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Does Money get a little too much Credit?

Yes, Sad but True. Read on!

Written: May 30, 2019

Written by: jonathan robert martin

It is getting all of the credit for manifestation if that's what you believe.

And hey, hey, a tool called Credit to fake it even more... See what's going on here?

Written: May 30, 2019

How often at the check out have you given your creative power over to money doing the job...

As I unwind my previously distraught relationship with money and rebuild a new empowered way of attracting it and the meaningful things in my life, I continue to see new layers of the onion peeling away.

Recently my attention has been brought to the credit we give money. It in some instances can be the be all and end all. The thing we strive towards, can't live without, and are constantly in a state of future projected worry about the possibility that we will run out.

How much power does money have over you in your life?

What decisions does it impact? All?

What stories come up when you do purchase something, or when you can't purchase something?

Where do you feel that in your body?

How do you know this is True?

The forgotten piece in our capitalistic pursuit to satisfy basic innate needs with material objects, is that we ARE ALWAYS CREATING.

It is not money that fuels your ability to create, in fact, the fear of not having money for whatever reason stifles creativity.

We hear the term starving artist as some sort of inevitable truth, but in Truth, artists starve because we have forgotten the ways of attracting the fuel to fire our passion and act in ways we once thought not possible.

The starving artist in a sense, I have lived. I chose to resist out of resentment the fact that every decision was being made by an illusory tool to keep people stuck and others in control. Money.

I can't actually promote this in my life, I have made firm decisions in this regard, no longer will I simply be a tool to make another money. My impact is greater, my genius emerging and encapsulating me at every turn throughout the day. My feeling body is sensitive, the subtle vibrations of chasing someone else's money honestly has made me sick. I have chosen to drop these stories, that my worth is based on the amount of money I have, or the things I have accumulated in my insecurity around death, around status, around health and longevity of my relationships, my freedom to do what i choose, where I choose, why I choose it, I am claiming that back.

The money game is a trick, it is deceitful. Many are taught to give over their sovereignty and autonomy as a human Being to harness the predictability of a paycheque. And when predictability is unavailable, we pound the street, looking for the dollars to get something to eat.

Many people I've worked with in my private practice can admit to the struggle that commerce plays on an individual. Making enough... having enough... what about the money... how can I get more? I think of Golem from Lord of the Rings in complete sensitivity, because I admit, I have had all of these tapes playing in my head for my whole life.

They have kept me stuck, insecure, uncertain, afraid, angry, and constantly chasing something that no longer speaks my language.

My language is not right, it is just where I am at.

I write this not in your wrongness, but in a curiosity and perhaps a knowing that others feel and think this way too.


Where do we talk in the office how the systemic reasoning on why you are there is not in fact serving your highest purpose?

Who do we talk to in the office about why we feel the way we do, and perhaps that our passion is fading, and how can I turn this around because I'm scared and I have a family to take care of.

In my opinion, a child is far better off living in a family with less money that follows their passion and pursuits, whatever those are.

For us, we chose a farm, with family, to reconcile the history of separation we have experienced in our lineage.

To come around food, and natural medicine. Healing, horses, vegetables, herbs, fresh water, spacious Nature. A dream come true, but most importantly MY dream.

We are always creating, and its accumulative. What you focus on mostly in your life, will be the thing that is there to sum it all up and meet you at the end.

What do you want to leave as your legacy?

Your thoughts and beliefs, your actions and reactions, your intentions and secrets, these are your legacy, and will create how you live your last days.

Do you yearn for a reassurance and validation that things will be okay? That there is still time to do the things I am passionate about, live the dream in freedom that I am a Creator.

If one wanted to buy something and it was at a price where they needed to consult with a significant other, how would that typical conversation go?

Well, I want this because of this and this, and this is the one because it meets all of these different needs. Without going into why actually that person "needs" that thing is a topic for another day, but typically the registering in the mind of the person who now has to condone that is quite remarkable.

Maybe there are thoughts of greed, as in "why do you get that, what's in it for me" or "you just got something its my turn".

Maybe there are thoughts of envy, as in "oh, I really wish I could have that too, but we can't AFFORD to.

I found this interesting when looking at the origin of the word AFFORD: "Middle English aforth, from Old English geforðian "to put forth, contribute; further, advance; carry out, accomplish," from ge- completive prefix (which in Middle English regularly reduces to a-; see a-(1)) + forðian "to further," from forð "forward, onward" (see forth).

The prefix shift to af- took place 16c. under mistaken belief that it was a Latin word in ad-; change of -th- to -d- took place late 16c. (and also transformed burthen, spither, murther, etc. into their modern forms).

The notion of "accomplish" (late Old English) gradually became "be able to bear the expense of, have enough money" to do something (late 14c.), and the original senses became obsolete. Of things, "be capable of yielding," 1580s, which is the sense in afford (one) an opportunity. Related: Afforded; affording."

So here we have our first introduction with my fascination of the English language and how meanings have changed. This happens all of the time, wherein words that once meant something, in this case, positive, turned into a lack and scarcity ideology that creates the most amount of stress in the world I feel.

The stress is real, it pushes people to pursue things in their life that their essence is so not into. It might actually be the last thing that a person wants to, why I feel that the pain and agony is so great.

If you are on an awakening journey, where you are questioning purpose, deeper questions about what is more, how can I feel okay, what is happening to me, who are these people? etc. etc. let's just dive into the weeds, because I can guarantee you your organization is not setup to deal with these deeper existential questions.

Maybe there are thoughts of lack and limitation and feeling stuck in a cage, like "oh that sounds amazing, how do you plan on us affording that" or "that's great, but that's expensive."

Expensive is another jarring word to the collective psyche. It rattles off people's tongues like they blankly say "how are you, good". People love to collect around how expensive things are, like it something they can all collectively lust around and then feel the limitation together.

When the systems we are working within, breed these types of behaviours, we become stuck. Everyone is doing it, it must be okay. That is why we are in the state we are in, we are taught to follow the herd. When we become aware that the herd is running off a cliff at an accelerated rate, will we then wake up?

I no longer choose to give credit to money for manifesting the things in my life I have. I will no longer credit or consider the art of going to an office from 9 to 5 to make ends meet. It will never happen, not out of resistance anymore, not out of a jaded edge that still pierces my side. Because I have granted myself, finally, the choice to say no more. My role in this position now stands to help others through this turmoil and help them find sustainable solutions for their brighter future.

This is such an important cause to me, I suffered a lot in the organizational setting. I hated most of school. I was not enthused by the mainstream culture, I needed to be different. Our difference is where we are similar because it is all spectacular as to where we've come from, what we've been through, who we've met, who we haven't, all of it, simply stunning.

But regardless of the exact story, or characters in your play, we ALL at some varying degree are being herded by the invisible carrot of Money.

Those who can transform their relationship with Money will attract all they ever NEED, and it will be enough, and it will sustain, whatever that individual chooses to create, not from money, with money. Subtle but HUGE difference.

Where can we claim back ownership around what we have created? Is it possible to go back and satisfy our co-creative recognition and transform those transactions where we repeatedly have given our power over, given in disgust, lack, dissatisfaction?

How many purchases have you made in your life, where you heart is beaming because YOU

HAVE CREATED this? If not many, imagine what that transition would do for your life?

Even if it's someone else's money, like a parent, spouse, friend, bank, YOU ARE CREATING this.

I will talk more about debt and why it sounds so much like death another time. I just wanted to air out my thoughts, that I am creating this, all of it. Even if someone had to "work hard" for the money, that was their choice, I've attracted in a way that works and is easy, and it doesn't matter. just because someone else has done something does not mean you need to. I challenge people I work with who want references now. Asking for a reference is the first stage to disempowering your relationship. You are relying on someone else's experience to create your own, and based on their success or failure, you will make a decision.

What has happened to intuition, with checking into heart, mind, soul, body, our creative centres? This is where all the information lies, not Google. Google is meant to replace your human intuition, to rewrite how we get information.

If you have to scour through pages, or blindly trust someone with no discernment about whether they are right for you or not, you are giving your power over to something to make decisions for you. Money can be one of those things, and we can either transform our relationship to it and focus on the new collective that knows different ways work, or we can stay stuck in the same collective engine that perpetuates itself on both ends.

Hard work, True hard work in my opinion, is reconciling our relationships with the things in our life. Whether that is people, pets, the Earth and its inhabitants, First Nations peoples, symbols, concepts, whatever it be... True reconciliation is where we feel, we listen, we share, we hold space, we witness, we transform, and we celebrate.

Food for thought, going to ride a horse Jonathan


Jonathan Robert Martin writes evolutionary philosophical inquiry with the assistance of the Creative Force that is Creator and All that is. He facilitates private counselling sessions, group facilitation, sound experiences, and much more to help individuals unlock Greater Purpose, More Resilience, and Deeper Intuitive Capabilities to help them navigate what can be a confusing world.

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