• Jonathan Robert Martin

Improv Singing - 8 Tracks, Debut

Written & Recorded June 25, 2019

By: Jonathan Robert Martin

Wow, my first recorded improv track. 8 tracks, improv, one take each, just went for it. Took a leap! And it came together about half way through, check it out and evolve and find resonance. Sloppy is life, let's embrace the discomfort that it's not always neat and tidy.

Granted a laptop and cheap headphone mic, and no mastering, compression or effects, but nonetheless it's out there. Breathe, it'll evolve I have what I need.

Sometimes it needs to take shape. Keep in mind, when we are in spontaneity, anything goes and anything is okay! All of it is required.

I further opened up a layer this weekend at a profound David Hatfield workshop, the Singing Soul. This is what I've been doing my whole life and will continue to do until I die.

We need to come to some energetic understanding. Something needs to harmonize.

Sometimes this takes time, sometimes patience, focus, commitment. Stay With It if It's Important.

Watch or rather listen or rather feel how this thing comes together the ending in particular to me was fascinating and enthralling to get pulled into this energy that just emerged and kept me going every tick of the metronome. It was so emotional.

More to come. FUN! Thank you for listening Jonathan https://soundcloud.com/user-804989349/initiatory-circumstance