• Jonathan Robert Martin

Dance Mother F#&$@## Dance!

If you feel uncomfortable getting your groove on, moving your body as your Soul and its Spirit Fuel is requesting, then here is an exercise of perspective.

Most dance like they don't want anyone to watch.

Some would say, dance like everyone is watching, which is very powerful by the way, and I feel my intimacy of groove and depth of expression goes in profound directions with this notion. I dance HARD đź“·:)

How about to take it to another level? Dance like the whole world fucking NEEDS you to dance, they are waiting for you to dance, with abated breath, hoping that some day you'll pick your legs up and get jiggy with what you know is possible.

If you liken it to public speaking, everyone, unless they are degenerate and prefer destruction of Self and others, WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED!

What is often defined as success in public speaking?

Not being nervous? Saying what you need to say without stumbling? we've all felt and seen this eh?

If the goal or outcome is to not be something, guess what the journey is going to be? Being that terrified it would seem, I know terror very well đź“·:)

So instead of having the goal of not being nervous, or dancing because you know it is important but you don't want to feel judged, their judgement is GREAT! It is a gift, even if it pisses them off, some people are very uncomfortable with joy, TOO BAD!

Their appreciation, regardless of egoic response, is PROFOUND at some greater level, you are a catalyst for them to view what expression of Life Could in fact be!? A catastrophe of sorts, crumbling walls of false-identities and notions of what it means to be here.

The motivated response sometimes in our envious eyes is that "I want to do that"... "That's not fair, it looks fun, so free, I should be able to do that" OF COURSE YOU COULD, but it's up to you!

Your contemplation or consideration of that being a possibility for you is a gift, a spin-off from my own gift-giving ways of freedom to express.

I believe that kids wanting what other kids have is the epidemic taken from colonial mindsets into wholeness, confused about who's is whose, taking from anything and everything looking to fill the void of emptiness.

When we see another person getting down in groove, or living purposefully, or being happy even for that matter, is our notion to react and take them down a notch? Feel sad for ourselves? Or to give ourselves permission to say fuck it, and get down to it as well. My suggestion is the latter, but only possible when we recognize the other two first.

The judgement we've heard from others in our Life, "Stop that", "it's annoying", "nice moves where'd you learn to dance" "loser", all of it, non-sense, but sadly taken on as our personal relationship to Self!

These self-tapes playing in the head begin to emanate through your perception of others, our judgements of others, we end up not wanting ANYONE to dance! Wow.

These dancers are freedom messengers, the angels that have come to unconsciously deliver the reasoning behind your being.

What a Gift!

Unleash yourself, everyone actually wants you to succeed as it may seem dependent on their success in some convoluted and oxymoronic way. Fuck it, I WANT TO DANCE. YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM SINGING ANYMORE! I am a bird of Nature, I express.

Dance like they NEED you to dance, and if you feel judged, Dance like YOU NEED YOURSELF TO DANCE, so that others may feel free to dance, the two intricately linked.

And if you feel judged, dance for that judgement, express it as you always have known to, but have felt timid to. That's okay, normality is all over the place.

Many people wait to start a project for fear that judgement is on the otherside, I know this because I lived it deeply. Waiting for something external to tell me to push play. All of it signs, and we may even get cheerleaders. Be careful whose cheerleading you seek to obtain, is it Real?

The Truth is, there are those NEEDING you to step in, their path is interconnected to it, they came here to meet YOU, in exactly the place you need to be. It was never a finish line that we choose to start at, it's right now, it's creating a website, it's putting out your first blog, it's saying that thing that you believe deeply but are afraid to because it might stir up controversy or make someone uncomfortable.

Success is not a bank account accumulating with money, although that can be a part of your Creation story here, why not, who tells you it can't?

Aligning Nature's Gifts with Natural Path means destroying old Money stories and aligning with new ones, and terrifyingly to others, including myself, that may require the destruction of economic models that are rooted in scarcity.

Our fear of expression may be intricately tied to a fear of being rejected and thus not having opportunity to 'earn' money. Nothing is 'earned' it is all a privilege to be here, that is what I've painstakingly come to learn here and journey into further and further as I go.

When we shift inwards, we can feel gratitude for. Prosperity as my teacher would reminde me, cannot emerge until we have prosperous relationship with the Earth and the land upon which we walk. I couldn't see this as further Truth.

I had been waiting for money and 'success' to come before I could feel comfortable in that. Bullshit, we need Nature, it sustains Life, it is Us, it is Life? We need more dance, more song, more art, more reasons to come together to collaborate, contemplate, and create the Life we know to be possible. It's time.

It's the Life of All that contributes to ours. Manufactured, fabricated designs that do not understand Natural Law take away, and thus we look to take away from others. Natural systems give and thus our propensity to give (another slippery slope) is the ability to walk, dance, sing our story of becoming, belonging, and Truthful living.

Dance like THEY NEED YOU TO DANCE, Dance like YOU NEED TO DANCE forget about them for a second, keep going, do it in front of someone, keep going, their reaction is a part of their evolution, but your commitment is integral to your own.

Keep growing, keep dancing, keep not giving a shit about what people perceive you to be they may never understand, that is until You do. I write this to me as much as I write it to anyone else, if not more so. Keep going Jon. Keep going all. Dance mother fucker, dance as something says to me.