consumer Capitalism, where I came from, much of it was a Lie to me now, trying to convince someone or something to buy something they really may not have ever needed, or perhaps wasn’t the actual best choice… It was my job to change that!

In the Law of Opposites unfortunately the whole thing appears to be a Lie. That’s okay, it chose not to happen any other way. I have been the victim before once, and towards Everything, time to move on as a warrior as I am.

Well, with these ideologies firmly engrained, hyper-competitive to become rich and famous and have it all be about me, I embarked into what I refer to as the Path of Wholeness or as we see the Path of Opposites.

A short-segway into my Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Money.

For those who have not been following my work, let me see what I can give you to bring you up to speed.

I have been following the concept of Reality and how it works for a long time, very intricately, you could perhaps say my Whole Life as it really is an observatory thing more than anything, and early on I observed something wasn’t right.

I never took my eye off of this potential fallacy I was living in, because something didn’t seem right. In hindsight, Everything is right. Every decision, every roadblock, every catalyst or opportunity for change, Right. On this path, the Path of Wholeness, everything serves you to get where you Truly want to be. In its Opposite it is no where close to where you imagined it would be.

Hindsight would tell me, it’s nowhere I thought I’d be heading… That is for certain! Everything about this path challenges our assumptions, our intentions, it in itself is this unknown X that knows exactly where A to B is and what to put in front of you so that you achieve this objective.

This objective is an energetic intention, like a double-helix of focused intention. It is the same double-helix found in the human DNA structure. Science has learned DNA can change, ancient wisdom-keepers have always known that our circumstances and relationships do change.

The Path from Light to Darkness

Since I was subject to the darkness from what I truly was, I, like all human beings on a path to awakening their consciousness, had the insatiable quest to uncover what this was all about. I knew darkness, but I didn’t actually know it because I had no contrast. I had to get into the Light for a bit. 3 years to be exact.

What was it about the ‘Light’ that pulled me?

I had enough darkness. Pure unconscious darkness, subject to the mercy of the conscious darkness to reenact their play, seemingly unwillingly, and that in turn feeds that which I cannot accept because it cannot accept my Whole. Creator has gifted me a connection that has allowed me to see the Inner Duality playing out in all Relationships in Life, I have to honour that.

The light, or my gravitation to it reflected all around me. An avoidance of darkness. It was not until after this 3 year initiation into the Light that I knew I had to go back and see darkness, but it again did not appear to be my choice.

“Everything, Everything, Everything, is a Relationship.”

The strife and suffering that we see on the planet is our own and no one is going to come save your day. You are the hero and are required in this role at this time to support a shifting frequency on this planet, it is up to You.

“I believe the Earth is already here in her Wholeness. The Stars. Time. Money. Technology. All of it. Already here, waiting for us on this personally transformative path to recognize this and recognize that when we move with it, as it, through it, as it, it supports our mission.”

Our mission is supported through the language of Creator as it translates to humans, and in its totality that is Love. It may not appear so, broke in your ways, or insecure about the very legitimacy of one’s Life, this is a Reality that we all face to some degree, that is the quest of knowing oneself, to learn through all the ways we have denied this Wholeness, and that includes the Wholeness that is Money. Money is why we are here writing today, but as you see it is so much more as Money is actually not Separate, it connects things, but more on that in the conversation below…


Oh I’ve said this before. In fact, it reminds me of many Hollywood depictions of miracles, wherein the main character is standing before the sky in some open field, maybe some lightening going on and they scream to the sky “why is this happening to me” or “why are you doing this to me!”

This question in itself is VERY POWERFUL!

It may not be as completely ‘flick-of-the-switch” transformational event as Hollywood depicts it, with one sleep and everything is different, but is it that far off? Can amazing and remarkable things happen just from asking one question

“Yes these are questions for huge catalytic transformations to occur.”

These questions emulate the Creator’s question when it was relayed to me through my processes. The Creator realized its breath and wondered whose breath is this and kaBOOM!

“Any question that leads back to a personal inquisition is enough to be a catalyst for great change and enormity beyond our comprehension…”

But here’s the dilemma. With the introduction of new technologies that make things quicker to access, easier to do, more integrated (but less in its paradox), we want this miracle NOW!! Instant gratification is the Opposite of the Path to Wholeness, however its involvement is very crucial in order to make sense of the Whole… you see where I’m going here… maybe not… great, keep reading.

“Everything is All Ready coming to Fruition. The Intention and the Outcome are Never Separate. They are connected inseparably by the Path, that is Now.”

As you will see in my conversation, humans have learned to distrust their creative ability and thus do not trust that the very process they are on, to share more of their gifts, do it sustainably, have the freedom to experience new things…

Take me back to the way it was please!

Many of us want to go back to where we were, simple, we remember something in our bones, the Ancestral stories of simplicity and connection, of belonging to community and not being afraid to express ourselves.

The dark period has gone on for 13,458 years, a number given to me.

I explore more of our Origin stories that have been gifted to me in Conversations Beyond: A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Mineral, which is part of the Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is the Creator of it All. All updates on new writings and transformational works can be found HERE, give yourself a Gift and sign up before you read on. You’ll appreciate this.

The stark reality of money as I started to write this.

I sit with this paper not with billions of dollars in the bank. That used to be a dream and dream both lacking in True prosperity and locking in inability to make anything happen.

I started this conversation with very little, but through it I have realized the potential, that is worth its wait in gold, it is the gold because nothing else happens without your alignment to that which you require. And only that which you require will greet you on this path. So relax and enjoy!

I may have started writing this with the hope that something would come of it. That it would make me some money, especially once I learned of its profundity and useful application of awareness in my Life. I was later challenged by a big assumption, that money would be on my side to do this… Where the conversation went from here was unbelievable.

“There was so much pressure in my Life. The expectations that I needed to ‘make it work’ or ‘do something’ or ‘get out there and share’ or ‘send advertisements or public posts’ letting people know that I am here was obsessive. A little voice that didn’t shut up!”

In the Opposite of Separate Capitalism, no one will ever know I’m here until I give myself permission to be Here. The clients won’t come if I’m not here. No one is interested in my insecurities, they got em’, they want the self-adoration that says this is so Important to me that I can no longer deny myself the expression of What I Truly Am. This is Self-Love. This is the walking billboard and all you need to bring with you when you show up, that and everything else you already are and will always be.

The permission that your existence is enough, and this is entirely connected to one’s feelings of prosperity, is a Self-permission. It is granted by You and only You. All of this notion of someone saving the day must be felt until it is no longer required, and paradoxically the two happen simultaneously, and prosperity emerges…. And then another check-point, and more recognitions of prosperity, in all of the complex and simple details. The warmth of sunshine through a window is prosperous (especially if you’re a little chilly.).

Yeah… easier said than done. This shit will test you, that I guarantee.

“Are we simply stealing from each-other to deny the Self existence of its own Love?”

Having been born through heavy consumeristic and capitalistic frameworks with little to no Spiritual connection, the imbalances set up quite the journey back into a feeling of prosperity.

“We don’t know what we got til’ it’s gone.” ~ Jonie Mitchell.

This rings so True and I use this saying so often due to its simplicity and familiarity. Everyone seems to know that song, and if you don’t, take some time to listen to it as it is a very True statement.

We live in a world of contrast. I on this path, and coming out of one path by learning its Opposite and thus learning both paths simultaneously… imagine that!

We feel Love when we have hated something or judged it to the Xth degree. This is all part of it. The journey to Wholeness on this path is All of It. It is not a preference, or a way that you want it to happen, or an always knowing How it is going to happen. It happens and you either catch it Now or the next time it whizzes by or we are caught chasing it down the street.

In the Law of Opposites, what we persist will resist us. What we resist will persist us. The chasing does not happen until the two sides can look at each-other, not solely in judgement and hatred (although that is one part of it), but also in an acceptance that it may always be this way. In my acceptance that all things cannot be the way they were, can I relax and let the flow of this path, through all of its glorious tumultuous paths, take me where I am already and realize where I will always be?

The Impoverished Soul

I will honestly admit that when I started writing this, I felt broke. Impoverished. Insecure. Unappreciated. Without so much and so frustrated at my situation. I have so many gifts to share and nowhere to share them, how paradoxical is that! Almost as much as having access to any information or knowledge and not knowing where to start… Nowhere! That is the point.

So my honest Truth, that is why I started writing. It was my call out to the night sky (which I have also done) but the transformative process cannot fit within a 2-hour movie timeframe, this is years in the making, Lifetime, Lifetime(s) for those who embrace eternality as my path leads me to.

“That is why I started writing. I was broke. But not just from a bank-account perspective, broken in the Soul, I did not feel Whole with Money.”

Even after a decade of transformative focus from the other-way I learned to be, I still had things that were not addressed, gifts piling up, agitated to get out the door, and yet no door to walk through. All possibilities vanished. This is the path. It can lead to apathy or depression but on the other side as we learn, is always Gold.

When we are able to admit the things that we feel others would judge, or think poorly upon us for ever experiencing, we open up to so much more Experience! Why we came here. To evolve, and this requires admitting to at least your Self, all of the inadequacies as sadly for the Personal Self, they do not hold strong in the Path of Wholeness, where no rock is left unturned.

I Believe in Magic!

I believe in miracles. My miracles are far more entertaining than Hollywood depictions, because I know the latter is not True. And I know the unfolding of miracles takes time and space, perhaps at the hand of running out of time and space.

The unfolding of miracles requires patience, although it may put up Everything against us to make us seems as impatient as we were required to.. Fuck that I say and have often said before!

“I’m tired of this, when is this going to End?!”

Ooohh… powerful question again! This medicine, this grappling with the edges of tension between the polar forces of masculine and feminine energies (which I discuss more in Divine Dialogues with the Creator of It All) and allude to a bit in my conversation with the Wholeness that is Money, is always there, it will always be… Oh this can be a hard Truth to come to grips with… What do you mean it will never be as it was? What do you mean I cannot have it now? What do you mean that I must feel all the reasons I am poor to realize my wealth!

Would it be another paradox that realizing Wealth without its association to Money is a precursor for the Wholeness that is Money to magically make her appearance? Or again, was she there all along, waiting in her unconditional patience for you to realize your own Wholeness and connection with Creator?

“Separation cannot be ignored or dispelled as a bad-thing.”

Doing something in resistance or judgement to another doesn’t work. Well it does if you are on this Path because it will lead you up to all of the reasons Why and through this we find ourselves and What We Truly are.

Separation is a part of the Whole Truth, but in its isolation leaves a bad taste in the Creator’s mouth as it is what cannot accept its wholeness. When we recognize more Wholeness into our being, through our recognition that All is a part of it, we come to an autonomous place of choice. Where our emotional reactions tied up in insecurities are not running the show. And this running of the show includes what is said, what is thought, what is felt, who is in your relationships and day-to-day-Life, your dreams, your kids, your parents, the leave rustling on the bush that catches your attention. EVERYTHING is a relationship and every relationship can be harmonized. Patience. Focus. Will. Self-Love. All inevitable through our expression of their Opposite.

Everything is a Synchronicity

I used to look for synchronicity! Now it meets me, everywhere. Everything is a synchronicity when we open up to the external reality we are observing is merely an extension of ourselves. And not merely in a meek or insignificant way, the physical portion of this Reality is what we came to observe as we observed the Spiritual/Energetic component that fundamentally laid the framework.

I believe my running into someone on the streets, or the noticing of a rustling of branches is all meant to be. Why? Because I see it. That is the only way one can ever discern Truth and falsity, is through their own experience. I see it, it makes sense, it explains things, and the way I feel relentlessly connects me back to the notion that “I am on the right path.”

Now that is not saying that I have always felt on the right path, or that I still don’t have my moments with apathy, doubt, and resistance, the tension will always be my friends! Get used to it and learn to embrace it as part of the unfolding, it is not Separate as we have been told it is.

“The Spiritual Self has been largely ignored and for very good reason. There is a denial of Wholeness of the All, God, Totality, Creator, whatever you want to call it, in all of the institutions of Western culture.”

Although on a brief side note, I am slowly starting to gain a distaste for considering a direction like ‘West’ as such an evil place. I love the West, it is the direction in my teachins of Water, the Emotional World, the things that swim, the maturation and integration of the lessons we learn, it is so vitally important! Directions are Relationships too, just as Money or anything for that matter is.

The Spiritual Self path, from a transitional path of purely, physical Personal Self, is a path of Opposites as you will notice yourself and hear me speak about quite often. It is a Law of Opposites, because the Nature of this all is paradoxical and it does not fail to work another way.

Until it does and until I test this in my own Life I will see no different.

Money is a Great Tool! Or an Adversarial One…

Money is no different. Money is a tool, something we can relate to. It can be related to as an enemy and something that makes us do unhealthy things to obtain it, or it can be an ally, there to support you to do the things you Love, because well… you Love yourself. (If we can feel that yet, and if not, it is possible and is coming in its own time) yet a collective entity on its own. It too has different shades of consciousness, based on the collective and individual usage of it as a tool.

So in a breath, money can represent a very Separated and fragmented way of Living life, where we cannot trust enough, we do not feel we have enough, where we have to take from Everything to make money as a sole purpose precursor to all else. Money in a dualistic form that is not Separate, is Whole. And therefore on this spectrum, which is infinite by the way in how we could possibly relate to Money with all of its possible combinations, way too complex for any logical comprehension, it’s big!

I am writing this part of the book after coming through what I originally wrote with Money, and for those on a transformational path, trying to understand how the Spiritual Self and the Personal Self merge, this book will convey some startling observations about this Path of Opposites, or as I refer to it often the Path of Wholeness.

Not the Path ‘To’ Wholeness as this would deem some sort of destination required in order to be Whole, and I’ll repeat that this is a spectrum, so at any given point you might already have a connection to the Wholeness that is money, have you asked where it is?


Take some time to breathe and close your eyes in a relaxed place without anyone around.

Ask yourself out-loud or quietly from a place of curiosity much like a child asks where things come from: “Where is the Wholeness of Money in me?”

Pay attention to what comes up, is it relaxing or painful? Is it in discordance with how you feel it should be? Where do you feel it in the body? What thoughts come up? Can you identify the emotions associated? Images? People? Scenarios? Where does your mind want you to wander to?

I ask all of these questions because they all point back to Truth. Truth as I see it, is What is and both What intended it to Be (inseparable as there is no Time where Reality is, they happened together, more on this…) Truth is also the fundamental building blocks and reasoning for what humans have stumped themselves on since they began trying to use the logical mind for reasoning their way through that which may not be able to be reasoned through as we have learned how.

Reasoning for a large part in our educational system was left out. It was left out for risk of having someone ask a question that might be rattling to the systemic agenda. That was me.

“On my path I have been greatly suppressed, medication, punishments, I didn’t know how to reign it in, I hated the very institution that my loved ones had put me into.”

This served me for this great path. For every ounce of pain, suffering, trouble, and challenge, I now know there is Glory. It is inevitable, even in the states of mind and being where we feel we have nothing at all.

I am still wheeling through the effects of this and coming upon different insights, it is an incredible transition from a path purely of Personal Self attention to one that requires a balance between Personal and Spiritual.

I for one, catapulted hardcore into the Spiritual Self after all of the years of having it left out of my Life. I was hungry, desperate, and that appetite although does not hold with me today, served me well as I learned a lot through the process.

The Process is Where It All Happens:

We learn through all process. This is not a definitive outcome, nothing is. So many of us who are unveiling our gifts want this to be done YESTERDAY! Ah yes, that is the beauty of the design, to make us feel we are late.

Sign up HERE to stay tuned for alerts on new e-books and webinars like Conversations Beyond: A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Technology; and A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Time. The technology aftermath of what has happened in my Life, I am still reeling from and it is amazing… which is an understatement. We shall do all the big topics and lean in appropriately!

“So, again this is a process, anyone can meet Life anywhere they are and wherever they are and in turn, really glean something from it. Why?”

Because this is a process of feeling our way through the situations of Life and wherever we are on this path is where we need to be. For every time we veer, it is used as another piece of connecting Us back to the Source of ourselves which is where we find the greatest sense of Self-Love and satisfaction.

This work is more about Self-Love than anything else, as harmonizing these relationships with big concepts like Money, Technology, Time, Space, create more opportunities and willingness to Love your Self. Period.

These concepts and connections to our Self are all things that don’t get a lot of attention in the codependent, everything else is creating my experience’ Separatist framework. But needs our attention as we come into our Wholeness in order for Wholeness to stay True! Such a paradox.

Turning on Self-Accountability

This work is about Self-Accountability and that is where the societal resistance comes in, because it has been designed to create divide amongst us, but my focus is more on the internal divide that has us pitting ourselves up against ourselves, yes, multiple voices, multiple points of view, all inside, and all can be harmonized in our Lives so that we can learn from our experiences and move on into New or Old, Exciting or Calming, Enhanting or Mundane and have our True Selves, the merging of the Personal and Spiritual Self to encompass a totalistic view of what we are here to do and what we are in the making.

“This is exciting. I am a feeler to the Xth degree and I own that. I showcase that. I welcome it. I am here as an advocate in this regard.”

Trigger Warning:

If you find that there are some things within this document that are agitating, take time to find quiet space or whatever space you feel comfortable in, to feel into this. For every ounce of feeling we have towards the things that are stirring within, to play out the conversations that the wounded Personal Self wants to communicate to us, to allow our bodies to move in ways that support the healing and integration that is occurring with these simple questions and ponderings.

Yes, questions are incredibly transformative! The beauty about questions is that you don’t need to book time with someone to have a question asked. Ask yourself and allow Life to relentlessly unfold in an increasingly Clear way.

If you choose, you can light some incense, diffuse some essential oils, or use some dry herb for smudge to cleanse your space as you start to feel into these topics. Your call, it’s not mine to mandate anything.

“Clarity is what is gained, and at the cost of the control of How we make things happen.”

EXERCISE: How takes up an interesting part of the brain. Feel it. Ask the question, where is How in my Brain?

What do you feel? Anything familiar? Anything different? Does it create sensation in any other part of your body? Does it conjure up emotions or thoughts about what is happening in your Life? When you close your eyes does it have any visual component? What does it smell or taste like?

These are important questions, as much that I have journeyed through this little pocket of my Life (big pocket, pun intended) as ‘How’ is a crippling question.

Whether you are thinking of doing something different in your Life, starting a new project, a new relationship, a new career, a new passion pursuit, whatever it be, we will never know ‘how’ it will unfold. That is the mystery that we have come to accept. The acceptance of the Unknown and there is only one way to find out as a good friend of mine once said “Just walk through the door.”

What if it were us that had to open the door? To individuate from the Separation, to realize that it is part of the Whole, but not the hole-story… There is a reason Whole and Hole are so similar, because they are inseparable and Opposite in Nature… You ready for it!?

The Purpose of this Writing:

The purpose of this document was an Epic cry-out for help. What transpired completely changed my Life, and it wasn’t through the hardship or the pleasure alone that brought all of it together, it was all of it. The ups, downs, really downs, really ups, all of it balancing out in harmony as Nature can, is, and will always be. Nature is the Spirit of which Creator communicates and what we feel is creating for us, money for example, is a hand-over of Power based on the belief that Money has become Spirit. Money has become God’s tool of manifestation.

This is not True.

Money is Satan’s tool to contrive and control the Separatist agenda, one side of the story and one small side when it is seen in its anti-Wholeness agenda. Not wrong, just not my path and even if it does not impact my choices, it too shall be considered. This is so important that I feel needs reiterating over and over again.

We cannot turn a blind eye on this path, as for every blind eye is someone or some thing stealing Power out of your pocket. When we turn and face that which is chasing us, it stops.

As the Indigenous Elders in Bella Coola told me:

“If you ever come across a Grizzly bear, don’t turn away, look at it in the eyes, this is a sign of respect and no Power being lost to the bear.”

This explains so much. When we look at the things that cause us strife, they stop running and we can relearn to witness the Wholeness in our Self and therefore Others.

Let’s face it, those who are reading this do good work, and shouldn’t you get rewarded for that?

Powerful question, let’s get into it finally, let the Magical shapeshifting begin!


ME: Okay money, that was quite the ordeal getting you into my field, in your Wholeness, it was like the exorcist part 8 and 9.

WTIM: It was not pleasant carrying around the weight of all that debt to Money.

ME: What do you mean debt other than actual debt we have?

WTIM: It was occurring behind the scenes where you could not see it.

ME: What does the debt do?

WTIM: It holds back my Whole participation.

ME: Does this happen when one embarks on a Transformative path such as I?

WTIM: It’s exposed there but was carried from a long time ago.

ME: Why?

WTIM: That is the design. That is the progression. It starts somewhere and it goes somewhere else. Money moves, but not for those stuck.

ME: Why are people so stuck?

WTIM: They have forgotten how to contribute to the Wholeness of Money and therefore they feed the Separateness of it, and all that comes with that. Embarking onto your path simply exposes it, but as you can see it is a long climb down to get to the bottom isn’t it!?

ME: Honestly, I thought it was over.

WTIM: What is over?

ME: The struggle.

WTIM: The struggle is in the mind, it is in the heart, it is carried in the Soul.

ME: I have removed and cleansed so much though, when does it end?

WTIM: I have never seen you so clean before, it is remarkable what has happened to you in such a short period of time.

ME: Okay, fantastic. Where do we go from here?

WTIM: Anywhere you want, I move, and help people move.

ME: You are a representative of Elements?

WTIM: All is made from the Elements, so Yes to your question.

ME: What do you represent in Wholeness?

WTIM: Wholeness, that is All.

ME: So anything in regards to Wholeness that I support or endeavour into, You follow?

WTIM: Precisely.

ME: That is fantastic. So what shall we do?

WTIM: Anything is possible.

ME: So it’s up to me to focus in on what I want to do?

WTIM: It is necessary to direct your focus somewhere, for without focus it will be too hard for you to concentrate your efforts and thus things become immobile.

ME: What is the best way to direct your efforts?

WTIM: Focused intention, detailed plans, comprehensive strategies, this is my language you know.

ME: So something else used you for their own gain, without recognizing your Wholeness?

WTIM: You did so, it does not matter about Other’s unless they invite you in for it to matter.

ME: That makes sense. You are an extension of Creator?

WTIM: Yes indeed. All is, is it not?

ME: Okay, so how do I know that this works?

WTIM: Get out there and do it, see for yourself.

ME: Anything come to your mind?

WTIM: Gifts and Talents, they are ripe.

ME: Who most needs them as you can see to bring in some financial abundance here?

WTIM: Stay-at-home-moms, depressed, anxious, confused, without Purpose, like You.

Me: Really!? Hahahaha, I guess I am kind of like a stay-at-home-dad, but most out there are moms, you’re right.

WTIM: Precisely.

ME: How do I let them know I am available?

WTIM: You will know when it is ready.

ME: So it’s not something I can go and do today?

WTIM: Why today?

ME: Because it feels unsettled not knowing.

WTIM: Get used to it. Not knowing is where you are and where you are headed, the Great Unknown.

ME: I’ve heard that before.

WTIM: It is True, you cannot predict this all, you have to Trust, you have not Trusted me, and why this all came to fruition.

Your release is one part of the phase to recalibrating me back into your field, there will be several steps that you must take in order to invite me in fully and completely into your Life.

ME: Please go ahead.

WTIM: First you must look at your bank account. Ignoring it, is ignoring my Spirit and feeding it with Separation, you have been Separating haven’t you?

ME: Probably for my whole Life, it was always running out you know?

WTIM: That is the pandemic that has been Created to keep people stuck so that others can get ahead.

ME: The conscious darkness?

WTIM: And unconscious, it is all of the darkness that tries to Control the Light.

ME: Does Control exist in Wholeness?

WTIM: Not quite, depends on how you define control, but as you’re used to control, no it doesn’t, it is the Opposite.

ME: So what else do I need to do?

WTIM: Second, you are transferring money from one area of the same institution, and they are benefiting either way, you must sever the ties from this institution.

ME: That would be wonderful, how!?

WTIM: Invite the bank into your Wholeness, you despise them don’t you?

ME: Well my face just went mad…

WTIM: What do you feel about them?

ME: Aggravated, disgusted.

WTIM: Good, go deal with that inner-duality and come back and talk.

Yes, again.

ME: Well the anger is saying I don’t like you, you take you take you take you take and you take.

Take what?

My Money!

Whose Money?

The victim in this situation is saying “Stop taking from me, I can’t help you from taking from me, it is in my being to not be able to stop you from taking from me, and so you continue. It’s like I have the wind knocked out and I can’t speak or move.”

WTIM: Good. This is it. Oscillate between these two and you will find the middle, and then we can continue.

ME: One side takes from the other without stepping in or standing up for itself…

ME: Okay feel better.

One side was brought to the middle to Empower themselves to not take, the other side was the Anger at the relentless taking that someone would let someone take advantage of them like that. There is compassion in that.

WTIM: Excellent, I can see the Wholeness in your field. Great work. Remember to do the first step please, right now if you can.

ME: Okay. There is huge resistance as you see. I don’t look at bank statements, budgets, any of it. I never ask for a receipt to see what’s in there, because it was already running out.

WTIM: It is never enough in that World. There is imbalance in constantly checking your account as well, equally destructive.

ME: Feeling that. There’s something in me that doesn’t want to See it.

WTIM: Look, that is the only way!

ME: Something else is very angry that I won’t look. Irresponsible piece of shit, get in there and figure this all out!!! ANGRY!!!

It’s coming to the middle, going to go move my body.

Okay, to the middle it is. Can you see it?

WTIM: Excellent, I can see! You can as well. What does your bank account say about the state of events?

ME: Well, I could not look at something taking from me like it was, it was too painful to do!

WTIM: And now? Look at it again!

ME: All I can see is what I have in the account as a form of available funds, I can’t even focus in on the debt, it’s like it’s invisible, my eyes won’t go there, they can’t and it’s not because I don’t want to, I’m trying!

WTIM: Precisely, it is an illusion set onto humanity to keep them enslaved into the system. It is your gateway out.

ME: I feel much better. So in order to be Free there is a certain degree of debt one must feel?

WTIM: It can work no other way, this is a Law of duality, that where one is, its Opposite is there as well.

ME: Has it always been this way with the humans relationship to Money?

WTIM: It does not matter about other’s human relationships to Money unless that intrigues you beyond your own insecurities. Everything is a relationship and thus I am all shades of that Relationship just as the Wholeness that is Creator of it All is all shades. In my Wholeness I too must be all shades, as you are learning in your own Path of Wholeness. Make sense?

ME: Yes. If I recall back my communications with Creator it was mentioned that Earth is a place of great duality right now as the Light is shining onto the darkness. Therefore, we are going to see all types of Relationships to money and all of the interactions we have in its regard, and it’s tied to so much, can be accepted but not compulsively chosen on our behalf?

WTIM: Close, but you are missing an important detail, you are avoiding the focus of your intention once you have reached this place of Wholeness to now Create with. This is something many of us forget because we have not been adequately trained in How to direct intention. This is the How that is important, the How that describes How to Do something, for until we know How to Do something, we fail to do that thing. How is a necessary component, even in its relentless human pursuit to explain something some one else does not know.

Does that make sense?

ME: Yes, it’s like, once we return to a sense of Wholeness, what then, how do we apply our Will through focused intention?

WTIM: Precisely. Shall we continue?

ME: What other steps do you require of me at this moment?

WTIM: I sense hesitancy and an outcome in mind?

ME: You see through for sure. I am chomping at the bit and thus I show up ready to do the work!

WTIM: Yes. You must enter into the world of money through your dreams and journey, there I will give you your next assignments.

ME: Looking forward to that.

WTIM: Meet you in your dreams.

<The next session has been written after I came out of the dream world with the Wholeness of Money as my guide.> Sounds far-out, that’s because it is!! :D

ME: Okay, so I thought I’d say this right away as it was a reminder when I was dreaming. I don’t need to see anything, hear anything, don’t need. Then it comes. This applies to so much!

So there are several really key points here that came of this journey:

I saw a man holding a stop sign at a construction site. This was his job. To pay the bills. Debts. How long? Eternity… Thank-less…. Without gratitude… (I know this is not everyone who does these types of jobs, but it was my perception and that is the most important for me.)

I saw a pacman spinning around and realized that even in the video games I played as a kid, there was this insatiable hunger for more, more and more. Then the evil guys, debt-collectors would come after you because you’re doing something wrong. And every level is the same thing, eating more and more and more and more. One person on an internet search later after writing this described it as pacman eating white balls, which I found figuratively and literally True!

I saw people lining up at a glass door, hoards of people, they were waiting to get in a store. They rushed around the store like madness. This is pacman in human consumer form.

There was a notion in the store that no one left without paying. Therefore, our basic necessities are tied first and foremost to money. We cannot even eat (unless a soup kitchen is your preference) if we don’t have money.

The next was the person paying with credit. They feel guilty doing this. Like they are getting away with faking they have the cash. A grand illusion, but they are fooling no one as the stomach begins to tighten up and heart close in. The debt that is tied in that transaction of guilt feels big. Time to cut the card. It will come in other ways, my relationship with Money does not have to be built on guilt and debt-imprisonment.

I asked, so I shouldn’t charge for my services? The answer No, then how should I do it? This lead into the ability to afford. The broke impoverished state of not being able to do things, go places, move, stuck, stalemate. The other side of this is that when we do just simply give first, the ways in which we receive things in Life and are provided for move just past Money. In the Wholeness of Money she does not want this huge weight of dependency, she is Whole too.

Then I saw my father cutting a large ham. We were either eating too much or throwing too much food away. I saw a 5-pack of beef sausages in the fridge. Why couldn’t we eat 3 and freeze the other 2? Do we have to eat it all!? No. Eat too much. Throw out too much. When we eat too much we are feeding a dependency and addiction, that the Wholeness of Money no longer supports. With throwing out food on a consistent basis or other meaningless material goods, we are saying to money that we do not value her. She is what worked with us to make this happen and now we waste it like she’s a waste. I say she because the Wholeness of Money presented herself as a She to me. She showed me a water ritual of washing the face and cleansing away this debt. I like that, I shall do it after my writing.

I saw a man that was rocking something. I asked, is that a baby? No. Is it a saxophone? No. What is he nursing? Addictions. Oh… You wouldn’t support that would You? 

WTIM: I can’t, it feeds the separation as it is an escape from Wholeness. I could feed you with as much Separating tools as you desired in the Separate world, but here, it cannot be, and for that I am both sorry and relieved.

ME: Hmm.. .Yes I guess there will be some grief in that. So when I buy tobacco and I’m using it for escapism from facing the Truth or my responsibilities (cannabis included) this is not feeding my Wholeness relationship with you? No. It can’t. Noted….

Next came a sacrificial ceremony, where someone was hogged tied lying on their stomach and someone else came over with others watching and stabbed them in the back. I saw other violent scenes. The crimes against humanity for money. For more money. Was this within me? Would I kill another if I had the chance to get away with it for money? Not. But what else was I trying to conquer by getting money? Who was I competing with? Did I want to see others with less? Is this taking? Yes. Do you see all the ways we can take from each other not knowing it is based on some other deeper reasoning that compels us to react?

Next came the triangle and I was reminded that MC came out with a card called Triangle, imagine that. So Money has been for a large part has replaced our notion of Spirit. It is what creates things for us, and therefore if we want anything, the first thing we do is ask how do we get the money, rather than the Spirit energy required to manifest the Elements. If Money is deemed to be Spirit than it denies the Wholeness that we now seek… Interesting…

Finally, and not ironically as it is 11, was the notion of Trust. I started out my dialogue with Trust and that the Wholeness of Money said that I did not Trust. This was true. I walked up a staircase and saw a secret safe. This was to protect the money, because we can’t trust that we won’t steal it from one another, but this unfortunately is what’s happening when we look to divide and conquer for the sake of more money because that is what we believe manifests….

I was given the glimpse that the Wholeness of Money walks along side. The woman in the robe held my hand, she did not wish to lead, nor did I wish to follow or vice versa. She was with me not outside of me.

The journey was coming to a completion. The Wholeness of Money (which I have a personal name for and I’d recommend the same thing) reached out her hands and a little white mouse ran out. It came up to a trap which slammed shut, but the mouse was unharmed and ran off, it knew not to fall for the same trap.

Perhaps this is the catalyst and focus required to realize I am free from the rat race.

As my guides routinely say on this Great Path of Unknowns: “You shall see!”

This is big! I don’t know what this is, but I certainly wish to stick around and find out (can’t always say that was the case!) The feelings I had after this were tremendous, but this will be unique for everyone in wherever they are at. It was remarkable and liberating and painful, but I knew glory was on the other side.

ME: WTIM how was that?

WTIM: Fantastic, remarkable, unbelievable, greatness, Wholeness. Thank you for your attention to detail and recalling all of these points. You are right that your intention to not need to see any of it nor remember any of it freed you up to do just that, and YES this does apply to the rest of Life as well, all of it.

ME: Fascinating. Is there anything else you wish to share with me at this time? I thank you so much for your presence and your patience with me and your ability to forgive me for I truly have forgotten about my relationship to You. I mistook you for something that I could use and abuse and that is not okay.

WTIM: You’re most welcome. I look forward to starting this beautiful relationship with you and there are many places we can now move by the way. Do you need it?

ME: No. I don’t need anything.

WTIM: That is the Spirit and will activate the Spirit. I am an Ally, not the Spirit Force. Trust your guidance and you will be alright and well.

Blessed be!

ME: Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you Creator, Earth Mother, the Ancestors of my People and the Ancestors of the Land, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, Nature Guides, Elementals, all of my relations that support my path to Wholeness, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We shall see what and where I am required to be now.

Thank you
Jonathan Robert Martin

__ ___ __ Post Integration __ __ ___

Well, it has been a few weeks since writing this, maybe even only one, and the unfoldings have been nothing short of breath-taking and I’m not here to convey all of how my Life has changed, or the intricacies that are witnessed and the profound magic that has occurred in beginning to write this conversation with the Wholeness that is Money.

Since writing, my Relationship to this Wholeness has expanded far beyond my imagination. Why? Because my imagination was limited in Separate ways that did not connect with my Purpose and Destiny here, that is a Path of Wholeness. To then choose. Focusing my energy in intention, much like I’ve described the double-helix earlier in this piece, is a component to directing our Will towards something that we know is possible. Trusting this Power that exponentially grows as we grow within Self, is key as in Divine Dialogue with the Creator of it All, Creator tells me that everything happened at Once. The intention and the manifestation are connected; they were never a part. The lesson is in trusting the slowed down version and knowing that our thoughts, beliefs, what we carry as an undertone to our normal styles of communication is what creates the necessity of Experience. Identifying the experience in your observation of the present moment opens up to the Wholeness that already is. That is what Money was trying to convey to me.

This again was never intended to help people make a seven-figure salary program, it never was. I resisted that. I didn’t love that idea, nor the idea that we have to make billions of dollars because why should that ever be a necessity? I was jaded. I was lost. I was insecure. Alone in dialoguing about it.

The most interesting thing happened since going through this that I thought I could share and leave the rest of the mystery for you to experience in your own way. How it happened in my Life is a method of recapping and limiting me from being present in my Reality, a lesson I have learned through this.

So both my partner and I were gifted the ability to dialogue with people about our financial insecurities. It came up. It unveiled itself. The thing being avoided, the impoverished state needed to be recognized or else how would I let Creator know that I got the message, you were broke once towards Everything.

Even if I did not want this to be a 7-figure guide for you to explode your Creative offering, whatever your heart-desired, I would be lying if I said at some point I wanted it to be mine. I did this for money. But what I ended up doing was doing it for the Wholeness of Money, because she really wants to play, and be free, and for us to share her and Love her and care for her, just as we do.

Our quest for more validation, nourishment, discipline and safety in our Lives is no different than the Wholeness that is Money as we are all a part of the Whole picture, on this path of endless paths.

If I choose to lead anything with the illusory experience of receiving money, I am missing out on the point.

Why? Because I’m not that different than everyone else. I am connected. I am unique in my expression on one of the Creator’s endless paths, but I hold similar stuff to us all. Our reluctance to talk about it, to feel okay with feeling around others, to save ourselves from judgement, all hold us back from stepping through the door.

I won’t get into all of the personal relationship details as there have been some challenges that have presented themselves, and magically ALL of them were connected to this some how.

Yes, Money is not just a manifestation of how much you have in a bank account, or whether someone pays you to do something, well it is in the old ways of pure capitalism, but the inevitable demise of most of us on this path is that we cannot hold onto those same ideologies and expect that things are going to be ‘as they were.’

When we are forced into feeling we need outcomes and we need Results and that comes from making money, to ‘afford’ us to do the things we want to do, we are really setting ourselves in a trap, and this is where the doozie is.

Some folks, including myself have thought that Everything costs money. So un we wind from that misery to realize that there are Gifts out there that do not require money, and there is a gift of Life, and that gift of Life can only be recognized as a Gift once there is something taken from it, or perhaps our gratitude of it vanishes, or perhaps it has never been felt.

When these concepts are actioned in Life, in All parts of it or any shade therein, we realize we have a greater propensity to Give more, and others start giving to us more, and there is a symbiotic reciprocity that emerges that is without fail.

And perhaps the more we were looking for was there all along, just waiting for us to realize that we do actually Love ourselves and that’s why we doing anything.

With immobility comes great frustration, a reason to stay stuck or a catalyst for deep change and coming to new awarenesses that serve your new experiences, it has always been our choice.

The Path to Wholeness with Money is a wake-up call. It is a transformational shift that may cost you Everything that you once deemed important, but in its rebuilding provides the necessary foundational frameworks for which your Genius and Mastery can unfold. That is a promise.

It is in my belief that the Path to Wholeness with Money is a spectrum, it is moving from one thing towards another and never all-or-nothing, so again if you expect that things will just appear in your bank account after reading this, well maybe, but not in my experience or others I have dialogued on this, and there have been MANY.

Making Money Off Of Everything – The Great Paradox

So, in an undercurrent of realizing I had enough, that I was taken care of, that the path would be winding and twisting, up and down, and that Everything that came in my awareness was Right for me, I still was left with the last few Ultimate show downs.

I had wanted to make money off of Everything. Has this every happened to you? Where you have a really inspiring idea and the inner business critic has to put it to a business plan?

Yes that was me, I have about 50 business plans that accumulated into what I am Now. Keep writing them. Keeping revising your website. Keep visioning, it is coming to fruition. All of It.

This is a huge awareness, and something that I had known about from its individual sense of, oh I’m good at that, and I want to now make money off of it. But perhaps this is a precursor to all that I’ve discussed thus far and a successor.

If I need to make money off of Everything, I am saying that money is not in Everything, and that it is indeed Separate from Everything. And thus I am putting it out of my Sphere of Influence and not attracting it to my work or to fund my purpose, or to simply get opportunities to share more of who I am.

If I want people to pay me money, i.e. make money off of Everything, I am putting those that require my service outside of my Sphere of Influence as they are only manifest when the money does, they are intricately tied up in that equation and our job is to free them and help them come into the Sphere of Influence as parts of the Whole.

If you legitimately ask yourself the question: “What does it feel like to make money off of someone”, well I don’t know what will come up, but for me, the actual manifestation of making money feels completely void of anything, I cannot grasp it. It doesn’t seem real. Like manifesting it’s outcome is an illusory event and in that, there is nothing really that I am putting in motion. The experiences that money can accompany us in, and not just when we are ‘earning’ or ‘spending’ her, but she is always present. Her disregard is your disregard and You have the Power and the keys to create this representation of Wholeness again.

Money as I have learned through this process is meant to journey alongside you, in Everything you do, in your Wholeness and in your Separation, it is an emanation of the Relationship you have with yourself. It is the emanation and manifestation of Self-Love. When Self-Love is ripe, the things you always want to do are granted permission to be done, and because you have met yourself in this loving embrace, so to shall others. Your critics will not disappear, they are required in this game, but we can spread them out over more territory so to speak so they are not so concentrated in their energetic intention of denying Wholeness.

How will I know Prosperity has Emerged?

You will know and I guarantee its manifestation is a precursor to money flowing in, or perhaps it is simultaneous. No idea. All I know of on the Path of Wholeness is a Path of Opposites. Everything you may have been told about money and how to make it, is Opposite. So it is no easy feat, go easy on yourself!

Exercise: Do yourself a big favour and recognize the Wholeness of Love for YourSelf that is in your being, it is there. Don’t need to feel it, you will though if it presents itself. Wrap your arms around yourself as that thing and squeeze to a comforting level. This is your Self-Love it will propel you to do things others may not get, but that is the Path of Opposites, for every ounce of resistance, there is an ounce of freedom-fuel available to get you there.

So you’re still asking how do you know whether you are prosperous? Well, it’s simply how you feel! What types of things you give yourself ‘permission’ to do, or be, or have, or know, or any of it. It is a Self-Permission because in codpenency we are always waiting for something external to ‘save’ the day, you are the savior, the hero, the victim, the perpetrator, all of it, and it is your uncovering of this mystery in its own miraculous and Unique way that will be the Ultimate Gift you will never ever think of returning to the store on Boxing Day.

This is about taking back permissions or Power we have leaked out to so many external concepts and ideals that do not have our best interest in mind for generations upon generations. Many of us on this path are forebearers into doing this work for our Ancestral Lineage, no easy feat and certainly one that will not be appreciated as long as you require another’s appreciation. It cannot be, and if it is, it is Fake!

Many on our path, and sadly in our families as we perceive it, would rather see the Separation with Money as that is how they make money, and thus challenging this method would challenge the very fabric of identity they have come to believe is true.

All are on their own path. But just because it makes some one feel a certain way, I still want to play, this is a game I Love and I’m so ecstatic to be on the journey of unveiling the Truth through Remembering What We Are and What we Are Here to Do.

You cannot make or earn money.

In the Law of Opposites we don’t ‘make’ money, as ‘making’ anything (especially if you think of a printing press that is always pumping new currency) goes against the principal that it is already here. This journey of attempting to make the Reality that is most comfortable to us and our ancestral stories will inevitably confront us with all the reasons it is not in comfort that we choose to be here.

Instead on the Path of Wholeness from Separation, we begin to journey with Money, she is with you, not because you are looking at her, or you know you have her, it’s because she is a Energy, a collective ideology and how we relate to her is our business, no one else’s.

By welcoming the Wholeness that is Money into our Sphere of Influence that is the Soul, (yeah good time to bring this one up, at the end of the piece… stay tuned) we recognize and honour her in her Wholeness, which to her like Creator, is the most Splendid path of all

The Wholeness of Money as I have come to learn has no judgements about any way you use money, or any way you choose not to use money. She is 100% completely impartial and that is what is available in her unconditional state. She would choose your prosperity as much as your poorness, but it is you who decides, and when you choose Wholeness, she is exhillerated and looking to participate!

Money is not the only method to manifesting, it is one method, and Separating Money into a category as the be-all-end-all method is dissatisfying to the Wholeness as it disregards the notion of her entirety. That is one shade. She has been broke once. Impoverished. Without Love. Without Validation. Stolen from. Lied to. Cheated. Killed. Burned. She has been blamed for Everything hasn’t she? Creator has once as well. No separation at all.

When I dreamed the other day, I saw myself chasing money and in this game of chasing, it was a game of raping and pillaging. The colonialist / capitalist way of looking for every way to make money because that is what we have been taught.

When money is the precursor, one is essentially trying to manifest an illusory experience that has no tangible emotional experience (and if it does heighten incredible emotions of ecstacy receiving money, I don’t believe that will stand True for long), we are putting it outside of our experience as we look to ‘make’ money ‘off-of’ Everything, which would mean that money does not belong to the Everything, and we chase it as it runs further and further away. In doing this are we losing the real focus on what we are here to do in this world? Money is an ally for that, not an enemy. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer I could not agree more. It is all valid.

Final Thoughts

Are we choosing to lose or gain the sacred connection with the Gifts we have come to share? The change we have come to realize? The Gifts have no Separation from the methods and the How of this all. There is so much I don’t know. So much and I remain so open to receiving wisdom as this births a new life and a new chapter it whatever it is that is meant to come.

The amount of money we need is already predetermined, and on the path-of-wholeness, your Nature adores you too much to bend the rules of Reality to allow the broken and separated ways of Commerce into your Sacred Offering.

The sacredness of Giving because we Love to and we Love to because we Love ourselves and therefore simultaneously we Love others because the two are also inseparably connected. And if my work of service, as I came here brings this joy, I know I have touched the Creator within me, the Wholeness within me. This is the currency!!! Because with it, there is nothing that you would not do in the name of Love, because that is what routinely fills your vessel, and it is never ending by the way ;)


Self-Love which stems from the recognition of our Gifts, the Will to share them when we are ready, and the Intelligence to know that what we share is True, it is a regenerative service and only we can give ourselves the permission to know this.

We may get this validation from others in our questions of them, asking only in the insecurity that it doesn’t exist, but is it really worth it at the end of the day? Do the testimonials really make us feel more Whole or do they feed the Separate agenda that we are without in not having the words shared about our gifts? So that others can read and pay us money to feed further insecurities.

Can these words be converted into the Spirit of momentum and movement to further compel you and give you a check-mark that says keep going? I believe so.

Can we reunite with the Gift of Life and the Gift of Wholeness and the Gift of All into our service to others? To essentially eliminate the need for anything to make money off of anything and to free Money up to be the Giver and Receiver that she is, to work with her, to understand her, to understand others who use her in ways that don’t necessarily align with yours and come to acceptance that it just is.

Where there is resistance, we are avoiding the Wholeness and we are giving power to the weakness that feeds another’s agenda. This is our choice and will continue to be.

This is tough stuff. The feelings and the experiences I participated on were incredible. The experience has met me on the other-side of writing this and I don’t believe will continue to fascinate my intrigue, but that I don’t know and I’m willing to step through the door and see what’s on the other-side. Until I do. Nothing is forever possible.

Throughout this and as I took a break, and was broken repetitively, and was floored when I was able to step back and observe others, to my chagrin, communicating my insecurities back to me in their actions and words which I can only later feel as appreciation. The time between chagrin and appreciation lessens as I transgress this magically powerful path.

Creator is not Harsh

“The harsh hand of God analogy that says God punishes those who sin and all of this… Not True. Punishment is a Self-Punishment. Pain is only a perception, that is True.”

An external punishment is an ideology that says we are not good enough, and therefore cannot contribute and therefore give our Power to those who can and those who do have tended not to have your best interest in mind. That is because you didn’t.

The punishment model is deeply entrenched in Separate Society. The inner investigation into this and how we treat ourselves is so essential for this coming back to as close to as the way it was, but I can guarantee you this…. It will be far more miraculous than you ever imagined. That is a guarantee!

“God or Creator is not punishing, but simply giving us what we ordered, reenacting one of its Endless paths, as Creator did everything once.”

Remind yourself of this as you navigate this Path of Wholeness. It is not a destination, but there is a reason for being. If it is indeed a Path of Wholeness, it is the most splendid of Paths because in the Wholeness that is Creator, nothing like you ever knew was possible becomes possible, that is the grand paradox, all an infinite array of sub-paradoxes that with time and space (pun intended) will clarify, but not when you need it. Hahaha, but I do Thank you most sincerely for reading along.

A Conclusion of a Conclusion ;)

Where does this go from here?

“I don’t know. Perfect.”

I feel like as I write this, I honestly can say from my heart that I don’t need it to go where I thought it was going before. I have had to wade through some heavy stuff, but it is all serving me wherever I am called to serve. These are not my gifts, but gifts I have endowed and steward on behalf of Creator and with that, I must fly.

“In order to fly, I must learn that I already have wings and it is my responsibility to Creator, Self and Others to Use them appropriately!”

With So Much Peace & Love & So much profound Prosperity in All of Its Ways to All.

A side note from The Wholeness of Money before I go, she Loves diversity! she doesn’t want to be relied on as the sole go-to for everything you need, that is the dependency she can not feed in her Wholeness. Show her you do too and take a load off of that Relationship, relaxation is where you can be yourself, fully and completely.


Jonathan Robert Martin

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Jonathan Robert Martin is a trained intuitive healer that is gifted in the art of dream therapy to guide his clients to the Truth of any situation so they can process, grow and embody their True source of Creative potential wherever they are at. Jonathan is a writer, speaker, philosopher, poet, singer-songwriter, activist, improvisationalist, and life learner of the deep mystical realms of All that Is. He conducts group and individual transformational circles and private family circles on Vancouver Island and remotely with the Power of this work.

More information can be found at www.channelsofflow.com and be sure to like facebook.com/ChannelsofFlow to stay up to date on further releases, events, and webinars to go deep into Life’s deepest topics.


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