Empowering the Susceptible

Do I read too much into things? I don't care, hahah.

My phone auto-corrected the word susceptible into individual words: Sick; Sept; A; Bull. Interesting. Susceptible would imply prone or vulnerably exposed to an external threat, or the perceived fear of it happening, again...


This is disease, the real disease it would seem. The perceived vulnerability of attack from an external threat, in a Separate world.

Sick. Okay I get it.

Sept, which is defined as a family unit or clan, although its root word can be found in many more words.

A, indicating a Separate thing from Self.

Bull, the fierceness of conviction, and determination. Strength. Pursuit. No bull about it, bull means business.

In a world, sick, of its separation from family, and what that means, it will lose its will to pursue that which it knows it must, but cannot. Susceptible to the mercy of another.

That too can be changed.

This is Empowerment.

This is Healing Ancestral Trauma.

This is Expanding Perception and thus unlocking Possibility!

Blessings & I thank Creator for the power of noticing and pure memory. Jonathan