• Jonathan Robert Martin

Entities, De-Posession, Exorcism. Oh my!

Written: May 12, 2019

Jonathan Robert Martin

Entity de-possession. Exorcism. Oh My! Scary eh?

Not really.

Excuse the scary image, but it may serve you to know where your concepts of these topics come from? Another? A book? Or your own inquiry and forethought? That's what I'm interested in.

Our belief in external concepts, ideas gives them life. this includes concepts, brands, religious figures, symbols ($ for ex), celebrities/athletes political figures etc.

What we feel about them is how they show up and act for us.

If we believe, we create. If we think about and identify with, we become a part of the collective energy that strengthens.

If we create unknowingly we become a part of the unconscious army.

The unconscious army is available to carry out the orders of something or someone that does not have the highest good of the people/planet in mind. this entity requires unconsciousness to play out the scene, and it requires our subtle belief.

But in identifying and saying something is being done to ME by some ONE, I have given power over, wait no I haven't. that thing does not have power over, nor permission to inhabit my space (body, mind, soul, emotional, space, time.) that is law.

By claiming something is doing something to us without our consent is a misnomer. You have given consent over in belief and now it is time to call it back. By feeling we have no power to call it back and create our own destiny we fall into the trap. Time to step back out.

Most people I have worked with have had conscious entities (concepts, symbols, religious ideas) etc. clinging onto them. these entities may in most cases relate to lower vibrational energies that are trying to keep you down.

In the Catholic sense, the entity is damned to hell in an aggressive exorcism. When we wake up to our personal power we see that the 3 dimensional reality itself has become the hell, so in a sense, they're right. if we try to fight entities to remove their power we get into power struggle and it strengthens, and it manifests back into 3D reality perhaps in a more aggressive form.

The compassionate de-possession route honours the entity. It empathizes. But it takes away permission with ease and grace. It knows that human free-will trumps all external influences. It returns the essence of the human being's energy field in wholeness once the darkness has been freed and transformed.

DO KNOW, the vibration of earth and the energies of the subtle field are increasing, they have been for a while. Out with the old and in with the new. Entities are having a tough time hanging on - they want out, but NEED someone who can move them. I once had 8 people in a row book appointments with me, all with entities. they were guided because the consciousness of the entity guided them saying "get me the fuck out of here."

We can also see this is manifested by the questioning that more and more people have towards the old systems of control. The questioning is an admission from the soul that these lower vibrations are not welcomed. People may not be able to question if that thing is not ready to surface.

If you are not feeling like yourself, sluggish or tired, irrationally angry, hunched over or feeling like there is something present that moves, weighs you down, message me - the process is super quick.

I've seen life changing occurrences when people step out of their perceived fear of spirit, when they clear from their subconscious the fears that media and movies have created around these concepts. We have been taught to stay away, but I have learned the ways.

compassionate de-possession, it is a thing, and it doesn't hurt to check in.


Jonathan www.channelsofflow.com