• Jonathan Robert Martin

Conversations Beyond - A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Technology

Conversations with the Wholeness that is Technology (WTIT)

Introduction: I am writing this introduction, nearly 2 months after writing the piece below, and what is said below has manifested. It dawned on me this morning as I was updating content to my site that this piece had not been uploaded yet. My bad!

Here it is.

It changed my Life. Even if I haven’t ‘fully’ done the objective tasks, there is a force that is moving me here, and as we realize on this journey, the definition of outcome is Illusory. It is a path, an extension from an intention to a Realization of the Power Humans have to Create with. This is their innate Right, and relationship with Wholeness, that is Creator.

So much Power is available when we tune in, because then we can recognize the Power of our Creations, one component of the fundamental Purpose of Human existence. Yes big statement, but when we realize what we’ve created, we create space for New adventures! Until we realize, ‘what we’ve got’ how is that we can build off of What Is?

As I was attempting to get the Conversations Beyond: Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Money up on the website in a nice and neat format, I felt into an intense frustration with Technology. My relationship with Technology needed attention. It was intense because the tension between what I knew I needed to do with this work, and the Tool itself, was strengthening. This is what I know as Calling it Forward.

I will preface by saying, when I say Wholeness that is… I am implying the Tool’s relationship in the Eyes of God/Creator. Not as a definitive, but as a progression towards this. So my sight of what this means encompasses how expanded my perspective has become, and it only gets deeper. So Enjoy!!

<This is my dialogue with the Wholeness that is the Tool Technology>

I am frustrated often by technology, and it seems to be an interference rather than a comrade. I would like to take this opportunity to invite the Wholeness that is Technology back into my Sphere of Influence so that I can dialogue with it to adapt new strategies in my Life that both reflect the Wholeness that I relentlessly pursue as well to shine a light and expose the darkness that it is used for and how it can be used from a Holistic perspective.

This is my conversations with the Wholeness that is Technology (WTIT)

ME: I’m feeling quite angry with this all you know.

WTIT: I sense your frustration it is emanating out of your pores, it makes you sweat doesn’t it?

ME: It makes me want to get out of here and do something else.

WTIT: Why does it make you feel like that?

ME: Well, my inner duality right now says that it is such a barrier to entry, it is this enormous climb into the fragmented world of technology and I don’t know how I’m going to make it or continue on. Technology has become less and less of an ally since I embarked on this Transformational Path into the House of Mirrors. My business and service offering kind of depends on it doesn’t it?

WTIT: It is the tool of the past, present, and future it is not going anywhere.

ME: So gone are the days without Wifi and cellphones and an app for everything and a DYI video for anything?

WTIT: That is not Reality, Technology is a crucial piece for you formulating a Wholeisti perspective that you are looking for.

What does the other side of this duality say?

ME: Hurry the fuck up! Why don’t you work for me! I’m tired of this, it’s unhealthy, unnatural to be sitting in front of a computer all of the time reading and writing, there seems to be so much that is going on that is not being taken advantage of and I need this to Hurry Up and Work!

WTIT: What is not working?

ME: All of it. I need technology to do this, to submit my work, to share it with the World, it is very important!

WTIT: I sense the desperation and need that is emanating out of your pores.

What is the balance point, what do sides actually need?

ME: Reassurance. Patience. Commitment. Trust. Acceptance of What Is.

WTIT: Preciesly. Technology is not going anywhere, it is the fabric with which Universally many civilizations communicate and share information. It is not new, it is not old, it is.

ME: Why do I have such anger towards it then!?

WTIT: Because, you have judgements of it. Judgements of why it is being used and how it is being used to destroy Human relations with the Creator, the Whole.

ME: So by putting it outside of my Sphere of Influence I am perpetuating this Separation and creating situations where it won’t work and where I get mad at people using it for harm?

WTIT: Preciesly. It is within you in this House of Mirrors to make amends, it is all up to you!

ME: What happens when these come to balance? Does technology change all around us?

WTIT: You are technology, it is an extension of you. How it looks, how it works, how it feels, how it makes you feel, is all You, and it is up to You to make amends.

ME: So if I harmonize this relationship and bring the duality into the middle, then my Relationship changes and the technology in the world changes to suit my new perspective?

WTIT: Preciesly, I can tell that the middle ground is being reached, good work!

ME: I’ve recently talked with the Wholeness That Is Money which can be download here if you have not read it and I feel that you two are very connected can you share more?

Actuallly before you do that, more anger is coming up, is this my opportunity to bring up a lot of the pain as I’m writing? As transformational to write as it may be to read?

WTIT: That is up to you. You are angry again, Why?

ME: Impatience. It takes so much time to do all of this, so many moving parts, they’re all fragmented and Separate.

WTIT: Good! Scattered. How do you feel?

ME: Scattered! Like there are mountains to climb and I can’t take the first step!

WTIT: That is natural, many of You exist out there, it is You!

ME: So folks will be apt to read this then if they are receiving Truth as I am.

WTIT: Not all folks are on the same path, but those who are in your position or a similar position and require this information to evolve on their own Transformational Path will find it. No one else, just them.

ME: That seems like such a big feat, I’m angry on the otherside that this can’t just work itself out. Software is all ‘lure you in’ and then ‘charge you per month’ and as per yesterday, credit is no longer an option for me. I am sweating. Something is really stirring here.

WTIT: You sweat in your business roles because of this similar issue. Your return to your Nature was not aligning with how technology looked, but it looked this way as you embarked on this Path, because you felt this way. This can be no other way, are you prepared to look at why you may be feeling this way and some strategies to reconcile?

ME: That would be great, but as per my conversation with the Wholeness That is Money I know I cannot need this. It cannot be an isolated, separated need, that is based on the intention of needing something to work.

Frustrated is an understatement. I have so much writing to submit and play with and it seems like I can’t get it done!

WTIT: What is it that you need done?

ME: I need to share!

WTIT: Are you not sharing at this moment? Are you not in circle with me, typing as we dialogue?

ME: Yes I guess so. I have never thought of you to be a Spiritual Collective Entity, perhaps because I resisted you and I thought you were pure Evil.

WTIT: All tools are available for anyone’s use or disposal. Therefore everything becomes an extension of the relationship that is Truly going on. Not what you think, or what you refuse to think, but what is!

Do you want the Truth!?

ME: Yes, but I will get through this merging, it doesn’t need to happene, but I welcome in the Wholeness that is Creator, the merging of these dualistic forces so that I can move forward, not moving is not doing me very well!

WTIT: It is the opposite of what you do very well, move!

ME: I see that. It is an inner hurdle that is actually not as big as I perceive it to be.

WTIT: Not at all. There is no hurdle, other than in your mind Jonathan.

ME: Okay, it feels like it has balanced in the middle. It does not seem like a mountain anymore.

WTIT: Good. Do you want to hear the Truth?

ME: Rip the band-aid off already will you?

WTIT: Your command is my Gift. It is with pleasure that I unveil the secrets to re-harmonizing human relationships with Technology.

As was your discovery with Money, when we are living within the darkness of disregarding the Whole, the tools in which we use, how we use them, and how others use them are going to perpetuate the darkness and disregard of the Whole.

ME: Interesting… Make sense.

WTIT: So if Money was used for Control and Enslavement, could Technology be as well?

ME: Yes I think so.

WTIT: Well that will not cease to be a consideration in Wholeness, but it will be your choice first and foremost.

ME: My armpits are dripping. This is intense. I sat in front of a computer for almost a decade in an office, not to mention School and Home, I have spent many hours in front of You and feel that there is some regret in how I treated You.

WTIT: Regret is okay, it is normal to feel Regret, All has. It is also another notion to feel that nothing ‘needs’ to be Whole, it does not ‘need’ to reach a destination, and it may not be the relationship that quenches your current needs’ thirst if you know what I mean.

ME: Can you elaborate?

WTIT: Surely, what you plan to do with me Now, in your current Need-base, which is frankly rooted in darkness with me, but less so at the moment as we have already done some work, but ultimately Wholeness allows all perspectives to emerge and the right one, what you choose to do with that, will be your Own. This is the autonomy you speak of.

ME: So I am enslaved so-to-speak with technology?

WTIT: It is always calling you isn’t it? An addiction? You feel you can’t go on without me, but the inner duality says NO! I’m not going there and this Needs to change.

What do you feel most needs to change?

ME: Well, technology is used to Spy on people, it is used to perpetuate evil acts, it is used to disseminate Energy through wifi that messes with the Natural grid of Earth and affects the Auric Fields of Humans, plants, animals, and all that share the Earth.

WTIT: In its dark phase, yes it does. You are correct, that is True. Technology is a tool, as is money, tools are a matter of how one uses it and thus how it relates to it. As you say, Everything is a Relationship which is the utmost of Truth.

ME: So in a Whole phase it will not be used for the perpetuation of Evil?

WTIT: Unconsciously it will subside, but consciously there will always be those who utilize Technology, from a Wholeistic perspective (not just Earth) to disseminate Evil, that will always be and in your conversation with Creator, this I feel is fairly engrained. Darkness is not going anywhere, it is a part of the Whole and needs to be considered from a place of Wholeness or else you will be the one perpetuating the darkness, NO ONE ELSE!

ME: So in Wholeness, can the darkness still attack, spy, lie, cheat, and hide?

WTIT: That is up to you! It is your relationship with the darkness as well that will Create your experience with it. Does it make you angry that there are those out there that commit these acts?

ME: Well the first thing that comes up is fear. That they, who use this as a tool for conscious destruction are out to get me and that makes me feel very Angry and afraid! Both sides of the inner duality exposing as I’m writing this.

WTIT: Feel it.

ME: I’m sweating. Hands, feet, armpits, I’m afraid to look, I’m afraid to share, because Big Brother is watching over and that makes me both afraid and angry at the perpetuation of crimes against Humanity.

WTIT: There is no a crime against humanity that was not first given permission to attack.

ME: So in this mindset, the inner duality I’m feeling, I’ve giving permission to be attacked, spied on, lied to, cheated, and bombarded with unnatural frequencies that impact my Health?

WTIT: Precicesly.

Imagine, that if conscious darkness still had tools, but as you progressed through these inner dualistic battles that the outer relationships started to change. New technologies could emerge, new companies, companies that valued privacy and were transparent in all ways with what they do and what they do not, and they lived by it in integrity! Does this sound like Wholeness or Darkness?

ME: Wholeness.

WTIT: Now with Wholeness, would you be applying pressure back on this Conscious darkness as Duality essentially makes it necessary to?

ME: Yes, I would advocate for it, share it and live by it I believe.

WTIT: Your compulsion to share is driven by your relationship to the Whole. This is where True giving originates. Giving without ‘Need’.

ME: Do I ‘Need’ Technology?

WTIT: Not any more than you need money. You need on this path, it goes away.

ME: Well you’re still here right, you have served me, it has not all been a complete waste or frustrating experience, I do many great things with You.

WTIT: You do many great things with the inanimant objects that you feel Technology is. In pure darkness, Creator’s Wholeness is absent, and as you have seen, when this happens, there is a Void.

Much of my relationship with Humanity is in a void. There are actually very few who use me for conscious malevelont destruction, far more who like you, want to know how to better use it for Good and for the dissemantaion of the regenerative practices like you participate in, the return to Wholeness so-to-speak.

ME: I’m giving much of my Power away to these people and these practices and the malevolent use of technology?

WTIT: As It relates to Me, WTIT, You might be giving most of it away, but keep in mind the past does not always indicate the future, Wholeness reshapes everything. You break through old patterns and still must build on the past, but that is why you perceive such a sequential order of events, because everything builds on what was. In Creator’s words, it all happened at once, once, but in the human’s perception, Time is unfolding.

ME: Time is an interesting concept, the merging has completed by the way. Many people use technology to ‘save time’ or to ‘make things more efficient’ can you speak to that?

WTIT: Again, all a matter of intention and what side of the fence you stand on, or whether you can merge and be the fence, the gatekeeper and autonomous say of what gets in and what does not, this is autonomy and your Empowerment that you seek with Wholeness.

So in one breath, one might say they are using technology because they are running behind, too many projects on the go, not enough revenue etc. etc. This is using technology because there is not enough.

In another breath, one might say they are using technology as it helps to share diverse opinions, open up perspectives, display Art, convey deep philosophical conversations as you are doing.

ME: Okay so I have to ask. If my relationship with WTIT is fragmented and Separate, not a reflection of the Whole, will my work to disemante information on Wholeness not come to fruition if I require technology to do so?

WTIT: Very limited. The two languages are different as you have already identified. One speaks in lack, another in prosperity, openness and potential!

Also, when it comes to privacy, what do you really need to hide!?

ME: I think it relates to financial, much like my conversation with the Wholeness That Is Money, the safe resonates with me, protecting my assets and my financial data, because I guess previously I thought without it, I would be dead. Now I don’t see as much of a concern, but obviously it is still there if I bring it up.

WTIT: Yes it is. You think you’re going to get screwed! Your financial situation although remedying itself as we speak, is there anything that could go worse? Isn’t it bad enough for you to want to make these changes? So what is the worst that can happen?

ME: I could be on the hook for something.

WTIT: You already are, and that is why you come to this table of Wholeness to remove these hooks, they are draining your Power and feeding something else.

ME: Am I giving Power to you or to those who use you in these ways I’ve described.

WTIT: Both.

You are feeding me with the Separate story, I cannot help but receive this as I am neutral so to speak, but because you request the Wholeness of me, I cannot say that I prefer either way. If you as the darkness, purely, it might have a completely different answer, and may in fact lean towards tricking you…

Do you feel like you’re going to be tricked?

ME: I’ve been screwed over by people in my Life for sure.

WTIT: Well, what does that feel like :D

ME: Here we go again eh? Is this an addiction? All of this healing? Why so much?

WTIT: What else are you doing? Nothing. You are stuck. Your healing is your gateway and you must face all of the reasons you are stuck, and these reasons stem from your Separation.

ME: I see.

Well this inner duality is like, holding the breath, it is like I don’t want to do this. I turned down a job opportunity with a pretty cool company because they wanted to train me how to run Google Ads. I was not interested, it had no relevance, if I was going to learn that, why not learn it for my own service?

WTIT: And the other side?

ME: It seems like it is the one who screws over others. Evil in a way. I have a grimising smile on my face and I’m looking for my next victim.

WTIT: Preceisly.

What is a victim?

ME: In my eyes, it is one who has no Power and has given permission over to something else to have done onto me what I have essentially been calling forward.

WTIT: You got it! You are giving Power over to feed the Separatist agenda of your relationship with Me, and giving those who you feel are going to screw you over the Power to do so.

ME: It’s all me.

WTIT: Precisely, nothing to hide or fear getting screwed over on the Path to Wholeness, because if it needed to happen, it would, it would provide colour and opportunity for you to build upon, all experience in the Past is recognized Now (in human perception that is.)

ME: My ribs hurt. It feels like my will is being challenged, I am faking that I am not giving Power over because I don’t want to face where I have given this Power over to tohers to use technology against Me.

I’m feeling like the Conscious Darkness likes to give the Unconscious ideas of how badly technology can be, or how it can be used to destroy, hack, steal, lie etc, so that our relationship becomes that.

WTIT: Wouldn’t you? How could you use this information in your path towards Wholeness?

ME: Well, I could disemenate information to the Unconscious of how great technology can be, I can use it in its Wholeness, in its Greatness, and how it can be used to Create, Innovate, Share Truth, and that is an extension of Wholeness That Is Technology.

WTIT: Preceisly. There is always another side and then an infinite more. Until you unlock from the inner polarity, you will continue to see the Unconscious use it like this, but keeping in mind the Uncosncious are not using it as perhaps the Conscious Evil would, but as you saw with human trafficking, an energy can translate into an experience that is completely different. Human trafficking to you was Sales. The lure, the convincing, the sending others into places unknown, to be potentially used and abused.

So the Unconscious, although not using the same methods or form, share the energy of attack and therefore use multiple ways to lie, steal, cheat, and work against the Wholeness That Is Money, which feeds the Separation from me, which feeds the ammunition for the Conscious Darkness to continue utilizing its methods, it’s the same energy, different form!

Like when WTIM asked you would you ever traffick a human in a sex-trade? Your answer was absolutely not! But it doesn’t mean you don’t hold that energy and are using it in a different form. This is where Unconscious suppression can really play tricks and the codependent Nature of humans within this darkness can emerge. We then look to those that are using it in the Evil ways as the perpetrators as we continue to do the same thing, different form. Get it?

ME: That is fascinating. So I’ve used technology to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate etc?

WTIT: In your own unique way, own unique form yes. This was sales as well wasn’t it? You wanted someone to say Yes and therefore all of your energy was put into Technology as a tool to convince and act manipulate someone’s Free Will.

ME: That makes me angry.

WTIT: Because it’s True. The Truth does hurt, if you are Separate from it. If you move into it, the pain subsides, try it, this is another round, sorry there will be others, this is VERY important you regain your autonomy with me, there is much to do!

ME: I’m back. That was intense. Woah.

WTIT: Intensity is contained within Wholeness, it could serve you to get used to it. Accept that this is what is this Path, and it cannot be back-tracked, you are in the House of Mirrors.

ME: That I accept. I think I have shown that with my commitment to clearing the inner duality that has me stuck. I find it fascinating that the two things that have held me back the most, Technology and Money are the first topics that I am writing in these series of E-books.

WTIT: The miraculousness of design would lend itself to this notion, it is ironic is it not?

ME: Very. So what’s next?

WTIT: Dream time. Can you get into this space Now or would you prefer to wait?

ME: Probably wait as the family may be up soon and it is jarring to be snapped out of dream world.

WTIT: No Rush on my part, but you are the ticket to your own Freedom remember that. Standing still in ignorance and rejecting the very ideologies that you stand for, is holding you back.

ME: Yes, I understand, and as I delve into this work further and further this is the Utmost of Truths. For instance, my partner came home and told me that we don’t have money right now to build a fence. That triggered me. We do have money, but in Reality, this was another piece of my subconscious telling me that we don’t. It made me angry because that is the other side of this duality.

WTIT: It is indeed, great insight!

ME: Perhaps I will journey now, can you forsee that I will be fine in doing so?

WTIT: The coast is clear, magic works like this, our intention is not to have you rattled out of dream world.

ME: Thank you. Dream time.


Again, the notion that we don’t need to remember is very prevalent here as you’ll see. The notion that I don’t need to see anything or know anything, but I will if it’s there without a need, is crucial for so much in Life. On this Personally Transformative path if there is a need, there is no room for it to enter, the need is on the road so-to-speak.

I entered into this Dream and came to some incredible Transformational opportunities to reinvent my Relationship with the Wholeness that is Technology, something I just need to share!

The first thing I saw was a man with white gloves. He was keying at a computer, arrogantly but without remorse. He was a magician, creating illusions on the computer, tricking people, getting them to come closer so that he could show them the fear that they hold. In this case I saw the word Bomb. This is a Conscious Darkness or Separation plot, to show fear through War, that I know to be True. How do I use this in an Uncosncscious Separation? Well, Sales and Business came up again. I utilized computers to try and persuade and lure people in, much like the trafficking analogy I previously wrote about in Conversations Beyond: A Divine Dialogue with the Creator of it All. Click here to sign up for updates as to when this book is going to be available, transformative is an under-statement, it changed my Life writing it, which is the way I think it should be. I also saw these tactics work their way into my Personal Transformation services. Wanting people to get triggered in their fear so that they would look for someone to save them… So sneaky, but so True. Truth is an intention. It is a manifested outcome of what exactly is without subjective bias, it is the underlying formula for which makes this all work and why things happen as they do. Felt my way through this, merged into Wholeness.

Next I entered a tunnel. I saw someone pushing another person in a wheelchair. And then a man with his boy. And then my family. It seems that I was using technology as a means to connect with others instead of connecting with the people that I care about the most, and that I’m supposed to care for. I noticed this heavily this morning after my family woke up. I didn’t get fully through the dream by the way, but it wasn’t as jarring as I thought it would be, ain’t that the Truth! I saw my children wanting to watch cartoons on the laptop, my wife on her phone, and me on my computer trying to figure out how to use this technology LOL! Not funny when you feel into the sadness of the separation we have created with those that we truly Love the most. We then look to scatter our disconnection, seeking connection outside of home, outside of Self, and complain why things aren’t good around here and why we don’t have many connections where we live now. Blame game is not going to work here. Felt and merged, we shall see how this transpires, but any time I get to do work with reconciling Self relationship and corresponding family relationships and then community relationships, I am in! So much sadness here, disconnection, the feeling of emptiness in the belly where many addictions are felt physically connected to extreme cases of emotional suppression, and the mental noise that goes along with this all. All of it can be rectified Spiritually.

Next I saw a bubble. There was a boy in the bubble. He was playing video games. I felt into that. Nothing, there was a void. The boy was using video games as his own protection against the Separation. Separation I feel is also felt deeply in the belly, especially the regret around how we have become so Separated, but as everything is connected, its remnants and other associated unease can be seen in the rest of the Energy field. Energy fields, with adequate training, or sometimes no training at all, can be seen in the Dream world, and some can even see them with eyes open which must be incredibly odd to observe. I have seen glowing lights around people as my sensitivity increases, but do not see powerful colourful or dark auras everywhere I look, but again I know people who do. The boy was deeply saddened, and especially so when the act of him wanting to null the feelings of Separation is frowned upon, or is taken away. “No Video Games tonight!” The boys response other than a frantic cry is “fuck you hypocrite” you are busy with your own Separation methodologies, until you get off yours, leave me the fuck alone!” Okay… Gotcha ;) There was anger around this, that we could see eachother, sitting so close to one another, but so Separate. I look forward, but again without need, to seeing this Wholeness manifest.

Next came the dark cloud. The scatteredness that accompanied was very disassociating! Scattered, I felt all parts of my brain vying for attention. Where was it, here or there, so many loose ends, stored up there, replicating identity. Was it Whole? No. It was fragmented and there were pieces everywhere. This too was very angering as I didn’t know how to focus, I was everywhere, and therefore my data and information was everywhere. Time to clean up the cloud! By the time the transformation had ended the cloud had appeared golden, with the Sun next to it. There was just one cloud, and it was reserved for me, and consolidated in its Wholeness as I had. 

Then there was the something I had no idea what it was! Different non-sensible images and scenes that I couldn’t even grasp! What was it! Then I saw the search engine… Ahh! Intuition, the replication of information and the inability for the human being to focus in on what they’re particular memory is at that moment! I have found myself over the years unable to just randomly hit Google and now I do not do this on Facebook either as much. Why!? I will see what I need to see when I see it, I also have a Clear vision of Truth as it is being depicted to me which can only be done when our Psychic centres begin to clear in their likeness of Creator. When this happens and it is a constant evolution, never a definitive end goal, we know what we need. But however, I obviously still hadn’t come through All of it, and was obviously pushing it out of my field in anger that people needed to do this with the Truth already inside… Sigh… It is mine and no one else is to blame! A macrocosm of the Inner duality unfolding. As type this my drum made a bang, it is in agreement.

I saw a hooded figure in the next scene and then a person covered with a sheet much like you would see with someone dressed up as a ghost. Who was hiding? Me. Technology is great to hide behind. You don’t have to show yourself if you don’t want to, but if this is the plot, would your energy not be brought with you in ever text, messenger note, email, social media response or post? Yes! It will cause others to hide as well and not come out and admit their vulnerabilities and show themselves as they are. It is me that creates the hiding, in the House of Mirrors I am in having collided with myself when the pain in Life got too unbearable. More on this in an upcoming webinar, click here to sign up for notices as to when the next Transformational webinars will occur.

The next scene I saw a man getting out of his car with a cell phone. He went for a walk and had the cell phone up to his head. He was in a sea of Wifi and also a messenger to bring this sea to others in Public places. He was an advocate for Separation, and no more can I see this than in my previous realm of business, hence the suit the man was wearing and slicked style of his appearance. The appearance is the illusion, but the Reality being that there are invisible energies being omitted by the devices as they send and receive signals, and what signals are is a completely different topic that I may explain in another scene related to Sexuality. How guilty are we of disseminating Separation with our devices. When I see people hugging their phone I’m often agitated, wanting them to connect with Nature, but this is my inner duality battling for the right to come back into my Nature, which is Wholeness, which is the middle, no unconscious fighting necessary. Fascinating. The man ended up putting his cell down, which is what I was reminded through this Dream with WTIT. We don’t always need the Wifi on in the house. We don’t always need it on our Phones, we can create a balance. We can create a balance by stepping out into Nature without technology, and WTIT is totally cool with this. It doesn’t have a personal agenda that it would rather ALWAYS be with us, but also reminds us that it is not going anywhere. It is Now and it will always be Now, how we relate is up to us! Noted…. Turn phones on Airplane mode if you don’t need it on.

Then comes Pornography and the feeding of sexual imbalance and Separation. These are vulnerable topics, but not as they used to be, because I realized that I was simply discussing this with the likeness of me, it was important to dialogue about it or else I might not be able to fully grasp the implications of years of watching pornography as a teenager and young man. Sexuality through a screen or device that is sending and receiving signals… hmmm…. Racing to get the job done so mom or dad don’t find out! Hmm… Technology was the greatest plot for this twisted scene where I saw people having sex, which was arousing, but then later realized it was being watched through a screen and it was all an illusion to keep me stuck in my ability to Love myself and thus gain the intimacy that in my Nature, I knew was possible. Merging!!!

It is amazing what Young Men who are sexually imbalanced do to lust after and obtain such a fleeting sense of fulfillment.

Then there was my wedding. During this scene of Emily and I walking down the aisle, there were many taking photos, and then sudden sadness hit. People had lost their connection with utilizing memory for “remembering” and rather by taking photos were claiming their Separation from Wholeness, which grants amazing abilities to access Memory, which in my definition, is EXACTLY what you need at any given moment. It is the overwhelming inspiring compulsions, it is the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies communicating similar patterns and Lessons and then perceiving these Lessons and taking meaning from them when we see them in our External relationships. Everything in the House of Mirrors creates the memory. I was given the insight that photos were more used to tell stories, much like the memory of our Ancestors in our bones is giving us incredible clues as to What we Are and Why We Are here. I felt really sad thinking about missing out on my children’s lives and perhaps because there is a degree of Separation in my family comes the need to want to record all of the beautiful memories in a photo because of the overwhelming fear humans have of forgetting. This is part of what dementia is, which is my part of the other work I do (all connected you see) detailed HERE on my website www.channelsofflow.com/remembering-through-dementia.

The other one was music. Listening through a device on wifi compared to hearing it live or on a record player with limited frequential interference.

The Wholeness of Technology concluded the Dream with a bubble, it wanted me to put technology into the bubble, into my Sphere of Influence. I have many tasks ahead of me to see these changes integrate, but I allow whatever needs to unfold to happen as I bare witness to the magic unfolding, and I drop the need to see any of it, if it happens, I’ll be here.

Post-Dream Conclusions:

ME: So WTIT, what did you feel about our time together, anything I’ve missed?

WTIT: You nailed it, but I want to say Impatience as others may need to hear this! Wanting things to happen quicker and quicker, which in an efficiency sense does not cause harm, but when done so to make things happen, things you ‘need’ to happen, this further moves us away from the present moment. When your relationship with Me is about impatience and hurrying things along, I cannot help you in Wholeness like this. Something needs reconciling with this. And this one is very big! It will take time to unwind. Trust in the process and Trust in me, I’m not out to hurt you. The merging of the inner duality should make this very clear to you!

ME: I feel you, this one has plagued me for a long time. I have been known to want things NOW!

WTIT: Nothing can happen on this path in need, well something can, the opposite, but that’s not what you’re after is it?

ME: I feel like I’m not after anything, everything seems to come to me these days, like all of this rapid transformation that I don’t really go out and seek, it comes to me and I deal with it. I don’t feel a big trigger around this to be honest, like my work over the past decade has really settled me down. The grips of financial obliteration and the accumulation of debt has allowed me to settle into Trust better.

WTIT: I see that, and why I didn’t show you it in the Dream. I mention it here as many are out there wanting things to happen quicker and quicker and Technology when used from a Separation point of view can really impact ones True representation of manifestation and what it means to Create. When we simply go online to buy something, or two of something, what are we really doing? Are we manifesting? Yes. Are we doing so through a means other than Wholeness? Yes! Is this a problem, not really, I have come to accept that as a tool some will use me in a way that does not reflect my wholeness and that is what we are all coming towards, Me too!

ME: I spoke too soon, I am feeling it again. I feel like I want everything to happen at once, which I guess this All did, but in my human journey I have to learn to appreciate the sequential Nature. The ‘need’ has to be dropped. Anything I need, the opposite is True, Anything I resist or hold outside of my Sphere has permission to make it very difficult on me, because it is Me! Only a relationship that I have within my hands to make amends.

WTIT: Precisely.

ME: So when I invite Wholeness into my field with Technology, you, WTIT, also gain more Wholeness?

WTIT: I am already Whole Jonathan. So Are You. We simply need to look at Relationships to see this is already in place. I Trust you know how to do this, I saw miracles at work in your Dream and I’m very pleased that you are doing this in public space so that others can read these very Powerful words of Transformation. This is a Gift and thank you for including me in this.

ME: Thank you so much, I’m so thankful that my intuition was able to stumble upon a big struggle I had with technology. I was keeping it so far away and wanting to use it to share the Gifts of Wholeness, but I clearly see I was using it in Separation.

I look forward to seeing what I and others can all do from a more Wholeistic expression of Self. Blessings to all of my guides and those who accompanied me in this dream, and for you WTIT and your ability to forgive and allow others to see the light on their own time, you are not impatient at all! And thank you for anyone who braved reading through this possibly very agitating piece. That is Life, let’s get on with it, Wholeness awaits, but I don’t need it.

WTIT: I am the exact opposite of impatience, and why it is a tool used for the impatient, these paradoxes do not end, they are gateways into your understanding of Self and Reality.

I look forward to walking with you, I’m not going anywhere remember, I’m Everywhere.

ME: I as well, I will hold your hand, no fear there. Blessings !

WTIT: So it is!

ME: Oops have to ask as it came to me like sometimes other questions do after writing. Is technology from a place of Conscious Darkness or Separation attempting to replicate or replace Creator?

WTIT: Nothing can replace Creator, it is All, the Darkness, Conscious or Unconscious, Separation is a part of the Whole. Separation must be brought into the Whole to make it Whole, that is another paradox. The Separatist movement can only appear to make it ‘replace’ Creator so that the unconscious masses will believe them, as was done with similar Religions that replaced deep Cultural traditions, it was close enough and to avoid further perpetuation of abuse, people just started believing. This is the process of indoctrination and why these topics need to be discussed from my Perspective of Wholeness that is.

Anything other than Creator, or All, is simply a part, it can either be shoved far away from your Sphere of Influence, or brought back in to realize it Whole again.

ME: Yes, I see this. Can you quickly talk about the Companies doing this, should I sever ties?

WTIT: Ties will Naturally be severed because it does not resonate within your field. There is nothing you ‘need’ to do, only what you feel compelled to do, so do that when the time is right, that is All, without Need.

ME: Okay, blessings & Thanks again.

WTIT: You’re most welcome. Blessings.

Written by Jonathan Robert Martin.

___ ___ ___ ___

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Jonathan Robert Martin used to have a lot of identities and labels to describe the work that he does. These are falling away. His passion is Emotional Mastery and Communing with the Divine Elements of Nature to interpret Reality and gain deeper glimpses into our Origin Stories and why things are the way they are, and what is Truth.

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