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Embracing Inner Climate Change - A True Vaccine to Defund the Unhealthy Relationship to Authority

Updated: Jun 10

Embracing Inner Climate Change

- A True Vaccine to Defund the Unhealthy Relationship to Authority

written by: Jonathan Robert Martin

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<A Vaccine for Defunding Imbalanced Authority>

I wrote this piece in two sections. The first will discuss my observation of the Reality of the means of Authority, and the Police as we are observing and enacting their role in this Point of Time.

The second will discuss my observation of Anarchy and how the too clash. What each side may be looking for.

I have done two separate divinations on these topics, so hoping this is a fresh take to clean and clear maybe some misperceptions, or expand some more, or nothing...

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<Defunding the Police:>

* I find this image interesting, because it depicts the two colours that appear to be associated with Fire and Water, which seeds many Creation stories around the world.

Is this Duality? The necessity for Police?

Let's find out.

By the way, I am a Human who lives in a place that some White domineers called Canada, these people are my Ancestors, and for that I am grateful, but I do not stand as grateful for some of the inequities that have strengthened since we came to this Island. Perhaps the gratitude of what I do have, has propelled me to lean in a little more to make amends for my racist past and environment in which I lived.

I don't live in the United States, but I watch it. It tells me things about myself, and since my sleepy country tends to take its political stance to appease the Country it is terrified of below, then it is my position to talk on this, look at it. Duality is clashing in the United States.

When your National news agency asks the question "because the United States looks to Defund the Police, is it time to look at the Toronto Police Department Budget?", this is a sure tell tale sign that a bunch of people are telling the selling the same agenda.

What does Defund the Police really mean?

If this means, that we don't need as many because we've learned to Trust, fantastic, but me thinks it's more!!

Let's take a look:

The police are required to govern the man-made Laws in order for there to be Order, or so it's perceived.

We have believed this fact and thus have allowed there to be systems of Policing, that we have essentially said Yes to, and thus built our constructs around. That's fine. It is what it is, but what else?

Much like we have Policed others throughout the experience of Life, when something falls out of a standard or expectation of what it 'should' be, we notice it. It is void, not fitting in, therefore like a sore thumb it sticks out.

What is sticking out? What is behind the narrative, have we armoured ourselves with Questions and listening for Answers?

Obviously the exposition of Police Brutality is a Fundamental MUST! The exposition of ANY Brutality is a must. But look at what that has Us do? Watch it. Face it. Feel with it.

Does defunding, or using monetary resources to penalize and/or change actually work? No.

What is Change? Movement of perspective.

Does the revoking of Monetary funds seek to invoke a sense of Shame around a shitty job not well done? Perhaps, it's a choice of ownership.

What is the Purpose of the Police.

To ensure People fall into line with the Human made laws of the land. It is also to control, it is also to keep people safe, and every shade in between. What is the Relationship to Authority is my real question.

The Police represent our Relationship to Authority, Insecurity, they represent our Relationship to Clarity (they find out what happened right!?!), our Relationship to Relationships themselves, do we Trust one another to not fuck each other over!?

If the answer is No, then Police are justified because we have stamped our approval on that Reality being a thing. We have tainted our Relationship with Authority to be used to validate our mistrust... Yes, sad but True. Happy to notice this though :)

Is this some Grandiose Utopia that says crime one day won't be a thing? Not sure.

I'm just looking at why something so violent can claim an identity and purpose in a World that seems to be moving against it. How Police violence can match with Anarchy violence, as a clash.

Wow, don't put your hand between the dogs ripping each other a part, we might have to let them just duke it out? Pray for an easy resolution, but man if you could only look at yourself in the mirror. Wait you are, and you're killing yourself!

So to combat inner wounds of abandonment and abuse, we look to fight and destroy. NOPE. Doesn't work. It will perpetuate infinitum, because that is Reality. What we resist persists.

So we just leave it, isn't that Silence?

Not at all, it is something we have never been taught, most of Us at least. A method of understanding the Reality. The fact that we are mirroring, and as we identify with Polarity, it grips us and causes Us to attack the very thing we look to defend.

The Police can embarrass, first through their judgements, and how they carry them forward to let us look at the shit we left, essentially. Like you would a new puppy to show them where they were shitting is not the right place.

Conversely, we can also see this embarrassment redirected back, when they are exposed it is an embarrassing time for the Police force, but can embarrassment also be a shield?

Is the fact that you're embarrassed and emotional good enough for some people?

"Oh he feels embarrassed, that's good guys, he's feeling and wow, I don't know what to do with that..."

Do we have to get past money being the only way to solve problems, have we limited our time frame of possibility to too narrow of a window?

What else is possible?

Society at large, not me personally, relies on the Police as a source of information to make them Safe.

They have become a method of Perspective and thus strengthen it every time we tune in to get the answers and Clarity. Oops that's been compromised, but was it just a Relationship we had with Authority that defined what it was to appear as to Us, how deceiving and violent it was, is there a subtle deceit and violence in Us that perpetuates its existence?

Have we really put too much Power into the hands of Police and Authority? The Police are a function of prot3ection for govnerment and man made law, what happens when the Protection is lowered?

Well, we might think we are prone to attack, and we may be if that's what we focused on for so long. in Reality, a dropping of guard is a sign of Trust. It is the capability to see Light in Self and thus another and thus not require something to be so heinously violent against.

Why? Because we have reconciled the inner wound.

Is that what needs to be defunded?

Why has Money equated to Power? Is it Real? Is it True?

Perhaps we have to defund the Power we have handed over to the control and addictive influence Money has had on the people. There would be no other reason to Loot, as it would not be destructive if there wasn't such an attachment to money. Maybe we could build a garden there? Not condoning, but what's done is done, let's build some regenerative things where the Separate Only used to be.

Perhaps the ability of only those who have lots of money to control the situations and thus influence how safe we feel, is what SHALL BE defunded. Sympathy dollars. Locking in Perspectives, or at least attempting to.

This 'Shall Bee' is not from a victim role of not wanting something to happen anymore, but let's put our Spiritual foot done, in our Magnificence of Power and say, No, and we can go this way where we just trust each other A Lot More.

Defunding is a Trust in Nature that what was needed is no longer, because something else, behind an Agenda is Perpetuating and Percolating into Manifested Existence.

The hunt and chase for Power-Over others, shall be defunded.

The Authority in unhealthy balance that chooses violence as its main weapon of attack, shall be defunded.

The Police brutality because individuals have taken back their individual sovereignty, shall be defunded.

The brutality that requires a Police existence, shall be defunded.

But as a penalty, as a means of saying you're bad or not-needed, as a form of punishment, that is destructive and simply not True.

Convincing ourselves that Money and the revoking of it is a solution, is completely misguided. The dollars in circulation haven't changed, therefore what about the issues with the Addiction to Money?

We have become hoodwinked to think that a Physical solution is the only solution, and that my friends is Separation at play which is a painful game.

The rallying around $s as a solution is a manipulative ritual. Careful not to get pulled too far in as many Others are. Fighting Climate change as well. Not a denier that Climate isn't changing, but Change is What Is. Fight that All you want, you're fighting God.

So while, this movement MATTERS, Black Lives MATTER, YES YES YES YES YES, I allow for my Relationship to heal, this agenda, sadly like many Others, including being better to our Earth.

This has been underfunded, and thus has become somewhat lost and confused in the Corporate charades and politics that influence the scene, asking the actors and actresses to assume their positions so it looks as bad as possible, as violent as possible.

To build the Distrust? Well one agenda would have you believe so. They are not the be All end All, so time we stop making them out to be bigger than they ctually are. No bigger than anyone.

Fund the Agenda? By defunding the Police! AND THEN WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE WITH THAT MONEY!?!?! What next?

What happens when money is shuffled? Is money going to help people heal? Maybe if the Police force is being sent to a retreat to work their shit out, but it appears that we will just give you less because you are doing a shitty job, and you're violent.

Stopping VIOLENCE with Money? Violence begets violence. Using money as a means to cover up violence, and silence the Power, Is Violence. What is war a good for? Money.... Control... Absolutely Nothing, until we notice it, and then the healing can begin.

I imagine beauty in All that reciprocates and ripples out from this defunding agenda.

Let's look at what really needs to be defunded.

Defunding is not putting any more energy towards in destructive and draining cycles. That is probably a good thing, but then we shall defund the media too.


Authority. It's right here to glance at, become an Authority on Authority, it's your Right and Gift.


So if Authority is defunded from a place of imbalance to a more settled existence, then so too Anarchy shall be defunded from a mere fact that it wouldn't be as required...

Here we go:

Hmmm. Blockades. We are seeing Police blockades everywhere right now, and aggressive violence.

Not a coincidence. It is evident that in this massacre of identity, there is another type of Exposition going on. Something more personal than anyone can comprehend.

In an earlier ‘un-asked’ question I was wondering why it was that these people could do these things and get away with it, I then ponder what I feel they are getting away with.

Murder, treason, lies, arson, destruction in an attempt to bring Chaos and Pandemonium to the streets and lives of People.

Ok, that is one angle. Another side is being fought that simply perpetuates the same judged acts of violence. Anarchy and Tyranny. Both in tandem, requiring each other to see Truth, requiring each other to justify their Owned existence. Perhaps Clarity exists within the Wheel, go ahead, take a look!

<I look to the Wheel, capital letters are used to emphasize categories of the Wheel.

Okay, well it would appear they might be a little mis-Directed, a little off-Mark in what they are actually fighting about and what they actually want. To know that through force they must get what they want, they are not taking into consideration Other’s needs, and Other’s perceptional differences that may not align.

So in the lost sense of Direction, they are misdirecting their energy. They are Lost, as you have put it, and thus cannot be reigned in, and thus other means must be used to work around this dilemma.

Next, in the realm of Science and Objective Knowledge in the Direction of NNNE, they are perhaps overtly focused on the Opposition of being run by machines, and its consequence for Human Sovereignty. They are fighting for something in mis-direction, but doing so in a passionately adamant stance against the pursuit of Commercial and Technological advancement. With their minds pointed in the direction they are, they are susceptible to the suggestion of attacking it, which as you have alluded to, perpetuates and justifies its existence.

Then for some reason I am brought to the Direction of SSSE, the colour Light Pink Rose, and the Emotion of Sensuality. Wow, how does this relate? Are they out of sync with their Sensuality?

Or are they completely in an excessive lust with an inner drive to orchestrate their means of justice the way they know how, the way they identify with? Domination.

Is Sensuality tied to our willingness to deny what is True to Us and therefore interact with Life on an intimate level that perhaps is void of intimacy all together.

Is the shakeout a stand against something that appears to be denying and opposing our Own core values, our self-identified Emotional states? Is this merely in a sense of entitlement that these sides feel like they are being killed?

I would say Yes, that these individuals have not received a lot of Sensual balance in their Life if their mode is setting fires and destroying things. Perhaps they need a hug. perhaps they need to come together and be listened to? But as Creator says, is our energy best spent elsewhere, on those choosing to find themselves, and not on those who have been lost to darkness.

We cannot allow this to continue in our neighbourhoods, but it is not in mine, so am I identifying with another’s experience, to prevent me from doing the things i feel necessary to do… A debilitating experience disengagement can be.

So many questions…

Then to the Number Mastery Category of 3 in the Direction of SSW. 3 being that very focused and observant individual characteristic, that knows how something is going to get done, and has utmost confidence in its doing, if in balance of course, and doing what is another question….

Regardless of what it is, the passion is overwhelming and therefore with All of their Will focused on the task at hand, and I guess regardless of the task at hand, the person is completely dedicated in their ability to get things done, again regardless of what that is.

If this is overboard, and in excess, it can take irrational ideas, ideas that perpetuate violence because of deep Separation from its Source, and thus its manifestation becomes inevitable, it is something that they just cannot not do.

Of Course 3 could be imbalanced in that I cannot do the things I wish to do, and even the things that I do not wish to do, even those are hard sometimes to muster up enough energy or confidence or perceived resources to get it done.

I am remembering these individuals are Lost in the Unconscious to the Darkness and therefore they are not in the ‘right’ frame of mind, to make a proper decision around how to get what they really want… Same too are many police officers and members of the military who have in turn received their own dose of programmatic infiltration that they can no longer think for themselves and thus perpetuate fighting and violence.

The whole SW direction is represented by the colour resembling a Burgundy. It is the concept of Tools, the Clarity we have to use them, influenced by the Number 2, a number of deep Emotional context, our feeling of physical connection to the subconscious world.

It would appear the Emotional context of 2, or that ability to experience a body/emotional connection is a recipe for the unwinding of Unconscious patterns, and as Creator has said, the lost Ones are too entrenched to come out of it. Lost to the Other side that denies the Totality of Existence, false Hope fuelled by so much tension. As you recall this is a part of the Big Regret. But with Big Regret comes with the Big Acceptance which is reassuring in its own right.

So the SW direction is actually Opposite to the NE, which is connected to the Life Category of Direction itself, and I can now see how they are linked.

If we are faced in the wrong Direction, just even within the Tools we see at our disposal to destroy, seeing these rioters use everything and anything to cause havoc and Pandemonium, a tool of the Darkness, in defence of the police-state who in term use everything and anything to cause havoc with those that look to cause it, we see the ongoing perpetuation of the illness that is identifying with chaos, or as the Wheel calls it Pandemonium. This perspective, which this ALL is, must be unravelled to see a different Human experience unfold.

The SW in its entirety represents a Clarity to put forward Right action, in the preservation and re-generational qualities that Creator represents, in All of its forms, in an Emotionally balanced and responsible way. It is a Clarity of the Tools and the Right Relationship to them, to use them in accordance with the Directions and decisions we use to battle the insecurities that root so many of the problems that Humans are faced with, that cause people to do the things they do. And in its Opposite to SW, the Emotional Category of the Direction NE is Insecurity, so there is Direction again, rooted in our inability to feel Secure is mis-Direction.

So through incredible Insecurity, regardless of cause or how that decides to manifest, we become mis-Directed, unClear, and therefore cannot see the Tools at our disposal to follow our Heart’s pursuit, which is inevitably a Self pursuit, that is a Creator-led pursuit, instead of the pursuit of taking it All down, which is not the intention I come to experience.

SW is influenced by the Element of Nature, which is the Change Agent, the interceptor of intention, the thing that knows its pliability and malleability, and thus the thing that knows what needs to come and do what and go where, to become the Light Beacon to attract that which occurs.

Nature is the Movement in Action. It is the Process. It is the Bridge. The Bridge to the Other side, the glory and grace we All know to be possible, is in the Otherworld, the Supernatural world, it is the Gift that is here to merge in this ‘point’ in Time.

Nature knows how to bring something into something else, and with this Alchemy emerges a Clarity, with this Alchemy we can use Tools appropriately to guide Us in directions that best serve our interest and Hearts in Mind.

Hearts in Mind. I like that.

The Life Mastery Category of Justice which I was brought to next points in the Direction of NEEE, and associated with the Emotion of Love, we see people fighting for what they believe in, what they define as Love. Fighting being a word that has many definitive relationships as well, justice is not excluded.

What we fight and why we fight are two completely different things, and based on the reasoning, it can determine whether we are going in to burn the house down, or if that is a mere consequence of the Grand Vision we have that requires the house not be there, the Separate house, in order for the House of God to emerge. In its Just way.

My only Challenge, which is another Life category, is for us to communicate our beliefs and find commonalities around where we can come together rather than ripping each other apart.

But again, as Creator mentioned, perhaps the Lost ones need to do their thing, they need to battle, but can we let this stop us from seeing change, witnessing the True miracle of Movement, Air, and Nature’s Intelligence? Allowing for Change? Allowing for the Wholeness of the Direction: SW to allow us to utilize Tools with Clarity for Change and a greater Emotional balance, through the Power of Nature? I think so.

Justice, what are we fighting for? What are we fighting for? What are the consequences of our actions against what we fight for? Is it sustainable?

Justice is represented by the Earth. Our feeling of solidarity, what we stand for, what we embrace and contain in our Environment, the collectives we serve, what we stand on, our sense of Home, our sense of Belonging, ready to be taken until we decide that which takes, can take no more.

I then moved to Marksmanship. Ah, imbalanced War. Using precision and direction in attack mode to take down another, while unfortunately self-destructing at the same time. 

Something against something else, in their extremes is a sign of a fragile Polarity that is collapsing. We must let them do what they do, who wants to come in between two dogs ripping each other to shreds! That is what this work is, a Merging of Polarity.

Everything as it appears is being orchestrated by something Greater than we ever imagined, because God in its Totality could not be imagined with a lense that served no purpose but to deny its existence. Through wading through the identity of Denial, we have come Clean, we have become more coordinated.

Is anything really uncoordinated? No.

Whether it is conscious or not, something conducts. Whether it is Self or an Other is another question.

I then went back to the middle of the Wheel. Where All is Welcomed in the House.

<End of writing for that day>


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