• Jonathan Robert Martin

Fate and Purpose

Written by: Jonathan Robert Martin

Photo Courtesy of Wix Images.

When we wake up to our higher purpose of being, we unlock all the stories that have laid dormant, that we were unaware even existed. We begin to see that these stories attempt to control our every action and reaction, we identify with them so deeply.

Throughout this challenging process we start to see that who we have identified with does not align very well with who we wish to become, or who we know we truly are.

Accepting your fate is the first step to unlocking freedom and an unlimited prosperity in life. This starts with accepting your stories, accepting those in your life who have past them down, and those who we interact with that still hold these views. We were given these gifts to breakthrough, to see anew.

When we cannot accept, we find ourselves in guilt, shame, blame, and justification, all of which drain us and others of energy and leave us in a perpetual cycle of fighting that which cannot be fought. We cannot enter into a prosperous arrangement with ourselves if we are against who we have become. We reject life on so many levels.

Acceptance is the key to non-reactionary living. The key to freedom and unlimited prosperity. It is so possible.

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