• Jonathan Robert Martin

Exposing 'Free' and Allowing for Freedom

Written: June 29, 2020

By: Jonathan Robert Martin


Free healthcare. Define Health. Free education. Define Education. Free Universal Income.

All of these things seem great to the un-pondering mind, but perhaps they need a little more work?

What is Optimal Health. Optimal Education. Optimal Models of Exchange and Purposeful Contribution?

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All of these 'propositions' of a New Future, created with limited concepts of Time, hinge on Free. Freebies. Something that is handed out when one loses connection to the Power within, and thus is dependent on something to take care of them. This may seem like it is codependency, but it is an aftermath. Codependent frameworks are built on the notion of self-unaccountably. The inability to look at Self and the role it plays in the Experience we are Noticing. Play it can be. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Certainly! Define Work! Define Job! Define Purpose! Where is Purpose in All of this proposed Freedom!?!

Hahaha. Good questions! Listen for the answers. Noticing starts everything. And when we Notice, we are given a plethora of opportunities to make amends. Free this and that, is okay, but it is still based on the Financial System being 'provided' by the same Financial System that built the crooked thing we're in Now. The insurmountable debt, the unobtainable goal of paying it off, just constantly in the mess, while some really think they're benefiting! Think.... a mightily misused behaviour of sorts... too much thinking... an abuse of its Power. Which is what a friend of mine who visited a Shaman in Africa said of Dementia, it is an abuse of Power. The engine that proposes New Green Technology, as it is right now, is not looking at a large enough scope! Outdated technologies hinged on some assumption that it is the thing that is the problem, or our perception of there being one. It has used and abused Power, and in the ignorance of codependency we have, Sad but True, been used an abused.

That's okay! It is flawless, this Design, you are not Alone, and there are ways out of the suffering, as I have been brought here to Remind Misery to Lighten Up and Laugh, and that is what I shall do.

What have you been brought here to do?

Why is this such a challenging and agitating question?

Tension. Between what we know is possible and what we deem as a problem, aka the inability to accept what we have Created. What if there were no problem? What if it could be no different? What if we were able to relinquish control to something we cannot control, in order to evoke a sense of Command in our Autonomy and Sovereignty as Free Beings.

What if merely recognizing the Creative POWER that was required to bring this into your experience, and the things we want changed are gifts that need to be Notice, and honoured for the Unconscious Genius that needed to come to this Earth to put forth this reenactment, of something much more vast than any of Us may ever be able to Truly comprehend. True Freedom. Wholeness. Merging of dualistic fighting ecosystems and CLIMATES, and instead Allowing for Inner Climate Change to be the focus. To evoke the Freedom, but not just Free....

Slaves were Freed, but into perhaps a more oppressive and ellusive slavery network they were all guided, to be with Us, to join us in this Point of Time to navigate out.

How fun! Let's do this together and show Creator what it is like, to invoke Power of the People and what can be accomplished.

Lots of work to do, and yes demolition is required in a Safe manner, that is not further destructive, that is the anti-thesis of what we want. Fighting begets fighting, because it proposes the identity into your experience of Reality that does not jive.

The Great Tension! The Great Angst! I want this, I don't want that. What to do? Where to turn? What to feel, think...AHHHH!!!!! (understatement...)

Freedom is at odds. A struggle between what we believe it is, and what we KNOW it is, and these Create a sense of overarching tension that guides all expereinces, and deems EVERY SINGLE ONE, necessary and meaningful.

But how do we Change? How are we going to get out of the muck?

What if you could just accept that it may be no different, it may never be the same, it may actually be flawlessly working, and the tension is the Necessity that makes this all possible.

What if Free needs to be convoluted for Us to evaluate and contrast based on these Tensions, to deeply understand what it Truly means to be Free.

Freedom is within. It cannot be in a marketing proposal if it wishes to stand the Test of Time. Yes, even Freedom has been misconstrued and limited to only a Financial Variable. Shame it is, but Shame is a part of it, part of the unwinding, part of the piecing back of Self that has been lost in the Dependency that is inbred so subtly at times, it appears as if it's not actually there, as it tries to blend in to avoid exposure.

The ability to Hide is becoming more and more difficult as we navigate True Awakening.

Not a marketing slogan, hashtag, or viral video.... WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN REALITY.

The ability to Deny what is Truth, or what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN REALITY is becoming weakened. It is very fractured at this Point in Time, and thus the ability to hide Lies in Truth, is making it seem more and more obvious as to what is really going on. That is why we are seeing what we are. This is a matter of Perspective. This is a matter of where our Perspective can look. But where are we looking? What do we require to make these amends? Where is the Expansiveness of Perspective to Save the Day.... Can a day be saved? That sounds ludicrous and like a marketing slogan from the broken record of a dismantled and fractured past.

Can a day be saved? Can another be saved? Can the planet be saved or is that too an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

Can we Save our Selves? Well, Yes, via Self. Notice the Paradox in Reality? There are those that prefer History to be erased, misinterpretation, disseminated out in these concepts of Free Education. But at what cost? With the "Green New Deal" and new Educational 'Awakened' Models and the Social Revolution being steered and yanked in all sorts of different directions, we must ask ourselves, to whom do we report and where are they leading me? Where are the Future Generations with this decision?

If you are proposing solar-panels as a replacement for the monstrosity that is ripping the bloodline out of the Earth to get us from meaningless point A to meaningless point B, that is something I am no longer interested in.

Where is humanity, as it stands, current Political spectrum, individuated and globally, and Universally, where it being lead? How does it feel about that? Where does it Truly want to go. What song is that tension playing? Can it be sung into another song? T

Again... What do the future generations think? Have we asked? Have we listened for a response? Have we Noticed yet? Are there Other solutions, more brilliant than could EVER BE COMPREHENDED, because comprehension is only a matter of Perspective, or the ability to receive information without needing to Identify one way or another. Expanded Perspective = Expansive Solutions. Yes, Freedom for the Future. For Now. As It Is. It can be no different! It will never be the same! Change is ALWAYS HAPPENING. It cannot be fought... Inner Climate Change needs to be Allowed! External Climate Change fighting leads to a slow killing of Self, as we fail to learn the lesson of having something outside of ourselves Tell Us through their propositions what is Right and what is Wrong and what will be done about it. No longer for me.

It is Time to reinvite Magic into the ways. Into the institution. To make it Fun again. To make it Light-hearted again. To re-propose a new imagination that knows what can be, because they have Allowed themselves to Be, and thus have Allowed Change to Flow. As it already is.

There are plenty of ways to reinvigorate the Magic within a community, within a country, within whatever collective we serve, but it starts with Self. So ask your Self: Are children the Future? Can you simply give something a Time Frame identity? I consider that a locking in, so feel free to allow that notion to dissolve if it is no longer serving You.

Have we considered that Children are the past, 'presenting' themselves in this Present Moment, for us to purvey what is requiring our attention, or Noticing...

Have Children merely shown up to relay to us who choose to listen, the Important Ancestral messages to end the fight and struggle? I believe so.

Are Children communicating with Us on deeper levels through their behaviours, reactions, words, requests etc? Absolutely.

Have Children shown up to help us merge this constant Fight in Polarity, to show Us of All of our stances against something?

Fighting Change, fighting is another oxymoron. It is a snake eating its tail and now out of room, it decides whether it can actually eat its own head. Gagging.

What if our NEED to change, or the desparation / inability to be with What Is, the codependency in viewing this Experience from a position of Self, is causing the slow-motion appearance that Change is being progressed towards, but not at All... Sorry, not sorry. It's True.

Admitting its Truth is not a relinquishing of Power. It's the Opposite.

The Things we feel are most fearful, are the things that when we go to them, we can fully realize how Capable and Empowering we are to stand up for what we believe in. For what we deem as Appropriate conduct, especially if it is on your behalf.

On the other side, while some can get swept away in it All being bad, or All destroying. I would ask you, what would that look like? What are you visioning? What identity have you assumed, and what role do you play in envisioning the Design?

If the Only thing we can actually own, is the Design itself, what are we Owning?

Is it possible when relenquishing our misconstrued, misinterpreted, confused notion of Owning, we can Own our Creation, because that is why we have come. To recognize this Power, and to understand 'What We Are Made Of'.

Is it possible that something that is invisible, could inform Us of what is happening, where it is going, where it has been, and alternatives for us to Play with?

Is it possible that this Expansiveness, this One Note if we are in sound analogies can help Us realize the Misery, to expose it, to care for it, to help it feel Truly Safe, so that we can empower expansive aspects of our Uniqueness, our Talents and Gifts our connection to something More Meaningful. That is the New Design. Always possible. It only needs to wait until 2030, because that is something else, destructive in Nature, trying to Tell Us 'What Is'. The River of Time has shown me the Future is actually coming from behind. Inevitable. It is already 'As It Is'. And this is such, because the River is as long and as expansive as your Perspective is. Period. With expanded Perception, the Ideas become more and more profound, because we have not given our Power of the Self's ability to ponder and inquire about its Relationships over to the hands the do not validate your Existence. Notice. The innovation becomes much more Possible, because possibility is too merely Perspective. Everything is. Everything is. Everything is. Perceptions Expand as we drop False-Identities, "taking off the mask" so-to-speak and that saying is more these days with the attempted coronavirus scare. Yes, let's face it, there's a big scary ghost in the closet, until we look in the closet, turn the Light on, and Allow for it to be, it will continue to Haunt & Taunt.

In this Allowance, Change flows. It Always does! Change Flows, when we drop ownership of this or that. I'm this Religion... No you're not!

There is a concept of Religion, that is constricting as You see. With more than half of the World practicing, you think it would be a little bit more at-ease out there? Own this. You're a Unique Human Being that is locking its Potential into false-stories of what you believe is impossible, or too scary, or too aggravating, or whatever... and thus seeing the Design of You, Create the experience, the Unique reenactment of Creator's endless paths, and on this Path I speak of, the Great Reassurance is that it is the most splendid of Paths, and you have no idea of the Magnificence that is in store.

First, identities must be challenged. Exposed. Understood. Questioned. Cared-for. Transformed through its Allowance to Be As It Is for a moment. Yes, not 30 years. Change is happening, but it is in the Moment. Dropping the Identities of I'm this, or I'm that, or I'm sad, or I want to be Happy, is vital for the Future, as it frees the burden of Future Generations from having to wear that worn out badge of Dependency. It is utilizing this Present Moment to view What Is, which is the Past showing up to give us a way out of the Misery. To remind it to lighten up and laugh. It takes some Willingness and Conviction to wade this path of Inner Reconciling, but I consider it an Allowance of Inner Climate Change, instead of Fighting the External Change Symptoms we Now can see in a new heightened way. This is a Powerful Point in Time. Jonathan

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