• Jonathan Robert Martin

From Sameness to Uniqueness - MAGIC!

The official narrative says things will never be the same. Creator agrees. Although appearing in similarity, these statements are Stark in contrast.

In the official narrative, sameness is valued, predictability, control over outcome., Status quo, don’t challenge, don’t question etc.

Creator sees sameness as the unique identifier that each unique path holds, the connection back to its source of being and original intention. The closer we get to this original intention the clearer the picture becomes. Paradoxically, the more we access this underlying sameness, our uniqueness blossoms exponentially.

Yes it will never be the same, but it has always been that way. This is not new. This is not something to dread, the losing of normalcy. Something to grieve undoubtedly. Out with the Old to see what else is New.

Normalcy has been challenged, and fractured. It will not be rebuilt under the same premise, it will never be the same. No thing ever is, except for that which is controlled by physical means only.

For the good i would say, normalcy was boring and thus the need to be entertained. Thus the need to co-dependently live someone else’s life. Life is entertaining when you give it a chance to be magical.

Just as things will not be the same, no thing can change when you want it to be different, therefore no thing can be made different without first the acceptance of What Is. It is unbelievable when we stop and look at all the things that we do have. Nothing can appear different if it is not good enough.

Lots of Love Jonathan