Healing Ancestral Trauma

Healing Ancestral Trauma is an enormous topic, but its application is simple and profound.

Imagine being able to connect with Ancestors who have crossed over to the Otherside.

Imagine being able to take their messages and adequately use it to guide your Self in Life and make the changes necessary for healthy improvements in your Life and Others...

That is possible. The Ancestors, the invisible energy that supports All of us relentlessly, can be connected to, and it is my humble privilege to share this remotely and in-person on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada in the dream world.

It is an absolute miracle at how simple this work is, and how much sense it can make. When can close their eyes, visit a fire, and connect with love ones lost, but obviously not forgotten.

It has to be experienced to be understood. These words do it partial justice, but literally no justice at All, it is an experience to behold in your position of Self, the reminders the Ancestors are bringing to Us so that we can more adequately connect in community, the inevitable path.

When I think of the Ancestors I am called to the Ash.

Ash is the substance that remains after the Fire has consumed through the Nature with which it burns.

What is left behind by what we consume, and this is more than just on a physical level.

That which cannot be permanently removed, but full of rich nutrients it can be.

Depending on what has been burned yes, but also the intention into which the remnants were created.

Two pieces of wood burning might seem to produce a similar ash, but they can be completely different.

And thus the byproducts of any form of consumption can be likened to this. What are we leaving behind for Others? Our children’s children and so forth.

Fire requires the Air to stoke it, which is its movement, to allow it to burn.

Too much Air and we have too much movement, too quick, for a fire that is already raging in misguided directions.

This is where violence becomes the answer, it might be the only thought for some.

I believe the Ancestors are always challenging our perspectives and identities, and thus the reaction in which we treat each other.

The Ancestors know of violent pasts, regardless of how much we try to hide away from the Truth of the experience. What actually happened…

From a Self point of view, relating to something else. That’s it.

This always comes back to Self, and it can be no different.

Something is exposed in Self, it is brought to the surface and exchanged for something more empowering and genuine, something that looks to take care of Home and those who inhabit this place, first.

There is a lot of regenerative work to do within the fields of Environment, Economic Systems, Health, Education, Religion etc. and the Ancestors know ways of remedying the situation in your Life, as everything is a relationship that stems from Self.

The Ancestors have seen their shortcomings on this planet, and Now in a new light, in a sense of Wholeness, they know the path and they know which directions we should face.

They know how to allow Us to transgress and allow movement to flow in a coherent and often breathtaking sequenced array, if we pay attention.

The Ancestors help us to notice by putting things right in front of us so that we can’t miss them.

When they are nourished and fed from this world to the Otherworld, they are equipped to support and sustain the momentum, it is likened I believe to the Fire of the Will to keep going, which is often impacted by the past experience and traumatic conditioning isn’t it?

This path, in all of its pain and glory is perfect and the Ancestors are here to remind us of this.

The glory in this work is in the embodying of a Truth so clear that it begins to represent itself in You, as more and more of an authentic representation of what is Truly beneath many subjective and often harmful belief systems.

When we gain back objectivity, we choose how to respond, we choose how to navigate and what where we choose to move with this incredible journey of Human Life.

When we have been taught not to challenge or question, we often miss out on these opportunities to peel back the onion a bit and see what is really causing us strife in Life.

The Ancestors can do this, they are masterful in their understanding of Reality and what it takes to get us to see, with no harm intended, and your highest good in mind and heart!

This begins with the Heart, and how we can identify, as the Heart is this emanating beacon of light that attracts and repulses what shows up in our experience.

The amalgamation of our work in the past, with the Ancestors and their stories of trauma that we carry within, helps to extend our perspective and concept of Time, thus unwinding us from an addictive form of compulsion to pursue things that simply are not inline with where you want to head in Life.

within, is when these reactionary behaviours, false-identities, fall away, and we are left with our own choice in how to respond. Good God it is freeing and indescribable in words. It is freedom from shackles to say the least.

Regardless of how ‘bad’ you feel your family has been in the past, living or deceased, or about to be born, they know the solution and remedy to have it alleviated from the burden future generations would have to carry if it went ignored.


They do not have the same limitations of Time perspective that Humans do. They can see ahead! They can see behind! They therefore intimately know our challenges, and thus intimately know our resolution, it is part their resolution too.

The journeys to commune with our Ancestors over Ancestral traumatic issues is of utmost importance because it clarifies the situation.

Even those who have very little experience with Spiritual communion have remarkable experiences and Life Changing messages that come through.

Essentially, in these spaces, we become mediums for the lost stories of our culture and the internal map we have to guide us back Home, a sense of belonging we may have never felt, but still know is possible.

What is Ancestral Trauma?

The remnants, or ASH from a life once lived, of the stories carried forward in our DNA that encodes this experience, and manifests it into actuality in this Physical component of reality.

Yes, for some, problems are merely physical occurrences. And thus it becomes prevalent to make these problems someone else’s problem, a confused state of being that the Ancestors help us work through and come to resolution as Change will allow.

The Ancestors know this is a process of patience, patient initiation, and they will do everything in their Power to help remind us of this, to accept ourselves and our situation, and to make amends to those Relationships that inform the entire experience!

The trauma encoded in the stories contained are Emotional / Spiritual / Mental / and Physical, all of these aspects of Health are connected.

The Ancestors know that trauma has not been adequately dealt with, they avoided it in their own Life.

Once before however in nearly All of our Ancestral traditions came a connection to Nature that recognized and reciprocated in its bounty.

It knew how to take care of Self and in this empowered way, it knew how to take care of its Home.

Systems of oppression and Colonization have left the masses confused, picking sides, and attacking, rather than bringing to surface the inner trauma that is causing ALL the strife in one’s experience.

Yes, sounds simple. It would get simpler if there was a method of bringing people together to discuss differing perspectives and alleviating the tension rather than stoking its flames that are already burning uncontrollably.

When we commune in Spirit, come together as we do at the Fire of the Ancestors that resides within, that they maintain on our behalf, knowingly or not, we can’t help but move towards more connection in our Physical experience and thus belonging to be what we are made of and to do what we are here to do with that, that is Purpose.

If you would like to setup a consultation to determine whether Ancestral connection is right for you, please visit the Healing Ancestral Trauma page to see whether this work is right for you.

Blessings, & may we connect back to the Elements within, to see that there is no Separation without.

Jonathan Robert Martin


Jonathan writes evolutionary philosophical inquiry with the assistance of the Creative Force that is Creator and All that is. He facilitates private counselling sessions, group facilitation, sound experiences, and much more to help individuals unlock Greater Purpose, More Resilience, and Deeper Intuitive Capabilities to help them navigate what can be a confusing world.

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