• Jonathan Robert Martin

Extra-Ordinary Experiences

May 21, 2018

We wandered into a big box store recently, a rare occurrence for us islanders, and we certainly got a dose of duality. Countless requests for us to buy this or buy that, flashy colours and memes reminding us of how we may potentially need these things for our survival, for someone to love us, for someone to feel we are worthy or valuable. I entered with non-reaction, but could certainly feel the drains starting, a strong need for resilience in this situation. The energy was palpable. People in a hurry, people looking to fill voids, whatever those are, no judgement. I was unable to find what I was looking for and proceeded to venture upstairs. I met an associate that had a remarkable impact on me. As I asked him a question of the whereabouts of what I was looking for I was taken a back of the clarity in his eyes. We locked eyes for a moment and then he proceeded to let out the most contagious smile. He reminded me of what I know as bliss and contentment, what I feel a lot are looking for. Our interaction was so positive, so light. He almost recognized a gift that I was giving him of my attention and presence and responded with the same attention and presence, but coupled that with joy and service as well. He walked me around the store, without any concern for what he was previously doing, and in this circumstance he was unconditionally interested in what I was looking for. Usually when I meet strangers, I have a reservation. A discernment that goes off that reminds me not to get too close, it is a wall I've built up, my defence mechanism. This time was different. I did not want to put up walls. This individual was not, and I decided to reciprocate and simply bask in the energy of our interaction. It was so flowing, so peaceful, so enjoyable! It was a remarkable experience that for some reason I did not want to end, and I know this was reciprocated on his end. I was reminded after our interaction that seemed to last a lot longer than many would like to spend in such a store, that regardless of what we are doing, where we are at, who we are surrounded by, we can carry ourselves with purpose with enthusiasm, with a zest for life that the biggest baddest machine cannot take away from us. This is where true purpose lies, in the moment. Purpose is not a far reaching, never satisfied goal. It can be right here, right now. It is also the things we choose to do, and perhaps this individual was working towards something in his off time, perhaps he was content with where he was at. Perhaps his goal was to be the change in bigbox that he wished to see in the world. I truly believe this man was a healer, an energy worker, a light being sent here to make a difference. He chose to do something that would make a difference, and this store or my experience would not have been so remarkable had he not been there. Ever grateful for this interaction and my awareness for bringing me into something that serves me with so many reminders on how to live and how to love. Thank you man, I never got your name, but you changed my life, again. Always changing, always growing, always learning, always being. Right now. With love, Jon